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EYE-BALL’s Harrys Growl – Update Oct 2011 – The “DARKNESS’ descends …

October 23, 2011
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The ‘Darkness’ Descends …
…musings from the murky shadows that are all around us!!!
Harry has had another tough month trawling the slums of our Parliament House – picking at the crumbs that falls his way.  His lumbering efforts have left him foul of mouth and with a mood likened to any Welsh Rugby fan after being beaten by the French.  His disheveled appearance surprises none of us here. His latest snippets are chronicled below.

  1. The Royal Visit:

The ‘table-top’ ass our media like to use when they paint our own Duchess Julia was again all on show with the Queens Royal arrival. Duchess Julia managed to again stumbled her way through all the advised protocols to which the ‘jackals’ within the press gallery plied their wit and barbs … all a storm in a teacup when the history recovered footage of our own PM Keating has him place his arm around the Queen during her  ’92 visit – was that any more ‘bastard-born’ behaviour then the boat loads of convicts unloaded over 200 years ago?

We Australian’s are of ‘convict’ stock – our heritage no matter how ‘high-born’ some of us think we may be – still stems from ‘bastard’s’ heritage and that allows our masters to view and talk about us as ‘low-born’s’ – sent across the seas to populate a foreign colony in the name of the British Empire.

Curtsey, Head nod, buckle the knee, whatever and however we greet the monarchy – it will all be jestful and never viewed as homage or honourable heritage from the British Aristocracy, or their Knights and Lords.

Duchess Julia is an ‘Aussie Sheila’ – auburn haired as well – she does not believe in marriage – courts herself in a defacto relationship whilst residing in the highest house in the land – she is barren of every womans natural instinct to produce children – whether by choice or other – her mother instincts remain a feeble gesture born of political opportunity and her subjects mock her for trying – she is as grotesque a puppet leader as any that have gone before her.

  1. The Thompson Affair:

Our heritage born from the instinct that has little respect for laws, peers and aristocracy,  gives us reason to have scant regard toward pretenders and idiots who stride their strut within the halls of our Parliament House.

Mr Thompson and his ‘credit card’ usage as a Union representative had taken a backseat during the past sitting of Parliament.  He was craven in his responsibility when it came time to face his accusers – he hid behind his wife’s pregnancy – as a House Member Gillard’s Government needed his number to hold power – it is still a crucial issue and the last of this matter is still to be heard.

This saga and its legacy should tell us all about the lessons to be learnt from a heritage based on ‘convict’ type behaviour – we are a Nation that demonstrates nothing but contempt for all those who would try to ‘Lead’ or play the ‘Game of Thrones‘.

Would be Leaders use sleight of hand and media spin to appeal to those who would  place them within eyesight of the ‘Throne’.  What they all seek is the ‘power’ that comes – and the financial reward.

Duchess Julia is and has proved to be just another idiot pretender – and her ‘blood-letting’ is already foretold and under way …

“Link to more Gillard Cartoons by – Nicholson”

  1. The Leadership Question:

Revelations are that Duchess Julia continues to sleep with one-eye closed – she is feeling the weight and guilt of her ascension – guilt actions make for mostly unwelcome and strange bedfellows.   Tim on the other hand is proving to be harder to caption – his demeanour is more of a lap-dog cowering before the enormity of his own elevation to stardom – the Media have thus far only given him scant copy – that is of course until Julia goes ‘on the nose’ and then all bets are off.

With the nature and public profile of Duchess Julia – her Party consorts remain the ‘Sin City’ entourage – weak and dishonourable fledglings beating to Grahame Richardson’s drumbeat.  Most of them have their eye on the same ‘Throne’ Julia sits atop – yet do not believe is to be the poison chalice they all should fear.

  1. The Usurper – Bill Shorten:

This morning one of those aspirants and promoters – no less a plotting parasite himself, and a bastard maker when he planted his seed in the belly of our Governor General’s ‘high-born’ daughter whilst still married to another – was happy to embrace a self-promotion opportunity on the ABC’s Insiders program.  To be honest the interview went well for the usurper – he withheld his ambition well – he spoke as if he believed his own words – he lied well, and he never faltered when the sharp-end of Cassidy’s journalist experience tried to pierce his traitors armour.

The usurper – Assistant Treasurer Mr Bill Shorten – fended away Cassidy’s probing dagger attacks with ease – he was not threatened by their tameness – it was observed that perhaps presenter Barrie Cassidy has lost his instinct for the smell of media blood – his interviews these days are more about playing the jouster as opposed to the hunters blood thirsty instinct.

The ‘slime’ was oozing from Shorten during his performance – he could only have elevated himself within this Labour Party by becoming the usurper – and Australian’s hate him and his cohorts for their history.

  1. The Opposition Alternative:

For many months now the pretender on the other side of the divide has used the ‘no-policy’ position as the ‘best-policy’ alternative to topple the current minority Government.

The Opposition Leader sits upon his ‘dung-heap’ throne compiled and inter-woven with all his misdeeds and and those who went before him – he reads the polling data that allows him to ‘shit’ easy.   It is a crap-hole as befits a sewer dweller.

If he were to read below the poll numbers that paints him in sunshine – he would have to look hard to find those among his own followers who had any real ability to lead a Nation – that easy ‘shit’ he is pleased about would harden and give him need for laxative relief … such a small man and such big-ears – me thinks there be nothing but devil and tempest in his thinking.

He is a usurper himself – an assassin with female blood on his hands – not a ‘kingslayer’ but a dungeon dweller who likes to cage his prey and use mis-truths to sway opinion and the Courts.  His ‘fraud’ became exposed and is largely forgotten – he never paid a price for his actions but again cowered behing his Parliamentaryt privilege.

May perhaps the reason why the Government do not use this history to bury this imposter is they are unable to make positive mileage from its use.  It is none the less true and what is said hereto is a genuine appraisal of this mans true credentials.  He is no Leader but a doer of others deeds – someone who would want to strut a stage with no real right to do so – and make Australia less than it should or could be on a World stage.

The view from the political gallery in Parliament House in recent weeks has us all reading the latest release in the “A Song of Ice and Fire’ series by Robert R.R. MARTIN.  Followers will understand where this ‘blog’ post comes from.


Note of Appreciation:

The above comments are written with great thanks to George R. R. Martin – the author of “A Song of Ice and Fire’ for both his inspiration and natural insight to how the ‘Game of Thrones’ is really played – the modern Leadership around the World are nothing more than pathetic ‘pretenders’ and ‘wannabe’s’ compared to the real Kings and Rulers in Martins imagination.


Harry’s Growl …

  1. evolving spiritist
    October 24, 2011 at 9:10 am

    An excellently written article full of sarcasim and dry (very dry) wit.
    The analysis of all the protanganists is spot and the cartoons and relevances to a “wonderful TV series ” A game of Thrones” is both innovative and politically correct!

    Your insight and relating the material to Mediaevel Fantasy is so appropriate because Australia’s politicians are about as out of date as Middle Earth.

    Harry might be growling but I believe this is his best work yet!

    Most certainly worth publishing in much more laudable and read blog sites than “Eye Balls”.

    Keep up the good work Harry and you just might make it!!!

  2. October 24, 2011 at 10:25 am

    Knock me down with a Feather – thankyou for your words …

    Goes to prove that change happens from within …


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