EYE-BALL on – Title: The QANTAS Dispute – CEO Alan Joyce turns Australia on its head …

The QANTAS Dispute –
CEO Alan Joyce turns Australia on its head …
The QANTAS dispute filled news feeds all day and overnight since it was announced yesterday.  Both sides of Politicians are frantically trying to defuse and escalate the dispute as a political point scoring exercise – it reeks and demonstrates just how in touch with reality both sides are with to potential fallout from this dispute.

The ABC had a number of contributing stories – their headlines and links to the full story are provided below.

The ABC stories linked below are from their on-line news updates …

  1. Industrial umpire resumes Qantas hearing – Updated October 30, 2011 17:13:50
  2. Pilots say email proves Qantas planned grounding – Updated October 30, 2011 14:15:27
  3. Qantas leaves passengers stranded
  4. Joyce defends Qantas grounding as backlash grows– By business editor Peter Ryan, staff – Updated October 30, 2011 15:28:10
  5. Grounding eroding Qantas’ reputation – By business editor Peter Ryan – analysis – Updated October 30, 2011 11:02:47

Australians – this is a serious issue and the Afghanistan soldiers to add to the crux of important decisions fast approaching – this week in Parliament will be eagerly awaited.


The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. October 30, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    Joyce does not know what he has done – a maverick he migh seem – but a lunatic out of his depth is what he is …

    His Board approval for his actions reek of a group wanting to have their leader hung out to dry – they themselves will not escape their weak response – if the CEO can be believed – he had 96% approval from shareholders to support his 71% pay increase and bonus incentives. If you believe that then the GFC never really happened.


  2. October 31, 2011 at 6:34 am

    Update – 31st Oct –

    The comment thread on the story:


    is factual evidence that Joyce is the problem – so many contributors believe Joyce is the problem …

    The News feeds this morning reporting that FWA [Fair Work Australia] has ordered all parties to cease Industrial action and a 21 day cooling off period to negotiate a settlement is welcome news in the macro sense.

    Planes are forecast to be back in the air mid afternoon – but the mood in the QANTAS CEO’s office will be of quite dismay – how did they get themselves to this point – they will self examine and try to make a public statement laying blame at the Unions.

    Interestingly – when one looks at the sensitive share price of QANTAS and how it is linked to Joyce’s new salary bonus deal – more bad news for Joyce emerges –

    Since 2007 the QANTAS share has slid from above A$6 to its current A$1.54 close last Friday – down from A$2.75 in the last 12 months – any dumbass would be happy to take share options with the share price languashing at such low levels – all the risk is on the upside unless the Airline fails …

    Joyce’s plan is an all or nothing bid – he gets rich quickly or the Airline goes down – how dare a CEO play this game with Australia’s number 1 Brand name!!!

    Joyce needs to be made an example of – some serious jail time would suffice – his example of how Corporate greed flows along self interests and promotion needs to be made an example of –


  3. FireCracker
    October 31, 2011 at 9:33 am

    It would appear from Joyce’s News conference today that he packed up his bat and ball and fled to the Government to bail him out …

    That slimy olively voice … ugh … he is a creep and how he ever got himself elevated to the CEO of QANTAS reflects badly on the Board …

    He said near the end of his News conference this morning – “this dispute is now over’ – how little does he know how Industrial relations work in this Country … fall on your sword you tyirp …

    FireCracker …

  4. FireCracker
    October 31, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    Update Mon 12:30 Bne Time:

    Gillard, Albanese and Evans News conference ensure Joyce has the hangmans noose firmly around his neck –

    They have distanced the Governemnt from QANTAS and its CEO and the Board – Joyce’s all or nothin game appears to be all but played out – goodbye you evil union busting cocksucker …

  5. Gerry Hatrick
    October 31, 2011 at 2:54 pm

    As the cretin continues to squirm on the end of a rope he tied for himself you focus on his claim that industrial action was causing losses of $20 million a day. Try and price the loss of goodwill caused by grounding the fleet.

    For years Qantas have price gouged on domestic routes to subsidise international routes??? If there was segmental accounting provided in the annual reports to support this then rational minds might support real fixes.

    Weeks ago they said Joyce was attempting to change our flying Kangaroo to the Asian Kangaroo. When he claimed he had received death threats, the spin merchants (Gruen Transfer) said it was handled atrociously.

    Let him squirm, and let all Australians Re Joyce. The sooner he is gone once and for all the better.

  6. League Leg End
    October 31, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    Memo to Qantas headhunters;

    As you scour the world for a thick head to replace Alan Joyce, I have several ex football props and second rowers, who are all acknowledged enforcers, I could recommend. They would all have an IQ superior to Alan Joyce. That is they would have an IQ of at least 70.

  7. Herman
    November 1, 2011 at 11:55 am

    As the shock and horror of the grouding of the Qantas fleet dissipates the debate over the various stakeholders and their respective interests will continue for a long time to come.

    Over the last decade the interests of stakeholders is continually in flux. There are 4 broad categories of stakeholders, They are; the business owners, the staff, the suppliers (and creditors) and the customers. In different businesses at times they merge. A depositor in a bank is a creditor and a customer, their borrowers are often depositors as well and always customers, paying for the service. In Qantas their suppliers ie aviation fuel could supply on credit terms, or cash basis. A creditor is often considered a fifth class of stakeholder. Make no mistake whatsoever, the management are employees, despite modern logic they are business promoters. At the end of the day at law, they are agents of the board, who are the agents of the business owners.

    Right wing commentators tend to support management, in Qantas case MD or CEO Alan Joyce, and left wing commentators tend to support the lowest paid in the food chain, the labourers etc and the class with little voice is the customer. They were totally ignored in the Qantas example, hence our parliamentarians trying hard to take that middle ground, arbitration and conciliation. Alan Joyce wants anyone who will listen to believe he had the full support of the board, and the shareholder. This is his real problem. He has not convinced anyone he is acting in good faith on behalf of the business owner when he has so clearly lost the support of customers (that doesn’t require proof) and the support of the staff. (that is tougher to prove, staff loyalty).

    The issues that are currently debated in Qantas are true of all of our social debate when we speak of socially responsible corporate sector. When a bank, say St George, pays 0.1% on small balances (less than $5000) then charges a monthly accounting keeping fee, then a raft of other fees be they cheque cancellation fee ($15), dishonour fee on direct debits and so on, where is the socially responsible attitude when they are paying excess benefits to their executive managers.

    The more you focus on the customer, the more the only answer is to increase your vigilance. Cut the apathy and the ignorance. After all what is the difference between ignorance and apathy. Don’t know and don’t care.

    Qantas customers have been taking their custom elsewhere for sometime, yet Qantas grounds their fleet totally ignoring the interests of the customer. Who could possibly win, only other airlines, that include the One World alliance partners like British or American or Cathay, and the other two alliances in this case Virgin (Star alliance).

    I said on Sunday, Australia wake up. As this anger and shock dissipates there is so much to do to fix the real issues.

  8. November 1, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    As always Herman you beat the drum to a new beat …

    The issue of apathy, complacency and ignorance is self inflicted – over many decades we have all been numbed to teh notion of feeling emotional about things that appear to be out of your control – bank fees , political bullshit, inept Management, all we have become concerned with is the pay packet, the home and the food on the table – even our children are being raised by others – and we have alloed it to happen because both parents have to work to survive –

    The QANTAS is another exercise in ‘who cares’ – it you’re a stranded passenger of cource you care – but next time you’ll be wary and book Virgin or someone else –

    On Melbourne Cup day where even politics stops – this Nation proves its apathy when nothings spend a day listening to fashion commentating with horse racing a backdrop – who gives a flying fu_k …

    The QANTAS dispute has a day out of the news cycle – and with the next 21 days a colling off period where negotiation should happen – the real negotiations are happening with the arbitration in mind after the 21 day period …

    How do you make people realise what they are throwing away?


  9. pissed off swinger
    November 2, 2011 at 8:23 am

    Youse guys should run for office. Do something to create effective change.

    Last night my wife sent me to Woolworths to buy two items for the dinner she was cooking. As I tendered the $10 odd dollars to pay, the man on the checkout asked do you have your everyday rewards card. I asked him if he was aware how offensive the question was. After considering my question he said no. I replied well maybe you should discuss that with your manager.

    The point here is that I refuse absolutely to partake in a system where Woolworths want to keep a data base on my spending patterns. It is offensive. I must be mad for not wanting to partake is their mindless and invasive strategies. I find frequent flyer programs equally stupid, as are most cerdit card promotions.

    On Monday I was at the St George Bank when a customer was having a slanging match with the Branch Manager. It was confronting for anyone to watch. The manager was holding a point about St George’s rules while the customer was saying that those rules create aggravation where the aggravated customer is made to look foolish. What has the world come too!

    Yesterday discussing the David Jones credit card with the little lady I was highlighting that $90 odd purchases had attracted about $35 in late payment fee and other credit charges. Already expensive items are now rapaciously expensive.

    Yesterday Woolworths announced they were going to condense the number of lines offered on their shelves. In essence you can now select between the premium brand or Woolworths own brand. If you want to fair say fair trade or some other similarly diverse purchase Woolworths don’t offer it. So now you can shop diversely, or just settle for Woolworths relentless march to domination.

    Please Mr Eyeball, Mr Herman, Mr Guru and so on, get active I will support you.

    PS Keep up your good work.

  10. Herman
    November 2, 2011 at 11:30 am

    A consumption party has merit. You would need to consider the work of Choice in Australia, and Ralph Nader in the USA.

    Establishing a political party is difficult, It requires endorsement of 500 registered voters. Thereafter you need workers and lots of funding. Just ask Pauline Hanson. She was gaoled for alleged fraud in obtaining 500 endorsers, and wholly made fun of. As for becoming a lobbyist, they appear to be as bad as the two party politics they endorse and support.

    When you consider everything that has happened in the western world this year (or even world) things are brewing, and positive action is called for. Only last weekend Luca Belgiornio Nettis convened a forum of disaffected to alter democracy with citizen’s juries. Former premiers Nick Greiner and Geoff Gallop attended. For me it is similar to what Nick Greiner attempted to do in Office in NSW. Independent boards of state government funded instrumentalities like schools and hospitals. Therefore underperforming Headmasters or administrators can be sacked. Most importantly they would be hired on merit. Those same boards 2 decades on are full of yes men and sycophants. Sooner or later self interest will prevail.

    If a groundswell could really be created I would love to assist.

  11. HissyFit
    November 2, 2011 at 11:48 am

    There was a groundswell – “Occupy Sydney” and Melbourne and Brisbane on the back of the “Occupy Wall-Street” … it was a first cry … vocal and their voice was heard … and immediatly the streets were cleared the following story broke …

    “Regulators Investigating MF Global for Missing Money” – a story about a Firm who lost or misplaced US$700 million of client’s funds – story can be read here

    Until things become desperate and people become so frustrated with the impact of changes on their lives – they will all continue to swallow a ‘happy pill’ to manage their rage.

    When the children begin to suffer as their parents never suffered or endured – then the groundswell will begin to appear – at the moment it is all ‘megaphone’ protests i.e. Hadley, Jones and Phil Gould types – all mouthpieces and very little else …

    It’s the radicals the Authorities fear and with the Legislation written as it is – radicals can be arrested under anti-terrorism legislation and held indefinetly …

    We allowed this to happen – we gave them the authority and the power – getting it back might require a Libya or Syrian type protest …

    HissyFit …

  12. pissed off swinger
    November 16, 2011 at 6:45 am

    Yesterday I was installing a TV antenna. I went Dick Smith to buy some accessories and tendered a 50 dollar bill to pay. In change I was given $17 in gold coin. The sales assistant apologised for the change. I said calmly, Woolworths do this far too often lately, and it is sheer disrespect for their customer. They are out of $10 notes so start to make change out of $5 notes and before long have no $5 notes left, then it is $2 coins, how long before they are making change with 5c pieces. They are earning the right to charge for service, but forget the service.

    On leaving Dick Smith I needed petrol. I had a Coles 8c per litre discount voucher for Coles/Shell. Trouble is Seven 11 was offering petrol at 131.9c while Coles/Shell was selling at 144.9c. That type of behaviour is alleged at ACCC constantly, yet can not be founded for various reason.Using and abusing their market power. What is the point of them offering a discount at all on petrol purchases, when they put the price up to cover the discount, in this case by more than the discount. They are preying upon, their customer not paying too much attention. They call that merchandising.

    Buying petrol at Seven 11 I put $45 worth in my tank and then tendered a $100 bill to pay. I was given $5 and guess what on the receipt it was claimed I had tendered $50. Nice profit if you can get it. I made complaint knowing that CCTV was all around the petrol station expecting the cash area was more so. I was compensated for the $50 shortage without too much ado.

    The issue is these are the types of happenings that create aggravation in our lives constantly. The psychological profile of big business is that of a sociapath. No respect for social consequence. Then we wonder why there is so much rage in our lifes, on the roads in the work place, in the domestic environment.

    Government constantly fails us. Parking inspectors have no respect for road safety, only increasing their share of your wallet. The same can be said for speeding cameras, red light cameras and so on. All forms of government, who are in on the caper. Take any issue to government and all you get is brik bats and rights of the thief or bully.

    If only there was some type of government responsibility.

  13. November 16, 2011 at 8:35 am

    Sounds like you were having a bad day …

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