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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl on – Our next Prime Minister – an OLD PM – is about to make his comeback …

September 24, 2011
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Our next Prime Minister – an OLD PM –
is about to make his comeback …
Kevin Rudd at the UNKevin RUDD is an enigma.  Your faithful scoop journalist is in New York to report on the Kevin Rudd road show.I watched his speech live on the news feed from the UN assembly yesterday morning and I was enthralled … for the first time in a very long time – somebody got up and spoke like a Leader – like someone who had more than just words to offer … – [to read his speech use this link] –  to listen to his address use this link] -and to watch a video of his address – click here]

Reading his speech does not do justice to his performance on the highest stage – he never mis-spoke – he engaged his audience fully and his emotiveness was something that has been lacking from any World Leader in recent times.  He spoke an made Global issues his agenda – he put Australia’s position in far more compelling terms than Duchess Gillard or any other Government mouthpiece has been able to do – ever.

He sounded Presidential and his oration about trying to embrace a solution to the GFC fallout and other Global hot-spots was inspiring.

Perhaps the quality of the dribble coming from Parliament House since the Duchess took centre stage has been that bad that anyone would look good in comparison.  But as a journalist of many years and through many Leaders – this was the real deal.  RUDD is back  and the DUCHESS had better triple the guard.

Having had the Duchess try to imitate Leadership for a bit over 12 months – Mr RUDD confirmed he is a Leader with much to offer Australia.  People like Shorten, Arbib and Paul Howes know their days are numbered – the ego’s of these three prima donnas could fill the MCG on a Grand Final day – and the hot-air that comes forth is about to blow away under a Labour Party back-flip.

RUDD called them for what they are as – right-wing factional power brokers during his term and again on the night the assassins plied their wares  – and so ended the first reign of Prime Minister Mr RUDD.

On the strength of his performance at the UN and the pathetic Duchess Gillard with her table-top rump and Mr Squiggle Nose – and that oh so dreary winging screech of a voice – sorry for all the mixed metaphors but I just can’t watch her anymore – I have to change the channel – she is not even window dressing anymore – she is an insult to women’s intelligence and womanly instincts – but  before this Nation becomes a basket case of fractured leadership – some sanity has to come to the table.

Everything about the Duchess spells ‘worse than RUDD’ when the Leadership was thrust upon her – as said before in various posts – she was not ready for Leadership then – and time has proved this over and over again.  Yes she has passion – but not in a way that is good for Australia – she can never hold a candle to RUDD and his international reputation and performances.

This Labour Government faces a NSW election like humiliation – there is no avoiding that fact – and who among the other pretenders on the Front Bench could step into the breech.  Lets go down the list:

[To see a full list of Ministers and Shadow Ministers – please click here – these are Harry’s personal opinions having had a fair exposure to most of all the Government Ministers – there are some that he doe snot know – mainly because Harry has a reputation and Ministers with something to hide shun him like the plague. ]

  • The Treasurer – Mr Wayne SWAN – he wears a DUNCEHAT to work – dumbest Treasurer ever to hold the office despite being recently named the ‘Treasurer of the year’ by the EuroMoney magazine – see EYE-BALL GURU’s spot on posts for more .
  • The Assistant Treasurer/Financial Services and Superannuation – Mr Bill SHORTEN – a pussy of a man – the silent assassin – and a unionist to boot – thugs like him have no role in Government – his power comes from intimidation tactics and his promotion to his current position only came after Gillard rewarded her promoters.  Could never trust him – and the fact that he is the son-in-law of the  GG – left his first wife when he got his current wife pregnant – and now sits poised to allow his ego to have a go at the top job – a wanker who is a pretended not a contender.
  • Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Jobs and Workplace Relations – Mr Chris EVANS
  • Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth – Mr Peter GARRETT –  Labour Party blow in from his Midnight Oil gig – was all about the greening of Australia before he became a politician and his claim to fame is the ‘PINK BATS’ fiasco – he has been a disappointment yet early promises made to get him to run with the LAbour Party has seen him hold his place on the front bench – his star has burnt out and he knows this – he is just a passenger on this sinking ship and brings nothing to the table as a potential Leader.
  • Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy – Mr Stephen CONROY – A tireless worker so has the rumour – he has made many mistakes with the NBN setup and will make many more before it is done if he stays the course.  Paid Telstra $12 billion for their old copper line network – a great deal for Telstar shareholders but a ‘white-elephant’ for Australian taxpayers.  It appears he can only operate and function when given direction and a task – doubt whether he could be anything other than a follower … impressed with his communication but even I know that the NBN still has more issue to be resolved – i.e. the speed to the home will create issue within the home as ‘routers’ struggle with the internal networking problems that are already existent under ADSL broadband – the NBN will not fix this problem and so spurns a new infrastructure upgrade to be able to use the NBN and all it promises.  Doubt whether this is even on the Minister’s radar at the moment.
  • Minister for Defence – Mr Stephen SMITH – A possible contender – looks sharp and has no real political baggage – rolled over on the Foreign Affairs Minister to make way for RUDD – took on Defence when Australian soldiers are being killed in Afghanistan – done a creditable job in a flaying Government – has composure and sincerity and I ike him.
  • Minister for Immigration and Citizenship – Mr Chris BOWEN – The man in the ‘hot-seat’ on the Immigration and what to do about the ‘boat people’ – the High Court rolled his Bill proposal and that suggests the Attorney General was equally incompetent with his advice – if it was refered to him – that is the problem – when the Minister continually states in the House Question Time – “In Light of Advice” – what the fuck does that mean – it raises more questions than answers.  Is this Government so scared of making a decision based on their own beliefs that they completely rely on ‘ADVICE” before they structure a policy.  This guy maybe a tireless worker but falls into the ‘indian’ category – he’s a brave [excuse the un] soul but fodder for any hatchet journalist looking for scalps.
  • Minister for Infrastructure and Transport – Mr Anthony ALBANESE – the ‘Court Jester’ – he brings some levity to the House when he tries the Paul Keating corus-line supported by his back-benchers.  He is the Leader of the House and takes his role seriously and the eyeballing that goes on between him and the Opposition Leader of the House – Christopher Pine – is likened to schoolyard bullying with the Speaker – Mr Jenkins – completely out of his depth trying to rein them in and make them be friends.  As for policy – his portfolio should be screaming about the Oil Companies and their ability to ‘price-creep’ somewhere between 20-30c a litre since the beginning of the GFC on domestic petrol prices –  all since he became the Minister – no – he is a political animal and loves to play the game for the politics and not to serve Australians – not a Ministers asshole.
  • Minister for Health and Ageing – Ms Nicola ROXON – Rolled over on the RUDD health plan to keep her job under the new Gillard Led Ministry.  In a less formal setting you would call her something else – the type of person you would see selling what they have to offer to keep them accustomed to the lifestyle they have become used to.  She performs well in the House but another of the ‘indian’ type …
  • Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs – Ms Jenny MACKLIN – An older campaigner and her performance in the HOUSE often is a campaign type speech – she has a tough portfolio and she communicates her messages well – but she will never become the Leader of the Labour Party –
  • Minister for the Status of Women/Employment Participation and Childcare – Kate ELLIS – Got dumped from the Sports Minister portfolio when Gillard took the throne – hardly ever see her during Question time and is pure window dressing when she and Gillard do their bit together.  Out of her depth completely.
  • Minister for Social Housing and Homelessness/Indigenous Employment and Economic Development/Sport – Mr Mark ARBIB – True Labour supporters despise this man – he even looks like a thief – a Judas – and small man with small-man issues – topple the big-man to make him feel good – how often do childhood issues define who we all become – this Minister has his hand on a power throttle since the RUDD dismissal and he is just waiting for his crack at the top job.  He is a wannabe for all the reasons that you can never lat a person like this get anywhere near the THRONE he seeks. If there was ever a reason to dislike Politics as a career – this guy is the ‘poster-boy’ of reasons why not.  Dump him back where he belongs – a Union organiser but stamp his forehead – ‘Traitor to the true Labour cause ‘.
  • Minister for Trade – Mr Mark EMERSON – Considers himself a lover-boy and his triumphs include the Duchess is a past life … it’s a claim to fame of sorts but how many men would be lining up to do the same thing now.   He’s a pretender and one of the many buffoon’s serving in the House – there are many on both sides and they represent the mediocrity we have all become so used to – our own apathy is why people like Mr Emerson represent us.
  • Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and CommunitiesMr Tony BURKE – An up and comer but he is too nice a guy to survive in the Political game. He thinks everybody plays by his rules of fairness and goodwill – the Murray Darling basin debate has tricked him up a few times – as it did the Opposition’s Mr Turnbull when he was the Minister under John Howard.  He is learning and I lie to hear what he has to say as I can listen and not feel a short burst of ‘bullshit’ talk coming on.  He’s a good guy and still a bit green – want to se him make it because I think he brings quality to a place where there is little to choose from.
  • Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government/Arts – Mr Simon CREAN –  An old-timer – once held the Leadership of the Labour Party when Kim Beazley had a hiatus from his Leadership position.   big supporter of Gillard – mentored her in her early years  before she became a HOR representative.  He’s been a good safe Minister in both Keatings, Rudds and Gillards Ministry – and will continue to do so.  From a family of Politicians he will serve his beloved Labour Party but as for Leadership aspirations – not likely given the number of other hatchet men looking to knock down their competition.  The Minister will serve his time as a Member of the HOR and do a great job for his constituents.
  • Minister for Finance and Deregulation – Ms Penny WONG –  I’m a fan – she has more poise and a better understanding of the role of Women in Politics.  She is a Senator and if she was serious about standing for election to the HOR – rather than the Labour Party pre-selected Senator – she would get my nod of approval as a serious player in the role of the Labour Party’s agenda going forward.  He is about to take on motherhood – he partner will give birth and in a same-sex relationship the Minister has juggled her sexuality and workload performance better than any of her previous same-sex predecessors.  She’s in the mix and knows what the game is all about.
  • Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research – Mr Kim CARR –  Have no idea who he is.
  • Attorney-General (Vice President of the Executive Council) – Mr Robert McCLELLAND – His claim to fame is the HIGH COURT overruling of the Governments proposed Legislation on Asylum seekers – his office had to provide the Government with advice on the legitimacy of the Legislation and if so – his Ministry got it horribly wrong.  There are many lawyers serving in the HOR – it just goes to show why they no longer practice Law as a career – they sucked at it.  Their knowledge of the Law has been found wanting when it comes to knowing and understanding Constitutional Law and the Laws of the Land.
  • Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – Mr Joe LUDWIG – Made the mother of all fuck-ups when he was asleep at the helm when the ABC’s 4 Corners showed raw footage of the Indonesian slaughter of Australian life beef exports.  He fumbled his way for the best part of a month causing $10’s of millions damage to the cattle industry in such a short time frame.  His department held the carry over policies from the previous Government and it was always a ‘bomb’ set to go off as soon as someone had the guts to show all Australians what the Politicians always knew what was happening.  This man is a powerbroker within the Labour party  and as a Minister – he is the suicide bomber waiting to wreck anyone that he does not support within his own party.
  • Minister for Resources and Energy/Tourism – Mr Martin FERGUSON – Another Unionist promotion – he is one of the better converts and speaks passionately about his portfolio – I like the man and think he gives good value – at this level of the game – and up against the bright minds working for the Mining Industry – the Minister’s advisors just have to be smarter or at worst as smart – the Minister is out of his depth in education qualifications – but his gritty history in negotiation stands him in reasonable shape in dealing with the ‘boom-times’ mining Industry.  Not PM material but a very solid Minister.
  • Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency – Mr Greg COMBET –  This guy has a lot of us confused – comes from a Unionist background – moved from Victoria to Newcastle to stand as the Labour candidate in a very safe seat.  The Labour Party wanted him as a HOR Member and his performance since his Gillard assist has me thinking he is out of his depth on the ‘Climate Change’ debate and the Carbon-Tax legislation currently before the House.
  • Minister for Home Affairs/Justice/Privacy and Freedom of Information – Mr Brendan O’CONNOR – Another of the Ministers who does not frequent any of the night spots to let his hair down.   Don’t know him and can’t comment.
  • Special Minister of State for the Public Service and Integrity – Mr Gary GRAY – Also a early to bed type of guy – does not seek the limelight and in that way he gets a pass mark for knowing better then to chase the rabbit as opposed to waiting for opportunity to turn up on your doorstep.
  • Minister for Indigenous Health/Veterans Affairs/Defence Science and Personnel  – Mr Warren SNOWDEN – An old-timer who has reached his full potential – does a good enough job in a Government where good Ministerial work is easy to find.  Will have some say in whether RUDD gets his call-back audition.
  • Minister for Mental Health and Ageing – Mr Mark BUTLER – An up and comer – speaks very well when he gets his turn at the lectern – knows his portfolio and knows how to milk and bake the bread when it comes to holding court.  Give him a few years to rise amongst his peers and his star will shine.
  • Minister for Human Services/Social Inclusion – Ms Tanya PLIBERSEK – Her most recent claim was the ‘cat-call’ from the Opposition interjection – hard to catch her on Question time – but that can be a good thing.   Don’t know enough about her.
  • Minister for Defence Material – Mr Jason CLARE – Have no idea who he is and don’t ever remember hearing him speak or seeing him on any media coverage.

The omission to the list is of course Mr Rudd as the Foreign Minister.  He stands alone as someone that will give creditability to this floundering and dysfunctional excuse for a Minority Government.

None of above listed Ministers have a Statesman like appeal – I know the talk about RUDD being a control freak and a workaholic who demands the same work ethic from his fellow workers – but his popularity from the electorate was no myth – they loved him until he broke a promise –

I call it a breach of trust he was forced into by Gillard and Swan to set up the play they had in mind when it came to topple him.  They had to discredit him in front of the electorate and after Copenhagen when the ETS and the Climate Change debate all lost its momentum – Rudd was vulnerable and those waiting in the ‘tall-grass’ began to plot their assassination.

Those conspirators forced democracy in this Nation to its knees – our elected leader was not who the Party wanted to lead.  That very breach of trust is why Gillard will face the same fate as she inflicted and it will be a sweet revenge.

Harry HoundDog gives Rudd a big tick of approval and if he has learnt anything from his hiatus – perhaps patience will serve him well.  Perhaps he has gone past the Australian PM role – maybe he is setting his sights higher – Head of the UN might be his goal – but wouldn’t that leave a void here in Australia!


Harry’s Growl …

  1. Long-John
    September 24, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    Great post Harry – wish more of the real journalist’s out there had the guts to say it like you say it.

    They live in their own cocoons and have a staff around them to pump them up and brainwash them into believing they are untouchable – light a fire Harry …

  2. HissyFit
    September 24, 2011 at 7:06 pm

    Well said Long-John,

    The Member for Dobell – what has happened to him? It’s a crumbling house of cards and they expect us to show them respect – love what you said about Arbib – a deadshit for sure!


  3. Cowboy
    September 24, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    One of your better Growl’s Harry. Been wondered where you’ve been.

    The Yanks are no better and over here Mr Rudd has some sway – Hillary thinks he’s a stud and trusts him more than your PM. She doesn’t trust other women and Rudd has her ear. That has to be good for Australia right!

    Entertaines as always, Thanks Harry.


  4. September 24, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    Thanks Long-John,

    Harry’s still Overseas and as modertor – thanks for your post. He is once crash sort of guy hey …


  5. GingerMegs
    September 24, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    Please Harry – don’t do a number of me!

    GingerMegs – (Chris Pine)

  6. September 24, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    Thanks HissyFit,

    Not sure what is happening with the Member for Dobell – his wife may have given birth …

    Yes ARBIB is on Harry’s hit list … some time ago Harry covered a story where Arbib was the mouthpiece and he’s never had an opinion of him since.


  7. evolving spiritist
    September 26, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    harry,harry where oust thou when we need you.

    i think you should run for a party seat, i’m just not sure what party?

    Given the collection of the above, you would be welcome in the Greens with your same sex views (yes I agree) welcome to Bob Katter with your take no prisoners and possibly a Kevin Rudd liberal party as I think thats the only way back for Kevin…. think abou it …cross the floor wipes the labor party out and gives us 2 potential leaders in the liberal party ie Turnbull and Rudd…compared to Abbot and Bishop….like Woods and Scott teeing up against a couple of 27 handicappers!…… Gillard and Swan…do handicaps get any higher than 27…ready for the disability party!

  8. Dorthy Salazak
    September 27, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. …

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