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EYE-BALL Opinion on – IS the EuroZone Financial Crisis a worse event then WWII?

IS the EuroZone Financial Crisis a worse event then WWII?
According to French President Nicholas Sarkozy – “Europe has never faced a greater threat of disintegration”.  This statement was made by President Sarkozy at the start of a do-or-die EuroZone summit in Brussels this morning.  [read full ABC story here]

President Sarkozy has no living memory of WWII and its destruction throughout the EuroZone. WWI was also fought over European tensions between France and Germany.

For Sarkozy to liken the self induced financial woes of the EuroZone member Nations as the ‘greatest threat of disintegration’ – can only allow opinions to be formed that suggest these Leaders have no perception or want to face a reality that is of their own making.

Governments in the EuroZone and the formation of the EUC has proven to be a flawed structure. Weaker economies have been allowed to reek havoc with debt burdens without recourse. Had the GFC US sub-prime trigger not happened – where would the debt levels of the P.I.I.G.S. be?  Would they still be growing unrestrained?

Not only does Sarkozy’s statement belittle the 10’s of millions of people who died during WWI and WWII – he understands little as to who will have to pay the price for collective and pathetic Governance over past decades.   Leaders of Political Parties have to understand that victory at the polls has a greater responsibility then just overseeing ego’s and a will to agendarise personal ambitions to see better Government.

It is a need to embrace all the mistakes of past Governments and form policies that correct the mistakes of the past and set the Nation of a better path that sees prosperity for all citizens.   This is the mistake being repeated around the world – Governments govern for those who will re-elect them – Tory’s and Liberal political agenda’s target the upper class –  Social and Labour Politics favour workers and welfare.

Never can these two sides be more defined.   Yet the base level support of both sides has seen diminished memberships and this has seen the Politics and policies of both sides trend and merge closer together.

Decades of Politics governed by collective and targeted polling and focus group output has seen the World move towards Governance that can be purchased.  This has placed the integrity of true democracy under real threat.

We’ve seen examples where internal party politics can oust elected Prime Ministers and topple Ministries. We’ve seen behind the scene usurper’s with personal agenda’s wreck a parliamentary term and render a Nation to the mercy of the media seeking favour and positive press outcomes, and big business looking for ‘deals for support’ associations.

The EuroZone crisis is man-made – yet Leaders are meeting with regular monotony to produce no outcome results. This crisis has been 18 months floating downstream and the watershed fast approaching is pre WWII diplomacy all over again. Nobody wants to make the hard call and when it will be made – it will be too late to save the fate of the people living in Europe. The Leaders and their families will survive on their Government paid pensions – but the people will not.

In a previous time period – civil war would be raging across Europe – at least man would have had some say in their fate – nowadays – man is so cockoled to acceptance of the will of Government and intimidated by decades of civil rights erosion – they are like caged animals barking yet waiting to be fed and given permission to walk outside their cages. They are prisoners yet are unaware of their imprisonment.


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