EYE-BALL on – Political Overreach – A Reason We Are Where We ARE …

Political Overreach – A Reason We Are Where We ARE …
Today heralds the commencement of the TAX Debate Forum in Canberra.  It was opened by our PM Gillard with the following comments: [ Copier from ABC – linked here]

Ms Gillard told the forum any tax changes must take into account Australia's patchwork economy.

Tax changes must be revenue neutral: PM

Updated October 04, 2011 10:11:59

The Federal Government’s tax forum has begun in Canberra, where 200 Government, industry and community representatives will debate possible tax changes over the next two days.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard officially opened the tax forum, which is being held as part of independent MP Rob Oakeshott‘s deal to keep Labor in power.

Ms Gillard told the forum any tax changes must take into account Australia’s patchwork economy caused by the booming mining sector and the contracting manufacturing and tourism sectors.

She insists any changes must be revenue neutral.

“Money spent has to be paid for, clever ideas about spending money have to be matched with clever ideas about where that money is coming from and that is a challenge for this forum over the next two days,” she said.

The Government heads into the meeting ruling out changes to its carbon tax and the mining tax.

Treasurer Wayne Swan urged forum participants to work together.

“What our nation gets out of this forum is really down to everybody in this room,” he said.

“The time for people calling for cuts to their taxes funded by tax increases for others is long gone – it’s a recipe for getting nothing done.”

Yesterday, Mr Swan again dismissed calls for the Government to raise the GST or broaden its base.

“That punishes low and middle-income earners. It doesn’t do anything for work incentives and when that last package was brought in it cost a bomb in terms of additional compensation,” he said.

“So we don’t see it as a panacea. We see it as unfair and don’t see it as the most efficient way to organise our tax system and it’s a long-held position.”

He says the Government has already achieved significant reforms.

“We have already implemented $47 billion worth of tax cuts over three years. I think that’s been pretty important; a very big boost to the single pension by $148 a fortnight,” he said.

“We’ve introduced paid parental leave. But when it comes to the Henry Review, some very important measures are currently being implemented and will commence from July 1 next year.”

The Henry Review, released 18 months ago, made 138 recommendations.

The Government has acted on or is working on 32 of the recommendations, leaving plenty of ideas to be discussed in the forum, and Mr Swan says he is all ears.

“I’m going to sit back and listen to the debate and the discussion that we have about those and other matters,” he said.

But Opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey says Labor has achieved very little in its years in office.

“It is now delivery time. You’ve already had the Henry Tax Review, which cost $10 million, for … 12 months,” he said.

“You’ve been in government four years; now’s the time to deliver immediately, lower, simpler and fairer taxes.”

‘SHE INSISTS’ – a half-baked lawyer is telling Accounting and Economic experts called to talk about Tax Reform and she sledgehammers them  with an outcome expectation that any modifications have to be revenue neutral –

The Tax system is biased against payee tax earners and favours Corporate Australia on so many different levels.  Combining household incomes and splitting that income to allow parents who want to stay at home to take care of their children is a start – but that is not revenue neutral – it’s a fair deal and needed to give our children loving and caring homes – that is what Labour usually stands for – not the both parents must work to survive mantra that we now have.

What is the point – the Government is so concerned with the political fallout of a much-needed overhaul to a tax based system designed almost 100 years ago – and tweaked by consecutive Governments ever since as legislative appendices – and all designed to keep politicians in favour with the electorate through offset tax breaks and incentives.

This Forum is about as expectant of an outcome as was the RUDD ‘1000 Brilliant Minds’ forum in the first few months of his Government in 2008. It sounded great then – but where did all the ideas go …

PM Gillard is not prepared to even alow this forum to speak freely and express ideas that will fix the tax system – unless its ‘revenue neutral’.   Talk about ‘control’ issues.  The PM has ‘No’ right to impose a caveat of such a restrictive and obtrusive nature on a reform discussion –

If the Government is so concerned and anxious with an outcome that might mean initial loss’s of revenue – it always has the capacity to make other arrangements – i.e. tax the Corporate tax avoider’s who pay no tax yet benefit from all the Corporate Laws this Nation has to offer.

Tax Reform is necessary – true Leadership will let this go where it should go – weak Leadership will try to guide it where they don’t want it to go – and that is exactly where PM Gillard has issues the first command …

She has just tightened the noose already around her neck – she is no Leader – just a hounded political animal mortally wounded and still trying to cling to political life – within a political arena where the crowd are jeering with their thumbs already pointed DOWN …

Roll over Julia – do something honorable to leave us with some positive afterthought – save us all from more of your cheap and ego driven antics … hell do you know how desperate you looked presenting yourself on Master Chef …


The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. Evolving Spiritist
    October 4, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    Rather than worry about the leadership negatives, how about addressing neutral income and expense alternatives, driven by a tax system that encourages initiative.
    It seems that a significant initiative has taken place with regard to politicians and senior public servants receiving pay increases…….hello what is the offfset to this cost….ah productivity! How do you make a politician productive?….no,no you cant kill them all…at this stage anyway?
    The reason we have monkeys running the country is the peanuts we pay, but its too late for this lot of monkeys.
    Lets have politicians that work on a voluntary basis only! That will get rid of the ones we know cant be employed in their real world ie read union leaders! The conservatives presumably have an income outside of donations…read union dues….I am not just bashing unions because I am ante them, its just that the socialist side of politics does not have to come from unions mandatorily…which it seems to. Kevin Rudd would volunteer i bet and he is no unionist (strictly speaking).
    The volunteers can be paid on a bonus basis of what they achieve and how they behave….that means no expense for the remainder of this term anyway……sorry for my faecitiousness…but I am at least as productive with these ideas as this tax summit will be!

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