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EYE-BALL’s Harrys Growl – A Special Report – “The Boat People and the the Immigration Debate”

October 25, 2011
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A Special Report –
“The Boat People & the Immigration Debate”
Who the fuck do we think we are?

Harry came to work this morning pissed as all hell – he watched the ABC’s Q&A last night and sat up all  night working on this post.  This story has been building for many months and last night the ‘lightbulb’ moment came.

Who the fuck do Australian’s think they are – we are ‘convict’ bred – our low-born heritage gives us no right to believe we are any better than anyone else.  By definition this Nation is evolving yet we posture and struts upon a world stage as if we are descendents from Royalty.

The truth – we were sent to this island as a backwater and undiscovered place as punishment and a means for our then Lords and Masters to rid themselves of an unwanted  population – they no longer wanted to feed or support us and how many perished making that journey over 200 years ago.  Who tossed them back – nobody there were welcomed.

We were nothing but cast off’s then – so in what universe do we now look towards these desperate refugees coming in boats and have the gall to say they are unwelcome – that we are better because we had first digs – no… we are wrong to shun them in any way. We should be embracing them and offering them every aid and assistance possible.

Our Leaders are wrong – and it is time to tell to them to fuck-off and get it right or we will Captain Bligh them.

“I’m as mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore” … wake up Australia – what we are being told to swallow will choke us all!

  1. The Immigration Debate:

There is no argument that can condone the sending of children – unsupervised and orphaned to an unknown future in a far off land.  The UNHRC have laws and if those Laws allow it to happen then they should be thrown out and new Laws written.

Liken our responsibility in this matter to a Doctor’s responsibility under his Hippocratic Oath – once you have the call – you must act and be personally responsible – not ship them off and rid ourselves of the responsibility.

Minister Bowen proves his and his Department’s low-born heritage – as does the rest of the Government’s Cabinet if this is the best answer they can come up with to deal with the Boat People.

This debate has gone past the pail – it is the reason we are still low-born idealist’s – we will forever be cellar-dwellers and no more than rightful descendents of dungeon inhabitants if this is the best we can offer.

  1. An Alternative:

Look to these refugees and say – welcome – take a million – 2 million – populate central Australia – begin to build an infrastructure to feed to world – pump the flooding rains from the Burdekin and the Kimberley’s south and irrigate the arid lands.

This idea was suggested to me by a good friend – Colin S. it is still a great idea and something that would ignite this Nation for all the World to see.

The Snowy Hydro project was built on immigrant labour after WWII – what is so different – as these displaced persons come to escape war and oppressed regimes as refugees.  Australia has plenty to offer and we boast about it like low-born’s do – then let us share our prosperity as low-born’s should.

Adopt a policy to irrigate the arid lands in Central Australia – build the pipe lines to bring the monsoonal rains from the North – i.e. Burdekin and the Kimberley’s – and spur off branches to guarantee water to dry towns and farms along the way.

Just think about all that rainfall water flowing back out to the sea – why not capture it and generate a food bowl in central Australia to feed the world … feed the world – just imagine what that would do to Australia and its belief in itself and how others saw us as former convicts and low-born natives.

When it comes to employing the labour to farm the lands and harvest the crops – what is wrong with the farmers within the refugee workforce so eager to come.

Fuck these pisspot Leaders – they only have eyes on their own popularity and re-election  prospects to stroke their ego’s – Leadership – the type of silent doer Leadership is what gets the job done – not a fancy dance and prance in front of a Media eager to cut and splice any offerings to spin more media stories.  Shit on all of them.

Give us a better deal please!

  1. The Untold Stories:

Each of these refugees have a story to tell – their story since arrival is the only story being told. The media to date – either by refusal or lack of interest – have not told their stories of oppressed hardships – family murders, and the brutality at the hands of Dictators propped up by Western Governments.  That story is hard on the swallow and that is a story within itself.

ABC’s 4 Corners last night tried to make the detention centers and the mental anguish these detainees have endured since their arrival its story.  It was a pathetic effort.

The ABC journalist who covered the story – [Sarah Ferguson – link to her story] – destroyed the real story.  Her cheapened images of children behind high wire fences and children telling what they want was barely scratching the surface.  Her attempts at emotive television fell flat on her face – all I saw was a Journalist forcing a story to meet a deadline.

Too often this same Journalist targets the headline and cheap story as opposed to investing some heart and soul and a bit of risk to challenge authority to get the real story.  This is not the first time I have watched her reports and felt she under-told the story …

How much of the mental anguish being talked about and dealt with is about what was endured since their arrival – as opposed to what these people had to do to earn their boat ride – and what they went through to force them to seek the boat ride in the first place.  Perhaps that is where all the mental health issues stem from.

  1. The Pathetic Responses:

I am at a loss to understand why our Leaders have responded as they have. It is the same from both sides.  Howard previously wanted to send them away – Gillard is a pillow with no fluff – just hot air and her tribe of followers are all low-born spawned from convict descendents – well that is at least an explanation for their pathetic and worrisome policies.

Surely the Labour Party of old would have had the compassion to find a way to help these people. What Gillard is doing is poll-driven policies that have no proven solutions and her tenure is so fragile as is those usurpers who ushered her into the PM role – they  have once again proven our low-born heritage.

With this type of response – we identify ourselves with our convict heritage – embrace that heritage I say and welcome all those who want to come and join us – the meek shall inherit the world …


Harry’s Growl …

  1. October 25, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    Go Harry – love it when you get stroppy and lay it all in the line… censorship be dammed …


  2. BuddaBAlls
    October 25, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    Hear Hear – agree 100% – even the bit about Aussies being low-born …


  3. Cowboy
    October 25, 2011 at 6:24 pm

    Yahoo … love the way you Aussies like to piss on yourselves … we are poor second cousins at the moment but I agree with your slant!


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