EYE-BALL on – SHOCK!!! HORROR!!! – Australian Politicans – Who do they think they are …

SHOCK!!! HORROR!!! – Australian politicians –
Who do they think they are …
Australian Parliament HouseIt is time Australia!  Enough is Enough!  Who do these boof-heads think they are?

When is the time that Australian’s will stand up and say – FUCK-OFF – to our Political leaders in any meaningful way?

For the sake of integrity and the presumption of due diligence – the process and decisions made on Politicians remuneration, pay scales and entitlement has to be taken away from the political process.

Never in the history of the Australian Parliament has so much been paid and expended to cover politicians salaries, their staff costs, their travel expenditures, the superannuation entitlements, their wasteful research and opinion outlays, and their general expenses to yield results masquerading as Political process as we have in our current Government.

A leaked story over the weekend by Channel 9’s Laurie Oaks had this to say:

Copied from:
The Body Politic – [linked]  Oct 1 2011 |

News Limited are reporting today that the Renumeration Tribunal are considering granting politicians a substantive pay rise. Writing in the The Daily Telegraph today, Laurie Oakes said that MPs expected the base salary for backbenchers to rise to nearly $250,000.

This rise means that the Prime Minister could earn as much as $650,000, while Tony Abbott as Leader of the Opposition could see his salary rise by $220,000 to $479,000.

But, as per expected (and no doubt the reason The Daily Telegraph published the article) the suspected move has caused outrage among ordinary Australian’s. After 9 News put the link on their Facebook wall, it received over 130 comments, none of which were particularly supportive of the plan, citing that politicians were greedy and weren’t worth the money. It is these two points that this article will aim to clarify.

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Research on Politicians Remuneration and Expenses has been a work in project for some months – and this breaking news story blew my stack when the data from the research was pointing to exposing just how much our politicians and their staffers are really paid when all their perks are added up.

The fruits of this research will be published when the story is complete – however in the meantime some hard facts need to be presented.   Yesterday Mr Swan released the 2010-11 Budget result – [linked here] – of interest was the expenditure classed as – “General public services”.  Under this heading the following expensed were recorded:

In this table alone – the realism attached to some of the numbers is revealed – for instance: how can Superannuation have a blowout cost of $527 million – that represents a 14.5% Budget overrun – and on superannuation of all things –

Superannuation should be one of the most predictable Budget items. Did the Government hire an additional 523,000 staff at $50k and 9% super costs = $527 million?

Surely if there were extra staff hired – that would have been a budgeted expenditure … – no there is something seriously wrong with this number – and guess what – try finding where this is accounted for in any of the Budget papers provided.

Barack Obama is paid US$400k per year – Duchess Julia currently earns a base of A$360k plus all her perks – raising her base to $600k+ is an absolute joke.

I understand that if you pay peanuts – you get monkeys – to attract any half decent calibre of candidate needed in Government – perhaps we do need to pay on performance and attach a bonus condition to better than budget outcomes to stop the spending blowouts. Nothing like an incentive to rein in staff expenses and free-loading …

But surely – they may work long hours – but then if they have no idea what they are doing in Political work – and spend all their time playing politics, counting heads and strategising how to get themselves elevated up the political food chain – why should the tax payer be covering those individual self-promotion costs?  That’s Party Politics and not running a country.

Another thing – when a Member gets booted from the House for unruly behaviour – why not fine him for not being at work – he is not doing his job if he is expelled from the House – it happens in the British parliamentary system – why not here?

Much can be made of the above Table – comparisons with MP and Staff costs to the amount spent on Education – i.e. 150 MP’s and 80 Senators and their staff and the Legislative process cost 2/3rds what we spend on Education – that is a disgrace.

On average – the 230 Politicians serving this Nation – their costs, their staff costs, their additional cost to run their Administration, and the Legislative process – costs this Nation A$93.4 million for each MP and Senator.

(You can make whatever adjustment for Foreign Aid included in the Foreign Affairs Number – what is it doing in there in the first place?)

You tell me how we get value for that monstrous outlay!!! … there is more to come on this subject.


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