EYE-BALL on – GADDAFI is dead – what now – another IRAQ …

GADDAFI is dead – what now – another IRAQ …
Gaddafi CaptureNews reports have flooded the wires about Gaddafi’s death – graphic details and mobile phone footage of his death flood the Internet News services.Across Libia the people cheer – much the same as the did when ‘Saddam’ was captured – the question must be – ‘what next’?

Gaddafi CaptureThere is a vacuum and Leadership of such an important OIL supplier will be a Western nightmare – particularly for the French who rely on the Libyan oil.  All I see is another ‘police action’ and a puppet Government or Dictator installed to feed off the crumbs of the West alliances that will be formed in coming months.

The people may have won their freedom – but will they remain free – look to Egypt for a recent history lesson – and the annals of history have no good news for any of these Nations that border the African rim and those to the East of the Mediterranean Sea. This is no victory for World peace – it is but a beginning of something much bigger and whether that be a good thing or a bad thing is still a long way off determining.

ALl the WOrld Leaders who courted Gaddafi during his reign – and they include the UK, USA, France, and many more … how are those Governments feeling today – are they ashamed, proud, cockholed, or are they rubbing their hands together and saying ‘we did this – we made this happen’ …

NATO may have provided the air-cover for the rebels and stopped some of the Gaddafi genocide – but the SWISS Banks were slow to offer up the Gaddafi secret bank deposits – as they were with Mubarak’s Millions …

Iraq Body Count web counterGiven the enormity of the Allied and Civilian deaths in IRAQ since the Saddam Dictatorship was toppled – estimated at over 1,000,000 since 2003 and up to 2008 – and including near 5,000 American and Allied military deaths – how can this be seen as any type of victory with what is still to come?

Syria is still imploding and this toppling will only escalate the rebel cause in that Country.  One could almost say – the REVOLUTION has began …

The Wall-Street protests is but a finger in the dyke on Western disapproval – but it is spreading – the disquiet is there – mainly being fought in poverty stricken Nations – don’t kid yourself – Governments around the World are having plenty of talks and training with Riot control policies … they are preparing.

What is it to be … the clock is ticking …


The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. evolving spiritist
    October 21, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    What do you want it to be…..the clock ticking that is.
    Someone once said “what is democracy afterall” you may argue that of all the Dictators that have been eliminated in the Middle East and African Rim who are the beneficiaries? ….the answer is supposed to be the “people”…..but we know that another Dictator will eventually emerge in all these nations and nothing will change. You may argue that the democracy in Western Countries is no better with the Banks and greed being such an influential factor. It is still better than the alternatives of Dictatership!

    Well to continue my “crusade” the reality is that human beings continue to fail all tests put in front of them and that only the ongoing evolution of humanity will eventually take over and we may become a peaceful and non hating civilisation.

    I suspect that such an occurrence could be still a couple of hundred years away and that after whatever holocaust eventually happens and the tribalism that follows is rationalised and the people we see as foreign are the same as we see ourselves becomes one. Then we have the start of a society that idealism would love to have now and unfortunately could not have in the “pot purri of culturalism” that currently exists.

    Continue banging on your drums but you are wasting your time…..the clock ticking is correct…but when it stops….what can you do about it? Dont say change, the world is not civilised enough to do that….Yet!

    I suggest a game of “thrones”……yes we are still in a dark age!

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