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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – The Australian Test Captain – Michael Clarke …

December 1, 2011
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The Australian Test Captain – Michael Clarke …
The Australian Summer Cricket season starts today at the ‘Gabba’ – Australia plays New Zealand and Channel 9 commentators introduced the Test series as – ‘a chance for Australia to regain cricket creditability’ within the cricketing world.

As commented previously at this site – Michael Clark is not the leader that will deliver Australia this outcome – [read previous story here].

His 150 against the South Africa in the recent 1st test was a personal innings in a team total of 280 odd. Their next innings was all out for less than 50 after being 9-21 … they lost that test and then won the next to square the series. In that test Clark failed to make double figures – take the 150 out and he scores less than 30 from his next 3 digs …

Throughout his test cricket career he has constantly failed when the blowtorch has been applied. When Australia has needed him to dig in and just remain at the crease he gets himself out – the pressure gets to him – as an example can you recall the number of ‘last-over’ dismissals Clark has been involved with?

His personal life and lifestyle choices should have been enough for Selectors to go a different direction – see above image as an example – he is all ‘pretty boy’ image and sponsorship deals – not Australian hero and an example of ‘grit and determination’.  He is from NSW and says more about Cricket Politics than about cricket ability.

Clark will fail again during this New Zealand series – his recent test and overall form would hardly have him retain NSW State selection let alone the Test captaincy.  Just look at who’s shoes he is attempting to follow – Border – Taylor – Waugh and  Ponting – 25 years of Australian Test supremacy and now we have Clark – he could not lick the boot straps of these past and current -[Ponting] – Australian great cricketers.

Not all were great captains – but they inspired team mates with their grit and determined performances to put a value on their wicket in a time of need.  Clark is a ‘babe in the woods’ when stacked up against these predecessors.   He will fail as did Kim Hughes before Border.   The Selectors who appointed him Captain are now facing their own dismissals – but their legacy remains and the ACB has to go through the motions of grooming a replacement while Clark does his best to prove he is worthy.

Australian Cricket is still in the wilderness during an aftermath period where we took our Warne’s, McGrath’s, Hayden’s, Gilchrist’s and the like for granted … be prepared to be disappointed …


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  1. david the pragmatist
    December 1, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    What a dissappointing dialogue, until I reminded myself it was only snoop poop.’
    Yes the same snopop poop I havent bothered reading since the NRL season and his hopeless attempt to rate origin players.

    I would like to give Michael Clarke the benefit of the doubt and a pass mark at this stage of his captaincy career. He shows that he thinks and in turn the positiveness in that thinking is giving him good results.

    Luckily snoop poop being a moron has no influence on sporting careers, unlike some journalists with an equal misunderstanding of sports personalities who unfortunately do get their rubbish read. ( note Ben Dorries and Robert Craddick)
    This is an example of how ignorance can influence careers by mindless non thinkers!.

  2. Snoop-Poop
    December 1, 2011 at 8:09 pm

    As wankers and non-acheivers go – what did you ever do in sport as a player … Clarke is to Test Cricket as you are to Club Cricket – not up to it …

    How can you give him a pass mark – his bowlers won the 2nd test in SA – the Sir Lanka series was a minnow opposition without the record holder of test wickers – can’t spell his name …

    Ponting was already a great test player before he took on the captaincy as was Waugh, Taylor and Border – Clarke can only claim any sort of batting average against India, Pakastan and Sir Lanka on their home grounds – he can play spin … but against a pace attack … like you trying to get it up in your old age …

    I stack my sporting acheivements, ability, and knowledge in how an athlete thinks and responds, against your’s anyday … who won the SOO series and did not the ratings prove correct in Game 3 – the only game where form stood up …

    Piss in a pot … or join little league until you can claim any sort of sporting achievement or creditability …

    Snoop-Poop …

  3. david the pragmatist
    December 2, 2011 at 8:13 am

    Your response does you no credit and reinforces my opinions.
    Think about this!
    “Using your logic that you were better than me, no argument from me, then you in turn have no right to critise Michael Clarke, because he is uneqivocally better than you”.

    Your defence of your opinion based on your logic is therefore maintaining the pathetic standard that snoop poop is renowed for.
    Listen snoop poop, keep your spurious opinions to the school yard where the standard of your debating skils belong. When you get out of 6th grade, come back and talk again.

  4. Snoop-Poop
    December 2, 2011 at 8:35 am

    Listen up WANKER … the debate was about Michael Clarke’s assent to the Australian Cricket Captaincy … you decided to bait a hook and I then blasted your rethoric out of the park – it was not a self-defense response – that is your slant and problem – i.e. ‘small-man syndrom’ and must defend my alfa-male persona to compensate for my ego issues …

    My record is my record … whether I could have become a test crickerer in the 70′s is debatable … injuries and ability and the fact I was a small town country boy played against the recognition of talents …

    You are a windbag full of hot air – you posture like a peacock withour feathers – you prance like donkey on booze – and you pretent your life is about knowledge and wisdom when it is all about your under-acheivements …

    Be honest with yourself for once … let others have their opinions without you trying to piss on a mushroom under which your small frame squats …

    He who piss’ on himself – does so to make himself look greener – that green being the colour of envy …

    Lie down and let us all piss on you for a chamge … it might just make you a taller man …

  5. david the pragmatist
    December 2, 2011 at 10:24 am

    I would like you to read what you just said, You put a new meaning on the word “rant”.

    You start by referring to Michel Clarke’s ascent to the position of Australian Test Captain.

    You defend yourself by saying you may or may not have ascended to the same level. A statement if even true has no revelance to the argument in terms of making your opinion better than someone else’s.

    Further thought on this level is that is why you think you know better than everyone else is that you personally believe you know about finance because you achieved a degree of significance in your mind. The relevance of this on another level is semantic,
    its interesting if a financial commentator ie a bank economist or another “expert” for whatever reason says something, you automatically belittle that person because you know and achieved more! (in your mind) so automatically your opinion is superior.

    The fantasy continues because you have such poor social skils you also think you understand about interpersonal contacts which you repeatedly find yourself disparaging with.
    A simple example is the comment that precedes this where you spend most of the time insulting the messenger on all sorts of personal levels and completely forget about the message sent.

    I suspect these are all things you should look to analyse with a view to better understand where you are and where you need to go as a person.

    Think about the message not the deliverer!

  6. Snoop-Poop
    December 2, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    And again WANKER … does the shade under your toad-stool give you courage …

    When one ponders just what it must be like to walk in your shoes … king of the nobody’s – and queen to fariy’s who flutter their glitter around – all having to put up with your padantic and pragmatic WANKING … the image is as fairytaled as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ … the “XXXX” rated version …

    This is about cricket and the character required to perform in the Captaincy role – did Clarke captian NSW to any Shield Victories – Tayor and Waugh [Steve] did – Clarke’s recent form from ESPN Cricinfo gives an idea …

    Recent matches
    Bat, Team, Opposition, Ground, Match, Date, Scorecard
    11, 2, Australia v South Africa, Johannesburg, 17 Nov 2011, Test
    151, 2, Australia v South Africa, Cape Town, 9 Nov 2011, Test
    76, Australians v Sth Africa, A Potchefstroom, 1 Nov 2011, First-class
    26, Australia v South Africa, Durban, 28 Oct 2011, ODI
    1, Australia v South Africa, Port Elizabeth, 23 Oct, 2011 ODI
    44, Australia v South Africa, Centurion, 19 Oct 2011, ODI
    6, 112 Australia v Sri Lanka, Colombo (SSC), 16 Sep 2011, Test
    13, 0, Australia v Sri Lanka, Pallekele, 8 Sep 2011, Test
    23, 60, Australia v Sri Lanka, Galle, 31 Aug 2011, Test
    104, Australia v SL Board, XI Colombo (PSS), 25 Aug 2011, First-class

    Take out the First-Class innings (76 & 104) – the performance weakens considerably …

    His personal life is ‘Headlines’ for everything but Cricket … celebrity parties and girlfriends – yes great for his sponsorship deals and personal image – but what example for the team-mates … he is batting 6 with a very long tail with Siddle at 8 – he has back issues so cannot be called on to bowl long spells … if Australia has not made runs before he comes in – his record is they won’t make many more – the 1st Test in SA an exception – but they still lost that test …

    You have no argument WANKER … so just shut the f_ck up and get off the pot …

  7. david the pragmatist
    December 2, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    Listen to yourself, your hysterical. Re read your input, you obviously don’t, you would notice your spelling errors. My God I can visualise you frothing at the mouth, being constantly and completely usurped. Give up son, your out of your depth. Memory was this was a trait of yours Snoop Doop. Complete loss of control, verbal diahrea, word salad and disilusionment.

    Stick to things you understand, swimming pools, meals on wheels, local doctors and members of local government.
    Sports is a bit sophisticated for you at your stage of life, Benjamin…..ah yes Buttons….complete regression.

  8. Snoop-Poop
    December 2, 2011 at 2:54 pm

    Not a word on Clarke or Cricket – just you pissin’ in the wind again … you’re not worth baiting … just like the ADD child who wants attention for attention’s sake …

    You’re on holidays yet need to top up your adrenelin needs by sprooking your diatribe at a serious attempt to expose Clarke and the dumbass selecters who appointed him captain … you must be bored or entrapped in a relaxation movement that has you constipated and unable to relieve yourself …

    Blah … Blah … get out of here … else the moderator will shut you up forever … add to the debate please – you have not offered one positive to support Clarks position … other than a pitiful ‘I would like to give Michael Clarke the benefit of the doubt’ – keep it on Cricket boyo …

  9. david the pragmatist
    December 3, 2011 at 7:07 am

    I offered my opinion on Clarke, it seems that little snoop did not like it and decided to get defensive about his opinions.
    Why is it that if things do not go your way you revert to the moderator or some other form of threat. Are you so insecure as to not defend on the basis of the argument.
    It seems to me that you should look at the dialogue on this subject and look how many times the participants have reverted to name calling and personal victitudes. In turn I have been critical of the credability and bile of the comments made against Australia’s Captain of its Premier and Traditional summer sport. I have defended the man, because he has not been given a fair go by poopy ie his personal life history, he has had no specific issues in that respect since his appointment, his captaincy has been aknowleged by even his harshest critics. His form is acceptable but probably not by the standards we hope to see and his own person, he says as much. I believe he is trying as hard as he possibly can, what more would you have him do, given he cannot guarantee his own success, any more than you can have credability as a critic based on your former potential as a player.

    If the moderator was in anyway unbiased or acting in the interests of impartiality then he would not have let Snoopy go forward with all his obscentities. I do not think the Pragmatist swore once!

    What I suggest you do is apologise for your lack of patience and impulsive dislike of the person and sit down and put yourself in his position.

    Finally review where similar critiques of great players are at the same stage of history.
    What was your opinion of Steve Waugh before he scored his first test century and Matthew Haydon as he diced with Michael Slater for his sport.

    Then look at your personal career and ask why did they do so much better than me, and please do not use your country boy heritage as an excuse or any other things which many great Australians have overcome. Think abou Michael Clarke sitting out the back with his grandchildren on his knee in his sixties and him telling them that he was not a great player, but Australian Cricket at the time was in a weaker re building stage and whilst I was not liked by many of the older established fans of the game, I did my best with a blend of thinking of the old and the new. I did many things wrong as a young player but always respected the game and its traditions. I was so proud to have worn that cap and captain it through such a difficult period. I did my best!

    To the moderator of this blog site, you are guilty of the highest hyprocisy in that you critise the speaker in parliament but you present the same biases, you critise the media for their drivel and unfactual reporting, but you preside over something that does you no justice when it comes to fairness and understanding of your readers needs and there want to express opinions.
    I therefore respectly suggest that unless you can obtain a full retraction and apology from Snoop Poop that you should ban him from this blog site.

  10. Snoop-Poop
    December 3, 2011 at 6:13 pm

    Hey Wanker …

    Do you not recall Clarke being booed by the Gabba crown when he first became the One Day Captain – it would seem that you are a minority in that you think he worthy of the chance to prove himself – my opinion is that there were many better options for a Captain and for some stupid reason they went for Clarke who happened to be the Vice Captain completely out of form ..

    His century today was a fluke – bowled when on 18 and walking before the ref suggested he sould appeal on the no-ball call and then offered a sitter catch which the Kiwi’s dropped … perhaps they backed him to make a ton …

    Then when Australia needed him to go on and put a 500-600 score on the board he threw his wicket away and gave the Kiwi’s a glimpse where they couldhav eput them away for the summer if they kpt them out in the field another day …

    He was playing for himself and not what the team wanted … personal milestone and not what a Captain does …

  11. david the pragmatist
    December 4, 2011 at 7:19 am

    YES, your right, lets drop him now before he has a chance to get another ton. Your wisdom has no bounds Oh wonder critic Poopey. One day I will learn my lesson. 14 Test hundreds is just not good enough.
    By the way he did not appeal to the umpire over the no ball, the umpire asked for his own decision to be checked. Bloody Clarke, how dare he be so lucky. If the umpire called the no ball straight away, would you have still mentioned that point?

    Now an appeal to the moderator ! I would appeal to have poopey banned from your site on the basis of repeated personal insults and bad language.Wanker comes to mind, as well as other personal insults the character makes when faced with any form of critism.
    Could you please use your lack of bias and make a gutsy decision based on your past critism of the speaker in the house of representatives.
    I look forward to a response that is reflective of Eye Balls wisdom. Maybe a suspension for Poopey up until the end of the summer cricket season based on his lack of knowlege in reading the game and its participants. Alternatively have him comment on the under 12’s in the Brisbane Junior competition along with that equally other great cricket commentator Ben Dorries.

  12. Gerry Hatrick
    December 5, 2011 at 8:28 am

    Test Cricket has forever changed and I don’t like it. Many of my generation would agree. There is too much cricket, it has become dizzying. Growing up, you looked forward to Ashes Tours, You loved to see Australia come through against the Yarpies, or the Calypso Cavaliers. You accepted being beaten by the Windies, because they were so damned good. Then under first Border, then Taylor, then Waugh, we carved together a team that was also great. We won a world cup undefeated. Then those greats, like McGrath and Warne and Gilchrist and Hayden and Mark Waugh either retired, or had to make way for others in the shadows. None of this is intended to detract from the Chapples, Redpath, Marsh, Stackie, Tangles and don’t ever forget; “Ashes to Ashes, Dust to dust, if Thommo don’t get ya, Lillee Must”. I was too young to remember Wes Hall or Miller, or Bradman, or Spotforth and again so on.

    Much has to do with 20 20. Then there are these nonsense 2 test series. So far this summer we have played South Africa away for a drawn two test series, and now annihilated NZ in the first of a 2 test series.

    Simply go back to Warne and McGrath. In our lifetime we will probably bever see another Shane Warne. We will see another fast bowler like McGrath whose averages will be up there, possibly not as good, but when they destroyed England, they really got inside the batsmans head. They were so superior.

    In this most recent test, how many rookies were in the team? What was the average caps of the Australian team? With so many players unavailable could it be injury through too much playing or simply over exposure.

    Ricky Ponting was a great number 3. As a captain he was attempting to fill some unbelievable shoes. He wants to cling on simply because of the money. Taylor did not hang around, and has carved out a good earn in commentating and product endorsements. Ponting made some bad decisions as a captain best exampled through questionable declarations. By wanting to hang on, his batting average is at stake. His captainancy record was also impeccable earlier on. He has a good win ratio but lost the Ashes more than any other Australian captain.

    Michael Clarke is a very good bat, and most worthy Australian selection. While groomed for captaincy his antics have not really inspired leadership. Note Lara Bingle (or whatever her name was). Finding an inspiring captain is not easy. Filling the void of our great team of the 1990’s is not easy.

    20 20 and one day internationals now comprise a real challenge to the test era. Who controls the game? Pay TV, free to air and advertisers and product endorsements do matter, so do gate revenues. Douggie Bollinger is on a handsome contract (retainer) whether he plays or not. Many would argue he does have the form to warrant selection when fit. Maybe the retainer is the problem. Sport should be selected on form. What motivated the greats of the past? Maybe Michael Clarke earnt too much money, early on, and was not sufficiently challenged!

  13. David the pragmatist
    December 5, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    Gerry, I hear your lament.
    I saw Hall, Sobers, Benaud, Davidson and Harvey, not to mention all the other great names of that era and subsequent.
    I have a suspicion that somebody will be talking about some of the current players in some sort of awe in 20 years time. Cummings is a good a prospect as I have seen!
    Players like Steve Waugh had knives out for him when in a similar situation to many of the current players. Doug Walters had his knockers and he was probably my favourite all time player, his vulnerability, combined with his brilliance was like watching Greg Norman playing the majors.
    All things said Cricket has its problems, as had all sport once professionalism reared its ugly head. Cricket more so because of its Anglo Australian heritage which is becoming less and less relevant to the culteral heritage now facing Australia. Its now a very difficult sport to develop at a junior level given time constraits in our modern society and the technical expertise required to play it at the highest levels. Not to mention parents being incapable of mentoring their own children in the manner of which our parents did. Once upon a time every Australian had played cricket at some level, not so now!

    What does this all mean, well, us oldies have to change with the times and understand that we cannot live on past glories and wish there were no changes. We have to accept that an Australian Captain may have tatoos and maybe a beautiful girl friend, whatever Clarke may have done in the past is now just that. we have to move on!

    Can I advise you and others like our young firebrand Snoop Poop that we have “times a changing” and we need to embrace the old lady for all shes’ worth and get out of it without being too critical of every liitle defect we see, so it can at least be remembered with the fondness of us saying in our old age….”.i remember in my day seeing.”..”whatever memory continues to make it special for me/you”..

  14. Snoop-Poop
    December 5, 2011 at 7:14 pm

    Hey Wanker … you still talk a lot of hogwash … but this is better hogwash than your last offerings …

    Cricket is not what it was … but why is that so … it’s easy to blame professional sport and the money – but the corruption within player ranks comes from a different era – Cronjie – to Warne/Waugh – to the Indians – and then the Pakastain’s – it’s all just about ellements of society ‘letting a little bit here and there slide’ …

    All sport is now tainted and that is sad for the current and next generations …. it starts with players thinking they deserve a bigger slice of the gate and then top it up with match fixing payments … no different to the corporate greed already out there and how the big bonus’s get paid …

    But when Administrators stand up and say ‘this is not what cricket is supposed to be’ – the frustration that is out there is as much to do with the drop in standards by both players and officials alike … the game of cricket has gone to the dogs …

  15. David the pragmatist
    December 5, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    Maybe so, but your negative comments do you or it no justice.

    Your lack of understanding of even the rudiments of the current problems in Cricket is only manifested by your cynical and negative approach to todays society in general.

    My feelings from a perspective of people like you, are you will never be pleased, because you can do it better. Well again that maybe so, but we have to make do with it the best way we can in the interim.

    Someone once said “you made your bed, now lie in it”.

    it no justice

  16. League Leg End
    January 16, 2012 at 11:21 am

    Since this post, Australia has now won the Gavaskar Border Trophy, and oh what a difference a month makes.

    Our bowlers are really doing their stuff, Clarke is now in the record books, and Warner, Ponting and Hussey have equally contributed. There is also much hope for young Cowan.

    For all of the fun of the Sydney and Perth Tests we must keep in perspective that beating India in Australia has proven in history no where near as difficult as beating them on the sub continent.

    In this coming winter South Africa tour Britain for all those lucky enough to have pay TV, and in the winter of 2013 we will really get to see whether Clarke has been able to turn it all around. We have an Ashes Tour

    After the second test loss to NZ, I wrote off Australian Cricket, just wanting to recall those greats of a decade ago that include Warne and Mcgrath. By the second day of the Sydney Test I was wanting to see more of Hilfenhaus.

    To our boys job well done. There are still hurdles to face

  17. david the pragmatist
    January 16, 2012 at 3:24 pm

    I can’t help but break my self imposed ban and comment on the above.

    I think the human thing to do would be to stand up and say how “right I was” and the immaturity of snoop poop and eye ball and the moderator is all there to see! But I wil not because every dog has his day! Snoopy will one day!

    What I would like to say is that lets not be fair wether sailors but be prepared to follow these boys through the upcoming challenges, we now agree we have the right captain and a mix of players to go forward with. Judgements will continue to be made about aspects, but lets accept they are working hard to do the best they can. It looks that we have a new left handed bat that is capable of bullying an attack ah la Haydon. Our spin bowling is as good as it gets when you have not a Warne, or a Benaud. These two aside we have not always had great spin bowlers to bolster wonderful speed attacks. O’Reilly pre and post war, Benaud took 6/8 years of blooding before becoming a great. Martin,Mallet, Glleson,OKeefe, May, Holland,Bright, McGill,were good toilers without being in the superstar class. The journalists of today do not understand this, quite simply because they no little about spin bowling and how its developed and the type of techniques modern cricketers can use against them.
    I watched a replay of the 1977 Centenary Test over Xmas on the ABC. I went to my first test match in 1962 (Dexters English side) and I am a level 2 cricket coach, all this said I have no doubt that modern day cricketers are superior in every sense (guts being something we cannot judge) to cricketers of the era before,much to my surprise the batting via technique and equipment is unquestionably superior and more aggressive. The bowlers fiiter and better prepared.The fielding at least twice as good.

    I know this comment will cause some angst, but I have no doubt that I am right. If for no reason that athletes, swimmers, footballers, racehorses, all have the benefit of superior preparation.Cricket is no different to any of these other sports.

    To the people who resent this comment I am not saying for one minute that if players of yesteryear were given the same opportunity they would in be inferior. But unquestionably if you could go back in time and use the facilities that are available to the current era of cricketers, they would have kicked the arse of any of them. Bring forward the greats of yesteryear and give them the same opportunities and they would still be greats.
    As for eye balls comments on Clarke being a pretty boy and not upholding the tradition of Australian Captains etc. let me tell you the “shenagins” that went on,on some of those tours would make you blush. Keith Miller would have left Clarke a long way behind in the beautiful women stakes. Then again the press had integrity in those days and kept their mouths shut. Something that the current media could go a long way towards emulating!
    Oh! for the good old days.my sons are in their 30/s my grandchildren less than 10. I wonder what their memories will be? Lets hope its good and positive and not demeaning, just because we have more scope to criticise than admire.

  18. david the pragmatist
    January 30, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    Just reviewing this, come on Snoopie, read it from the beginning and admit that you maybe just a little embarrased?
    It takes a big man to admit he is wrong, are you up to it Snoopie?
    PS Dont forget to read all the comments in their entirety.

  19. Snoop-Poop
    January 30, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    Who would have though the Indian’s would have been so woeful – the Australian bowlers won the series – the Indians never scored enough runs and the triple and double century’s by Clark has him as hero …

    I’m not convinced – he has scored a centry against Sri Lanka, then South Africa, then New Zealand and now a 700+ run series against India … you would think that was enough …

    And the reason I’m not convinced is because a lepoard never changes their spots – we heard about his extra physical training in the off season – we heard about his triple ton declaration was a PR exercise – we heard his mentor Ponting and him are great mates – a winning team will always look harmonous – do you think Warne got on with all his Captains … while he won them matches the Captains put up with the antics –

    Clarks history is well known – Symonyd’s was bonking Bingle before Clarke jumped on board – Katich and Clark neven got on and Clark as a selector had him off the team – who’s next … it’s a winning team now and the ACB will give Clarke his head – but again – the bowlers won this series –

    What did Clarke do as a captain – the Indians did not want to play long innings – and as every Indian team before them back to the Gravaska and Kanhi days – they proved yet again they don’t handle bouncy wickets when the ball darts of the seam with the grass cover our wickets provide …

    England beat India to blob as well – just remember this Australian side was 9/21 against St Africa only 2 odd months ago …

    Once again – the bowlers won this series …

    The Indian bowlers toiled for 4-6 sessions in every test – on course they were tired and fatigued – but that is what grinding a team means – against that attack pretty much anybody could have scored runs – remember Watson was not there – Phil Huges was dropped – yet thet stuck with Marsh … the batting is still suspect and again …

    The bowlers won this test series …

    One summer does not a swallow make …

    It’s still my opinion – Clarke was the worst possible choice as Captain – Katich, Hussy, still Ponting, Hodge all would have made better captains – did Clarke even captain his State before he captained his country – or was that Katich?

    You want someone to eat humble pie – for the moment consider the opinion withheld – but when Clarke does a Kim Hughes – be a hero and fall on your own sword …

  20. david the pragmatist
    January 31, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    Your magnamity leaves me almost speechless, it is such a privilidge to even have someone as knowleable and wise as yourself comment and the humblesness in admitting your possible error is almost godlike in its sincerity and warmth.
    I look forward to more pearls of your wisdom as the sporting horizon continues to dawn upon us. Oh mighty one come forward and bless us all and I am sure that wicked Mr Clarke will eventually get his comeuppance and not dare spoil your perfect record of never getting anything right. I am trembling as I write this is I am in such awe of your Augustine wisdom.
    Please please God let me be near this immortal in heaven, so that I too can browse in the sunlight and wisdom that resonates from his very breath.
    Thank you again and again.

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