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September 14, 2011
World Leaders acting out of FEAR …
World Leadership is scared – stunned by their inability to fix the Financial Markets meltdown and what can reasonably be expected will be the course of events to follow.

Make no mistake – there is fear across the globe – both by investors seeking safe havens for their capital and the Central Bankers trying to hold a mortally wounded financial market system together with sticky tape.  The last remnants of the Global Financial Markets are on life-support – previous visits to this place over the last 25 years have been heart attacks revived through steroid usage of the Central Banks printing press’.

These same printing press are now out of ink and paper and the deceptive will to continue with the charade.

Central Bankers have capitulated – they do not have an answer – they are defeated – and any policy introduced is the last desperate actions of life-saving instincts to prolong and prevent the permanent death to an already dead system.

Those who understand the system and its progress stand by unable to avoid the train-wreck.  Those blissfully ignorant of the encroaching tsunami go about living their lives trusting in the will of Governments to take care of business.

The media – having no interest in scaring their readers with the realism of the truth – continue to roll out copy with gossip and completely non-related stories that distract attention and fill the apathy factor so entrenched within society.  The world is blind yet at the same time know that any hope for future generations lies in the hands of people who have no idea how to fix the problems.

As with any denial phobia – not dealing with the problem in any direct way can only lead to a dysfunctional existence – and so it is with Governments around the World.  The riots of Nt Africa – and more recently in London and Greece is systematic in a progression of civil responses that will infiltrate all Nations as this countdown continues.

The one shinning light to a World looking for inspired Leadership was Barack OBAMA in 2008.  His inability to deliver on that inspired hope is a signal that no body on this planet can fix this problem.  The pandemic is entrenched – the vaccines used previously are no longer effective and are now toxic in their own right.

The World needs hope and a concept of a future where continued quality of life can be assured – recent era’s where world ending crisis events have made the world fearful have taught us lessons – i.e.  Cuban missile crisis – WWII –  those lessons being that there is always an answer and a will to survive.  What would it take for the World to survive this crisis?

That is an unanswerable question!  Some thoughts on the matter appear below:

  • For one – this crisis is not like past events – it’s been a conditioning that lifestyle can be purchased through debt accumulation – this has been so for all structures within society over the past 40 odd years.   Governments have grown both in size and expenditure to fund themselves and this is where it first started to go wrong.  They built empires around themselves – all to the point now where Governments are the biggest contributors to GDP growth across the globe.  This notion is now entrenched and big Government is here to stay – can you imagine the Government voting and making decisions to downsize themselves … in this aspect – privatisation of a large part of Government would help the economy.  Imagine the States being run as a Corporation subsidiary of the Federal Governments – and Local municipalities being Companies run under that Corporations umbrella – shareholders having a say in who managers the Company – a pipe dream in any reality show I know – but that type of diverse thinking in how better to manage the duplicity of services between Federal,State and Local Governments have to be part of the answer.
  • Secondly – Banks have become a cancer to society – using the easy credit to entrap new generations of youth into using credit to keep pace with a cosmetic society whose foundations are built on materialism.  The Banks thirst for growth is likened to feeding a drug addict his product of choice.  Banks and their grubby Management on performance bonus’ see themselves as providers – they have shareholders to placate – and in doing so attach their own remuneration to those shareholder returns.  Bankers are worse than drug dealers – at least a drug user gets some mental release from their product – all Banks do is deliver grief and stress when their borrowers lose control over managing their debt.
  • Thirdly – the will of Governments to demonstrate a willingness to face adversity and deal with the realities confronting them – not glance away its problems where it might become the next Governments problem …  – i.e. the current Australian Governments time and effort spent to introduce a Carbon Tax and a Mining Resource Rent Tax, shows little foresight into what is really important to the Australian economy in the aftermath and continued pressures confronting global Financial Markets.  When Wayne Swan – the Australian Treasurer uses the Nations survival from the GFC in better shape than the rest of the world – can be likened to a magicians trick called ‘slight of hand’ – nobody really believes that we will not eventually be engulfed by the same pandemic currently infecting all our trading partners.  It will eventually arrive on our doorstep and is this Nation prepared to face that reality?  I think not.

The World is at a crossroad – there is no real escape from what is to be endured – minimising its fallout is about as good as it gets.  Some initial thoughts on a start level in addressing some of the past mistakes might be:

  • Imposing mandatory laws to deleverage the use of the Nations and investor’s life savings is a start point in addressing the Financial crisis.
  • Introducing higher taxes on speculation profits made within six months of purchasing/short selling an asset.
  • A reduction in all Government Department expenditures by 20-25% – can be taken as wage cuts to maintain workforce numbers. [Some of the highest paid jobs are paid to CEO’s and their management staff of Government managed assets – this has to be addressed.]
  • All Banking related bonus payments issues as cash to be taxed at 80% – the option be given that the bonus payments can be taken up as script and that script cannot be sold in any capacity until job tenure is completed – and then proceeds to be taxed at 60%.
  • The regulation of all Lobbyist activities – all existing Politicians financial records to be scrutinised by ASIO – any abnormalities that cannot be explained results in the Politician involved standing down immediately.  In future this process will happen before candidates are nominated for election and shall be for the cost reimbursement to ASIO by the nominating party.   This will ensure that Political Parties show some initiative in doing their own due diligence on proposed candidates before they are pre-selected.  The Members serving Government have to be beyond reproach …

Please if you have any other ideas – please post them via the comments section below and  you never know – this might be the forming of a new political movement that places integrity and morality above personal greed and gain.   Post your thoughts below.


The EYE-BALL Guru …

  1. HissyFit
    September 14, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    Great article Guru …

    How about a system where Local Communities – say current shire structures collect all the personal taxes and fund and operate their local communities needs from that pool – they pay a percentage to the Federal Government for medical, roads, policing and other essential services – but their economy is self sustained via local tax revenues …

    Federal tax revenues come from companies not individuals … this should contain their own spending policies to economic growth and not vote wining type spending policies …

    We do away with States all together … after all we are a single Nation and these States cause many of our societal problems – different education curiculims – different rail guages – different tax structures – different GST allocations based on populations as opposed to needs and wealth generation …. na … the States are past their use by dates …

    It’ll never happen in a voluntary way – but if the people want it bad enough they will live with it until if proves a failure – but then that is where we are now anyway …

    HissyFit …

  2. Long-John
    September 14, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    You got it right HissyFit …

    Why not have each Shire nominating their own member for Federal Parliament – do away with the party politics all together – perhaps collective shires can band together to pool resources but generally the Federal Political arena becomes an administrative bureaucracy and not so much the pariah it is now – have a Foreign Minister – a Defence Minister – a Health Minister and a Treasurer to oversee Tax collections and the administration of Shire Finances etc …

    Hell this sounds like the making of a new society … keep it going guys …

    Long-John ..

  3. Budda-Balls
    September 14, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    This would create transient populations chasing the best shire to live in – it would decentralise our society – setting up a tax rate regimes to attract population is not all that new an idea – the current States allow for different taxes and rates of taxes – no there would have to be some sort of governance over the tax rates and how shires managed the rates of tax.

    But what I’ve read here is a start …


  4. Lucifer
    September 14, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    You bunch of Mavericks … plotting to overthrow the Government are we … a coup maybe … even a revolution …

    Well … I can find you the funds if you want a devilish backer …

    I won’t want much in return … just the souls of all those politicians who find themselves out of a job … I expect I will get them anyway some time down the line …

    Lucifer …

  5. HissyFit
    September 14, 2011 at 4:37 pm

    Hi Lucifer …

    Be happy to see all those pathetic excuses for Political Leaders visit your world … a walk over hot coals … a chained labour gang – with a whip armed master … be all to kind in my opinion … anyone caught with a hand in the till or receiving backhanders – off with their heads …

    Your work here Lucifer is far from done …

    Did you see the Duchess in Question time today – poor Tim … he would never get a chance to mount her – she squirms and evades anything pointed … poor Phoney Tony – he can never get her to lie straight long enough to fit her up …

    Your welcome to them all …


  6. Ghost of yoda
    September 14, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    What a crock of [edited] poop! Hissy Fit, Long John, Buddha balls,Lucifer………..identify yourselves for what you are!

  7. HissyFit
    September 14, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    How are you Casper … that boyish charm you so pride yourself on seems to have become unfashionable lacking in poise …

    Get on board or catch another rocket ship …

  8. Herman
    September 14, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    The anger in all of this has to be discounted. Cut by a factor of at least 3.

    World leadership is an oxy moron. We don’t have leadership just secular interest groups. Question who empowers them?

    Bankers are myopic. Therefore what is a Central Banker. Lets give credit to Oz Truth when he named them Banksters. They don’t have social conscience. There job is to increase their return on funds employed, including intellectual stock, ie executive bonuses.

    All forms of government and bureaucracy trend towards self interest, you don’t have to be a leader to establish this. Have I ever told my joke about arseholes will always be the boss.

    Serfs are serfs, because they choose to be serfs. They chose to be born of losers, therefore will always be losers. They actually want to be inspired, lead, lied to, cheated on, taken for granted, actually proven that they are underclass, always were, always are, always will be. That is the way they like it.

    I trust all of this has cut the anger by a factor of at least 3.

  9. Herman
    September 15, 2011 at 12:29 am

    Joke about Arseholes will always be the boss;

    The amalgamated body parts union had a meeting to elect a president. First to speak was the brain. As the brain provides 80% of all motor neurone capacity and all conscious thought he was the first to nominate himself as the boss. Next to speak was the heart. The heart naturally put forward it’s credentials to show love and empathy. The central nervous system seconded the brain’s nomination, expecting to be seconded in their nomination to a proper exceutive capacity. The eyes ears and alfactory realising they had little chance to counter the brain or heart created a joint ticket, a coaltion, appealling to the benefits of vision, listening, and sense of smell and taste, simply knowing. The limbs were next to speak, talking of how they did the real work, the carriage of the body, the real labour.

    Meanwhile, the arsehole realised he did not have a chance in this debate. What did he do? He quietly digested the food, actually loved his work. Just simply a life of avarice. So realising the arsehole had no real vote winning capacity, he went on strike.

    Before long the heart was stressed, The eyes were bulging. The olfactory and ears were totally disfunctional. The brain could not think (straight). The central nervous system was totally out of sorts.

    To be a boss, you don’t have to have a brain, to empower or organise or be responsible for functionality, or a sense of love, or empathy, or vision, or sense of direction, or capacity to do the hard yards, you just have to be an arsehole.

  10. Guru
    September 15, 2011 at 6:59 am

    Thanks Herman,

    Loved the very pointed synopisis of an anatomy … I take it that Mr Abbott is the arsehole ….

    Guru …

  11. oztruth
    September 15, 2011 at 11:02 am

    Great article.

    I’m not sure Obama should get a mention here – only those pulling his strings can make any real changes.
    People are slowly waking up to the reality of a worldwide collapse of all fiat currencies and paper assets. Save your purchasing power and your dinner table through (physical) gold/silver.

    For those who want revoultion I say bring it. We’ve already started.


  12. Lucifer
    September 15, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    Hey you black Ghost –

    I had a forward look into my future arrivals and guess what … your name is on it …

    Whatever it is that you want to come back as in your next reincarnation I can tell you it’s not a pretty picture …

    There is one saving grace – any good deed you do from now until you depart onb yur journey will receive double icecream tops …

    Make the most of the rest of your journey …

    Lucifer …

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