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EYE-BALL on – Our PM wants respect without earning the right to be respected …

September 19, 2011
Our PM wants respect without earning the right to be respected …
The ABC’s 4 Corners program last night was on the electoral backwash over the Carbon Tax debate – it was three weeks behind where the debate has shifted – i.e. Bills before the House etc …  The point being that the story wa dated but what was obvious was that the PM has a big problem.  Not the CARBON Tax but her continued belief that she is the best person to lead this country.

The PM was featured several times during the 4 Corners program giving her viewpoint as was the Opposition Leader.  It is difficult to not notice mannerisms when you watch both Leaders stumbling and trying to suck the public into believing eachothers sides of the Carbon tax Debate.

The PM was very noticeable – she has this ostrich head peck whenever she is trying to reinforce a point she is making.  This is not a real problem by or in itself – but viewers go looking for these type of personal idiosyncracies when they turn off to the message being broadcast.  There might be many other problem that make other listeners and watchers of her performances who think differently or see other mannerisms.  It all boils down to the fact that nobody is listening and the majority of Australians no longer hold any respect for her.  For me I switch the channel – she sounds like someone screeching their fingernails down a chalkboard – no she is a complete turn off in this household.

Her honeymoon period in the top job lasted until after the last election – a little over 12 months ago – but in the last six months the electorate have turned against her and when Australians make up their mind – you have to pull a rabbit out of a hat to change it back.

It’s a fact that prior to RUDD‘s dismissal – every Labour Party Member gave their loyal support to his Leadership in the weeks leading up to the coup.  When all along they were floating him out to sea on the back of his falling poll numbers – and then sunk him without even so much as a farewell party.  The fact that he did not even push the spill to a vote says much – all those pirates and two-faced Members of the Labour branch of the ATU – Assassins and Traitors Union are still there and the loudest supporters of team Julia throughout this current crisis.

There is not a soul who believes that Julia is not gone – she is now just a bed-warmer for whoever they next choose to lead them into the next election.  How she got the nod in the first place defies how the Labour Party usually elects its Leaders.

She was the Deputy PM at the time – but she was also responsible for the backflips on the ETS decision – the massive waste in public funds on the School rebuilding program during the GFC – she also made promises about computers in schools – and she did make a public statement directly committing a Labour led Government to a term where there would be no ‘Carbon Tax’ once she became Leader.

Politics and Political Leadership is all about RESPECT – there is a common belief that all MP’s should be given the respect of the office before having earned the respect the Office demands.

Since the RUDD dismissal – any RESPECT for the current Labour Government has disappeared.  Julia had a chance to regain that trust but she has failed at every level and at every opportunity.  She is just a bumble-bee stumbling from one disaster to another and has no idea how to find safe haven to rethink and re-assess her leadership.  She has lost her miner’s-lamp in a dark and dead end tunnel.  She was never ready for the Labour Party Leadership and the deal she did with the Greens post Election to win the PM position and has led to the CARBON TAX and its self implosion – demonstrates she is not a Leader who can take charge when a ship is sinking.

Also on the ABC’s Q&A last night – former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally shone like a beacon with her new hair style.  Earlier this year when QLD Premier – Anna Bligh matched up against the PM during the QLD floods – the PM had to run home because Bligh was showing her up.  Keneally has that same charisma and poor Julia is the ugly duckling of Australian Politics where image means so much.  He style leaves her trying to play politics on a world stage when all she is measured for is perhaps a junior Ministry – she wants to be liked by those whose support she needs.

Media image is part of the Politicians appearance and persona and connection with the electorate. The PM’s time spent in front of a camera – either during Question Time or other media interviews – yields her appearance and ability to communicate as ‘severely challenged’ – and combined with her inability to resonate her messages with a less then impressed audience  – only escalates the extreme bias the electorate feels for her.

She should get this message herself – but her desperate Political supporters – the TAU  whose membership includes Messes Arbib, Shorten, Combet, Crean, and the idiot Unionist Paul Howes – and all drinking from the same champagne glasses as the PM – are the only ones believing that she will lead this Government into the next election.

How can you respect someone who is so desperate to hold onto the PM role – she has had her go – she’s entitled to the big pension – who can tap her on the shoulder and tell her that she is doing the Nation more harm than good.

If it was just her inability to Lead then the damage would be minimised – McMahon was a similar PM but he still had electoral respect.  What Julia is doing in causing the electorate to become more verbal with their disrespect and that will only continue to harm the RESPECT factor for all Politicians in general.

That loss of respect will take a half a generation to regain – it is a descent that no Leader should allow to happen.  Fall on your sword Julia – we don’t want the other candy ass’s on the other side gaining any more traction.

There is a saying out there – if it looks like a turkey, struts like a turkey, and talks like a turkey, then it must be a turkey and something we should all think about when we measure the people we put in Government to lead us.

And whatever you do before you go Julia … get Keneally a safe Federal seat – she is one woman that the electorate will vote for …


The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. Herman
    September 20, 2011 at 8:51 am

    This morning an Radio National AM the Prime Minister was saying that she wanted every coalition MHR to register an individual vote on the refugee boat and immigration act amendment to record in history how they have harmed Australia. Scott Morrison made himself very clear stating that if the amendments were to include that “offshore processing could only happen in a country party to UN conventions the problem will solve”.

    This for mine is very clear. The Prime Minister is peddling self credibility and accusing the Opposition of only practicing their self interest. A clear case of projecting. There are two mainstream camps, onshore processing and offshore processing, but within offshore processing there is endorsement of what might be considered the Howard solution, or the Gillard solution.

    I was cringing listening to it. I had to turn it off. I verily believe we should be respecting our leaders. I feel it is sad that they are so lampooned. I feel that they have earned this nonsense, because of their lack of respect for democracy viz a vis, their secular interest. To govern for all, despite self preservation or short term political gain. I advocate conscience votes and not party line votes. Here I see a difference. Ms Gillard needs 4 coalition members to break ranks. The ALP is divided on the issue. Allow her amendment to be a conscience vote. It would show some form of marginal representation. It could also lead to a no confidence motion.

    The sad part is we are going to have to put up with this rubbish for the forseeable future. This brings on a different strand of thought. The ALP machine interferred with the electorate’s decision when they dumped Rudd and installed Gillard in June 2010. The insistence that she is going to stay, when Australia needs viable leadership is itself a double standard. Julia’s opinion polls are now worse that Kevin Rudd’s when he was dumped. Why can’t the electorate be heard?

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