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EYE-BALL on – Q&A Discussion 12th Sept 2011 … Pornography and respect for Political Leaders …

September 13, 2011
Q&A Discussion 12th Sept 2011 … pornography and respect for Political Leaders …
The ABC’s Q&A program last night – [linked here] – had a mixture of panelist’s that surprisingly geled in ways that enhanced the debate forum.Panelist’s included MP Barnaby Joyce, Womans activist Germaine Greer, free-lance Journalist Paul Barry, Murdock Journalist Joe Hildebrand, and female rights advocate and blogger Melinda Tankard Reist.

There were two questions debated last night that prickled my interest – the issue concerning respect for Political Leaders and Politicians in general and the role pornography is playing in shaping the sexual habits and responses within the teenage youth of Australia.

Firstly – on the issue of respect for Politicians and Political Leaders.

Paul Barry raised the issue of how the Australian public show scant respect for all politicians.  He mentioned Alan Jones and Ray Hadley as radio jocks and commonly referred to as ‘mouth pieces’ or ‘bullhorns’ – and their outright contempt for the current PM.

Debate insured and it was the consensus of the forum that the current behaviour of all Members within the House made it impossible to have any respect for the parliamentary process.  Question Time debate is a farce and likened to bad behaviour in a primary school play ground.

I blogged yesterday about the continued conduct of the House and the Speakers pathetic attempts to contain the process during Question Time.   Today’s session was even worse and two days into the current fortnight of sittings – conduct by both sides threatens to worsen.

If these ‘idiots’ were to watch replays of themselves and see what the Gallery and the ABC viewers see – how can they ever expect to have the respect of the Australian public.  Claims that this is the worst bunch of Politicians ever to sit in the House.  It is the Speakers role to maintain the civility of the conduct of Members and he joins the list of ‘worst ever’ Speakers to hold the position.

The second question related to pornography and the two women panelist’s debated strongly about the impact pornography was having on young females. Watching adult porn forms and educates these young females what males expect in a sexual partner, it educates and conditions them to male expectations of them in performing the act in various ways – whilst their young years give them no preparation or moral compass of what they are getting themselves involved with.

Naked vagina’s – [no pubic hair] is the first lesson – second is the conditioning of male aggressiveness i.e. slapping, bondage ect – all portrayed as quite normal and what males want.   It has a similar impact on young males and educates them about what to expect from a woman and all in a negative impact on how women view themselves and their sexuality.

This is a serious issue looking forward and what impact it will have on relationship expectations and the morality young children of this generation will be exposed to.  It all points to further morality challenges and a life where loving, caring and intimate bonding between males and females is being replaced by promiscuity and sexual aggressive behaviour. for the purpose of self-gratification.

Both these issues pose challenges the current Government are unable to address.   There is no example being set by any level of authority – children are adults – or think they are adults at 12-14 years – when is a child a child and how can they be allowed to grow innocent …

Society needs to turn a corner or Society will fail …


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  1. Ghost of Yoda
    September 13, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    society has failed…..its part of human evolution……and is as natural as being human…being human is failing

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