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EYE-BALL on – CHOGM – [Commonwealth Heads of Government] – Hoodwinked by an Ex-Pat Australian’s slap – and an Ally’s betrayal.

CHOGM – [Commonwealth Heads of Government] –
Hoodwinked by an Ex-Pat Australian’s slap – and an Ally’s betrayal.
The News cycle of the past week was supposed to be about the Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) meeting in Perth. Gillard spoke, Rudd Spoke, Abbott chided and the Queen was there as well – the talkfest was largely ignored by the World and in summary – what a waste of time and effort.The biggest decision to come out of this meeting between Heads of Governments was that women should be given the same rights to the throne as men. ‘Hells Bell’s’ it cost Australia $150m for this decision – where was the public discussion on Sir Lanka’s human rights record – Mugabe’s continued abuses – the abstention of India’s PM from the meeting in protest over Australia’s unwillingness to ship uranium to India – yet ship it to China – surely the Government of Australia should be required to explain its discriminate policy – India a Member of CHOGM and a Democracy – whereas China is everything different.

Yet – instead – the News cycle was hoodwinked late in the week by two significant events – the Australian soldier deaths and woundings in Afghanistan – and the announcement by QANTAS chief Noyce to ground all QANTAS aircraft indefinitely to bring the rolling industrial disputes to a head.


QANTAS CEO’s Decision:

Let’s first talk about the QANTAS decision – this is a high stakes bluff being played by the QANTAS chief – on the ABC’s Inside Business program this morning – CEO Noyce played his second card – his first being the press conference yesterday.  It has to be said he is a short man, and one wonders whether the ‘short-man’ syndrome is in play here.

CEO Noyce would have you believe that this decision and the immediate the disruptions – including to returning Heads of Governments from the CHOGM meeting – are needed to provide for the long term plans he has for the company.  Purely on his public performances – anyone who believes or trusts him do so at their own peril …

The public outcry 24 hours after his announcement is – ‘why’ –

Noyce’s responses to Inside Business presenter Alan Kohler’s probing questions this morning – [see interview here] – were as slimy as he looks and sounds.

The heart of the QANTAS dispute is outsourcing – outsourcing maintenance contracts to Asia and points beyond – employing overseas trained pilots, and other cost cutting measures – all with the purpose to increase QANTAS’s shareholder  profitability.  ‘Bloody’ money again is cause of a power play between employer and employee.

The secondary issue is contained within the Management pay rises – Noyce with a 71% approved increase just days ago the QANTAS AGM – and his final bonus’ linked to QANTAS’s share price performance which is dependent on the ‘outsourcing’ cost reductions that will increase profitability.   Noyce’s denials against self-serving interests in beating down the Unions with this latest action to achieve his long term plans are just another card played in this high stakes game.

From what we have be exposed to about the concerns of both sides – Noyce is playing a very high handed game and looks the more desperate.  An early EYE-BALL prediction is that any resolvement of this dispute will include Noyce being booted from his 1st Class office – watch for the underlings to align themselves for Noyce’s job.

Noyce’s action comes during the Melbourne Cup carnival as well – his lack of respect as a ‘Pommie’ – for Australia’s traditions will not count in his favour.

Afghanistan – More Australian Soldiers give their lives:

Three Australian Soldiers are confirmed dead – several wounded, some seriously – and by and Afghan Police officer serving inside the compound – this is not the first ‘friendly fire’ incident and  there is nothing more concerning then soldiers being exposed to harm by persons serving as allies …

This will undermine any trust built up over the last sight odd years of helping the Afghan people – there is something here that goes to why soldiers die – Leaders who make the decision to send our soldiers into harms way have no idea what confronts a soldier when faced with what this recent event describes – this will sorely test the Leadership skills of this Government – more of the same and accepting these deaths as ‘casualties of War’ cannot be the answer they turn to – these were deaths caused by allies turning on the hand extended to help – a most hideous and dishonourable gesture – one that would be cause to withdraw all troops to protect further loss of life.

If you can not trust the person next to you to help you fight the enemy in front of you – then your rear and your flanks are exposed and you must withdraw to ensure moral and integrity is restored in the soldiers confidence to defend the line.


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