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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – “Goodbye and Farewell” – Darren Lockyer an immortal in waiting …

September 24, 2011
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Goodbye and Farewell – Darren Lockyer an immortal in waiting …
Daren LockyerSnoop-Poop is back for the Finals series … he watched and cringed last night when the Broncos and Manly clash  …

Manly were too brutal, to strong, to sharp and with the help of both Referees early in the game – were never going to lose this match.

I was happy to cop the back to back penalties in Manly’s first touch of the ball for – ‘hands on the ball’ infringements – this gave then field position and led to their first try.  But when Broncos were pressuring with 15 to go in the second half – Manly players had their hands all over the ball attempting to slow down the play the ball – and not a penalty was forthcoming.

Matches like this are won and lost of the 50/50 calls the Ref makes – the Thiaday penalty when in possession is another example – Evans all over Parker trying to play the ball in the dying minutes when they disallowed a try – no – the NRL wanted a Sydney team in the final and the Ref’s helped make that happen.

On a day where all things being equal the Broncos were always gonna find it hard to win this game without Lockyer – the Ref’s were just the insurance.

Lockyer’s fairytale ended last night – and the ride this year was a magnificent testament to his teammates and the Bronco’s Coaching staff.

Hopefully Mathi and Williams will be rubbed out of the Grand final for their indiscretions – that would be a fair result given that Blair is not able to play the final if Storm make it – despite Stewart throwing the first punch in that sideline brawl.

On the Warriors v Storm tonight – I think the Warriors have a fair crack and up against Manly – well if they bring their ‘A’ game I would love to see Manly eat shit.

Thanks Darren – with you at the helm I always felt the Broncos were a chance in any game – next year we’ll see but it won’t be the same – much like it was when they tried to replace Alfie – remember the Walker brothers, Seymour – they just don’t make guys like you anymore.

The best buy in the market at he moment would be Cherry Evans – he was the star last night and he will be the next Alfie …


The EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop …

  1. League Leg End
    September 29, 2011 at 9:23 am

    Darren Lockyer is the player of our time. Recent time. What is a Champion? What is immortal?

    If it was a simple choice say between Andrew Johns and Darren Lockyer to be made an immortal, then I would say Lockyer simply because Johns revelations on Uppers, he played using illicit drugs and rorted drug testing.

    If we can start with the concept there does not have to be an immortal, then after nominating Lockyer, I believe Mal Meninga is worth a mention. Not only was he a star in a champion team, but what he has done winning 6 consecutive State of Origins, is really quite unbelievable. Trouble is; He did not win those SOO alone, he was simply the coach.

    Lockyer kicking that field goal in extra time to beat St George was absolutely amazing. He had a multiple fractured eye socket. Anyone who watched that match will know forever the imprint that Darren Lockyer left on the game.

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