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November 24, 2011
The DOMINO’s are aligned …
The latest media story has the IMF concerned about Japan and its ability to deal with its debt burden currently near 120% of GDP.  The fear is a rise in Japanese bond yields rendering the debt unmanageable.

The contagion has infected al the G7 Nations, most of the G20 – and the rest are mostly border line third world anyway.  Yet – every morning the traders awake to another day of screen jockey trading based on the ‘musical chairs’ number where someone is gonna miss out and get it horribly wrong.

The correcting A$ have the ‘cash and carry’ holders ready to jump ship – if the A$ breaks down under A$0.95c expect to see A$0.80c or so real quick.  That will put a cut in interest rates on hold and the RBA won’t lose any sleep making that decision.

The problem there is that the RBA Board see Australia as an island and insulated from the rest of the World because of our resources.  So does the Government with so much expectation placed on the MRRTto fund the next 2 years worth of promises – DoDo’s is all I can say about the Australian Leadership gaggle …

Looking to Europe – Germany is now under some scrutiny and the vultures are prowling.  The pressure on Leaders is like no other and they are failing – a wrong word here – a bad response there – and a scandal to lead a front page story and any Government will topple in this scavenger climate.

The heir apparent three months ago – Mr Murdoch Jnr is now leaving the UK having resigned all his executive positions – might be that he saw some jail time down the road and skipped – but good old Rupert still sits high enough where he can’t smell his own shit …

President Obama left a foul stink in Aussie land as well according to former PM Keating – he took objection that President Obama chose the Australian House of Representatives to announce to the World that the USA is going to get tougher with China … this with the fanfare over the additional announcement about US troops to be deployed in Australia have surely heated up the War machines looking for a stoush …  What were they thinking?

All the US Presidential race is about the Republicans (GOP) – the limited one-eyed coverage we get here ain’t worth a pinch of crap – but then everybody loves a US Presidential election show – about a US$Billion in fundraising and donations gets spent – 60% of the population get to express themselves and then after Obama – what hope for the next term?  Financially the US is about US$4 trillion worse off … and right on the edge of the tipping zone when it comes to sink or swim choices …

I’ve been taking this talk for 20+ years – there has been a number of false starts – I was never wrong on reasoning – just wrong about how far Governments would go to save themselves every time.  The buck has been passed – the rhetoric about leaving a cleaner planet for the next generation should have been about leaving a financially viable one for this generation as a first option.

No wild predictions – been there to many time before – all I’ll say this time is what I ‘ve been saying for three years – there is no one smart enough on the planet to save us from what is about to happen.   If you’re religious it’s time to call in the ‘big-chip’ …


The EYE-BALL Guru …

  1. Evolving Spiritist
    November 25, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    Untill next time…. work by a spiritist.

    I understand your rhetoric, but do not get the point of the constant reminders of how wrong you have been for the past 20 years. Eventually a meteor is going to cause a catasrophe and may even wipeout life as we know it. If I predict this and eventually I might be proven right, to morrow or a 1000 years from now. What have I achieved by me saying so ?
    Has anyone really listened or do they think the Almighty might intervene. Funny that’s also who you are suggesting may be the saviour in your financial Armegeddan.
    Mankind has a happy knack of getting itself in to all sorts of trouble and after numerous false hopes, seems to get into the clear again………….until next time.
    This is no different but I am not sure when it happens you will get any satisfaction of saying “I told you so”. I do know one thing though, once the mistakes have been made and- proven, Mankind will learn something by it and another piece of the jigsaw that makes up humanity will be clearer…….until next time.
    Now its interesting that the things you refer to in regard to politics, costs and Obama had never occurred to me and I have not seen them said or repeated in any of the media I see, and that includes US, Australian and Britain/Europe.
    I therefore would suggest with respect that those observations are a perspective that you have interpreted in the process. The negativity is inherent in the perception and as such I wonder where your objectivity is. I suspect there is none and this objectivity is seemingly a common theme in many of your objections. It interesting when you talk about the Murdochs that you do not see the same objectivity that you criticise them for.
    In saying this I am sure that Mankind will again learn from it……………..until next time.

    Until nextime this is your “spiritist philosopher”………who also will be wiser……until next time when somebody with two eyes is in charge of the “blind”.

    November 26, 2011 at 7:14 am

    The point you so kindly ask for is that the ‘balloon is full’ – of hot air that is …

    One realises when the ‘system’ is corrupted beyond redemption – the forlorn catchcry that the ‘system is good, or the system works, or the system is all we have’ – is no longer appropriate.

    The ‘System’ is broken – smashed and the World is in a struggle to find an alternative. Every Western Government model is tinkering with the massive breakdown of social programs, health, law and order, and the very fabric of what holds modern society together – the ability of the Government to pay the people that work for them.

    The ‘credit card’ is maxed out and the lenders want to see better returns and more security on offer before they again open the access to credit. When a Government cannot obtain credit – or prints money for survival – what value does all business within that Nation have?

    movement creep over the last 3 years when this GFC finally hit home has the world on the lookout for the final crunch – the brink of something massive. Disaster prompts change but the people who control the decisions won’t let go because that would mean ‘loss of control’ – and loss of control is everybody’s nightmare. The WORLD is living in fear – the greatest fear is Western society is ‘terrorism’ – followed by insecurity about employment, financial viability and a home for the family. It’s a crux that cannot be solved …

    There is no value in the ‘told you so’ debate – and frankly for you to suggest the attempts made hereto are about an ego climb shows the stagnant fracture in your own colossus of knowledge and wisdom. This is not a ‘wolf’ cry – it’s a cry of heightened awareness that danger is near …

    All the efforts generated at this site are genuine attempts toward generating a thought purpose that may serve as helpful to readers who are independent thinkers. Sadly – the apathy factor is epidemic and endemic across the globe. All people really want is a simple life – love of a partner, a safe environment, children with a chance at a happy life – yet the most simple of needs – health and education are all in reverse as is most other things taken for granted.

    Evolving Spiritist – your efforts are only concerned with ‘shooting the messenger’ because you don’t like the message – The EYE-BALL is a messenger, and his attempts to enlighten are genuine – you decide who has more purpose for the better good – you decide who has better intent …

    EYE-BALL …

  3. Cowboy
    November 26, 2011 at 8:07 am

    Evolving Spiritist,

    You generalisation about humanity and that ‘we may learn’ from whatever experiences this crisis will bring is as pathetic as it is padantic …

    Thousands of years of mans evoloution has taught us that in a crisis man turns violent – that when confronted and with limited choices – man lashes out – it is a self-protective instinct and without wars in a Global context – the battle is now fought in trade and diplomatic arena’s – the casualties are still there …

    Humans cannot resist the natural instinct to fight when challenged … when will humanity learn this lesson and put it aside? You suggest that at some evoloutionary future point man will have evolved past this violent streak … how can you be so sure …

    We Americans love our Wars and are not so stupid to realise and understand there is political gain when Politicians facing an election raise the Military specture to a higher level, all to make sure the people are hearing the message about ‘security’ and other war cry’s.

    You would have us conceed the moral ground on the strength that humanity will survive and become better for the experience – you are a fool to think so … and a bigger fool to try and take a higher moral position when what the world is dealing with right now impacts on 8 billion people …

    The need is now for the next generation – not the generation 500 years form now …


  4. Evolving Spiritist
    November 27, 2011 at 6:09 am

    I do not want to appear pedantic, but the seed you tend to sow is not ceed or padantic.
    I suspect the wit that was intended was lost in the discussion whilst attending to your grammatical issues which for a cowboy should be inherent. The wit better understood by you would have been better starting with an “f”.

    This said both you and eye ball continue to waffle on about “what”.

    Both of you should learn to write succinctly, so that a reader may better understand your rhetoric.

    One day you will be both be wiser and you will understand that to err is human. In the meantime Cowboy, tend to the cows and you Eye ball look out for the “Mad Cow” because Danny is coming to get you. (Regards from Alan). Gee I miss you all, cant you do another series?

  5. Herman
    December 5, 2011 at 9:55 am

    In my article The 2012 Overture see link Herman on Democracy – Part VI – The 2012 Overture … a crappy year – I predicted a thanksgiving rally. The % age gain on Wall Street last week was amazing. Non Farm payrolls on Friday night were simply icing for the cake.

    2011 was all about spot fires. Contagion (domino theory) or even cause and effect are very difficult to predict.

    Europe is and continues to be a mess. America (USA) is dependent upon the global economy without new found crisis or disaster. Many western stockmarkets are a screaming buy on historical risk weighted fundamentals, but historical risk is not very appropriate given the current uncertainty. There is no science.

    In 2012 USA is going to be dominated by the race for the Whitehouse. The Primaries then the declaration of the nominations and then actual voting day in November will all be critical junctures. It will be difficult in that setting to achieve any significant policy implementation.

    All around the globe, new spot fires will emerge. Who might have predicted Islamic parties leading the Egyptian polls over the weekend. This does not mean extremist government, but could. If so how many years until the next Middle East crisis.

    From Australia’s perspective China and India are still critical. China is developing trade ties rapidly with Africa and South America. Many of those commodity resources might take a full decade to come on stream. China’s domestic demand is therefore critical.

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