EYE-BALL on – Immigration – be careful what you wish for …

Immigration – be careful what you wish for …
The following YouTube link presentation was sent with genuine concerns about the spread of double standards within the same society.

The question is and always will be – should immigrants embrace the laws of their new adopted country to the exclusions of their old laws – or should they be allowed to bring their own laws and live by them and impose them on existing populations.

Please watch the following broadcast and make a decision:

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. evolving spiritist
    October 26, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    Without being a racist (I am a culturist) we cannot allow these people to propagate this type of stuff. Lets treat them as right wing activists/ terrorists and export them or put them in the equivalent of our refugee camps ie boat people and see if they are eligible for citizenship.
    I dont know what the British can do, but if they are British subjects they can have them identified the same way sex offenders are,ie a public register…if they are not citizens then export them back from where they came.
    The contagion effect is “mind boggling”.

    I write this and i feel that it is hard to be an evolving spiritist, but even a spiritist recognises that criminals or people with criminal minds, need to be locked up!

    I wonder if there is an uninhabited island, Iran, North Korea,(Mecca) they can be sent to, or maybe some of the newly emerging democracies in the middle east. I am sure that these new democracies will know how to handle fanatics.

  2. October 26, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    The issue is fanatism – religion – it is the root of every evil deed over century’s of heaven verses hell – does the good the Church preach make up for the evil that flows forth … hardly a qualifiable question …

    ‘Evolving-Spiritist’ makes valid points – the heart and soul of a man – when does it turn to absolute belief above common sense or logical thought. The hate these people have for those unlike themselves is not the common thread in any religion I know –

    Leaders just have to make an unpopular decision which they will find hard to do – when was the last time a Western Politician deliberately put themselves in harms way –

    The Law enforcement personnel in the drug cartel countries in Sth and Central America, Judges and Police alike face real threats of death every day they do their job – yet in Australia we send 200 police in the dread of night to clear the streets of 50 or so peaceful protecters voicing objections to corruption and greed – the police motto – we have a right to go home safe in doing our job – tell that to the military personell serving and dying in Afghanistan …

    Hey unless the Leaders are all asleep – or living in a ‘La La’ land in some cloud away from all the smells of the living … pretending it is not happening does not make it go away.

    The boxes are being ticked … and the clock is ticking …

    Harry HD.

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