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EYE-BALL MovieZone on – The HUMAN Conscience … Is denying LOVE the root of all evil?

September 12, 2011
Title:The HUMAN Conscience … Is denying LOVE the root of all evil?
The EYE-BALL MovieZone is involved in an ongoing project into the history of Movies – in particular OSCAR winning and nominated MOVIES since 1928-9.   it is a labour of love and has taken the best part of a year already and will take many more years to finish.

There are many great movies that never made the Oscar lists – and the clip presented today comes from a great movie made during an era of Great Movies – the 60’s era.

Movies like ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, ‘Sound of Music‘, ‘My Fair Lady’  and many other epics were made during this era.The clip presented below touched me in many ways – in a world where unless you’re divorced at least once you are unfashionable – this clip portrays a powerful scene where a woman speaks with a priest – except he is just not a priest.  They talk of problems within a marriage and the simplicity of the Priests response may save many marriages if husband and wife soul searched what they truly feel toward one another.

Much can be made from the plot of this movie and how it relates to the world – current events and circumstances …

Another clip from the same movie appears below – and what a wonderous thing it would be if the Wealthy Nations of the world, their Companies and Individuals saw and believed what this clip truly says –

Just imagine what it would do to the confidence and life expectations of the billions trapped in a poverty cycle they will never emerge from … is it too hard to ponder when humanity will realise that the act of giving – as opposed to receiving is so much more rewarding … please enjoy.

The Movie is of course – “The Shoes of the Fisherman” released in 1968 – with Anthony QUINN in one of his most famous roles and supported by David Janssen and Sir Laurence Olivier

These clip can also be viewed on line at


  1. The Evolving Spiritist
    September 25, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    Yes, the world could be a better place, but the human evolution has a long way to go.

    An interesting aspect of evolution is when did human beings get hold of “empathy” as a medium of civilisation. Go back through history and examples of empathy are few and far between. Conquer, Slaughter, Rape and Pillage as well as survival of the fittest would seem to be the go.

    Jesus emerges out of no where to teach the ultimate “do unto others” – prior to this the old testament hardly preaches empathy, wether by pestilence,slaughtering opposition armies,etc, even Alexander was a butcher. Go to the middle ages and its still ordinary. Maybe we saw a start in the renaissance period but this period also saw the inquisition, burning at the stake and a general look out if your caught attitude.

    Go to the eighteenth century and convicts, slavery and the ilk continued. We then look at 2 world wars and ongoing terrorism to this day and age, with no signs of anything changing!

    They say a serial killer has no feelings of empathy or care and thats why they murder so ruthlesssly, how many of us fall into this category. I say us but emphasize that I personally am very empathatic and I suggest a lot of the western world is, what other cultures are not is the interesting aspect of this article.

    150 years ago South Pacific Islanders were eating one another and us to if they got the chance, whats changed in an evolutionary sense?

    So the question arises where is mankind at and do we have to wait for some cultures to catch up, as well as the ongoing development of our own…..will this happen over a greater period of time than we have?

    Religious consequences are interesting in the same evolutionary sense!

    I am personally a “spiritist” and can see no better system in my mind until someone enlightens me further!

    The Evolved Spiritist

  2. September 25, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    You have a point – you say empathy – I say survival – your point on how ruthless Leaders were when conqured Nations faced the victors and their spoils – it was tribal …

    In human evolution there has been no eradication of the gene that triggers rage and revenge … it is the human condition that we love unconditionally those we sporn – but others mean nothing to us when push comes to shove …

    It is always about survival – this GFC sees teh rich still wnating to protect themselves – maintain a capitalist society as long as teh subjects pay the price for their Leaders to continue to live like Kings …

    In all this where is religion – would you ever see the Catholic Church yield all its assets to feed the hungry and poor – or shoud the Cardinals and Pope retain their priveleged lifestyle … I don’t think it is empathy you have discovered as the missing condition – I believe it to be just selfsh survival instincts.


  3. The Evolving Spiritist
    September 26, 2011 at 12:53 pm

    Dear Firecracker,

    thank you for agreeing… my point never the less is empathy.

    Do think that when 9/11 happened that most human beings were empathetic, Obviously some cultures were not. Not all muslims fitted that culture of lacking, ie do you think that they quietly celebrated, loudly celebrated or combinations of both. Do you think a high percentage were saddened on the basis “has it come to this”. Thats not even getting into the Palestinian, Jewish, Bosnian, Tamil, Hindu and of course the greatest hipprocrites of all the “Christians” who were given the simplest and most beatiful of rules to follow, what did they do…made war in Jesus’s name….god help us all….or is this just the plan of the Universal Spirit to ultimately bring us together. Eye Ball used the movie “Shoes of a Fisherman” to put in movie prose the love of all things equal> Yes the cinema offers many wondeful stories and sets great examples of love, empathy and leadership.

    Its just we as a “human race” cant get it even remotely right.

    Don’t worry one day it will and lets hope that “one” day can be a lot closer than the speed we are heading at the moment.

    In 1854 a man named Alan Kardec (a Frenchman) start writing about spiritism. he was a catholic and hence a Christian, but the overall theme is applicable to any religious structure,. but it does embrace the pureness of Jesus’s message. It would seem that Bhudda could also lay claim to this message, but many of our other world religions are seriously lacking when it even comes to teaching empathy.It just goes to show that when looking at the hipcrosy of many Christians, the message itself is still meaningless.

  4. September 26, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    You again raise an issue like 9/11 – in the regular media headlines we hear of the suicide bomings in Iraq and Afgahanaistan – does anybody in thsi Nation feel ’empathy’ for the victims- or is the response ‘over there – their problem’ – surely there are innocents killed …

    Your debate is not simple – it’s embraces complex issues and goes to ‘tribal’ type loyalties … I reiterate that I believe it is a ‘gene’ pool problem – the human DNA is flawed toward the ability ot inflict pain on others to make us feel good about our own pain …

    The ’empathy’ comes only when somone close suffers – of you see real poverty and destitution up close and personal – we all have that capacity –

  5. evolving spiritist
    September 26, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    To say the gene pool is floored, is but to admit the human race is (YES). Presumably your genes are the same as your biological parents….,did they have and use empathy….its not hereditary.

    You say that someone close needs to suffer to feel empathy… this is completely different to what Eye Ball says in his movie paradox…….NO we need to understand the needs and the circumstances of the individual and we will feel empathy (at least I will) from a long way away.

    Get off the Gene issue (or cause/blame) and start exploring how we can make the world feel better by putting ourselves in like minded other’s footsteps…..so whilst we may not be able to do anything about it….we can at least feel sorry for its victoms!

    Lets see if your readers can give positive examples of the world, since history has been recorded of empathatic moments.

    I will start with the Greek Philosophers, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle to start the ball rolling.
    These philsophers were probably as close to understanding human rights and needs as a forerunner to Christianity.


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