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EYE-BALL on – Joker JENKINS – Dillard GILLARD & ABBOTT the Rabbit –

Joker JENKINS – Dillard GILLARD & ABBOTT the Rabbit –
Three elected Government Representatives who totally embarrass Australia …



Harry Jenkins - SpeakerThe Speaker of the House– Harry Jenkins has for the last two weeks given a show that once again makes the House of Representatives Question Time a joke on Democracy.

Previous post on this matter have taken Mr Jenkins to task over his inability to control the house.

A new technique he has used during the current session has been for him to stand to bring the House to order – for the most part it has worked – but the rabble and childish cross bench sniping continues and makes a mockery of his control over the House.

The two week debate of this sitting has centered around prostitutes – their use by members and how they pay for their use.

The Governance of a Country is in abeyance and the Speaker’s role in upping the quality of the debate and imposing his job responsibilities according to the current Standing Orders is an absolute failure.



Julia Gillard - PM

The Prime Minister is becoming more boring every time she stands in the House to respond. SHe has a wide array of faces and tones – the soft and sincere approach when she speaks on a Soldiers death in Afghanistan – to the vixen venom when she responds to an attack – to the condescending tone she adopts when the Opposition stuff up with a poorly posed question –

She represents the face of Australia to the rest of the World – and I for one think she is an absolute embarrassment. The Australian Press cartoonist make fun of her every chance they get, and deservedly so – she constantly gives the Media ammunition that they can work with.



Tony Abbott - Opposition Leader

The Opposition Leader had another bumbling fortnight in this session.

His polls are slumping as is the PM’s – his grip on the Opposition Leadership is again threatened by several polished performances from Mr Turnbull during the Winter recess – and his Leadership is like a rampant and mange dog – it lacks focus and coordination.

The man is no more a Statesman than the current PM – even if she is a Woman.  Yet he is the alternative Leader and take the Political question from each of the Leaders – as ordinary people – does anyone think that either could garnish the popularity to lead a Nation.


Collectively – these three politicians control the behaviour of the HOUSE and they all  share the responsibility of how the House is conducted and how Government business is conducted.

The THOMPSON affair is old news – first reported on this site in June ’11 – linked here – SEX-Scandal Torpedo – the upshot being that the media reported the story but never focused on just why it all might lead to.  This fortnight of House sittings has been nothing other than Abbott trying to embarrass Gillard over her support for Thompson.

The upshot – Gillard wants desperately to remain in the Lodge – for no other reason than personal ambition – any moral person would see her democratic right to continue her Leadership and with this Government remaining in power is fully in question.  The PM and the Government has no real mandate to hold onto power for power’s sake.

Any end result to the THOMPSON issue will be the same – either a Parliamentary enquiry that will end with THOMPSON either being suspended during its process – or his having to resign at the end of the process.  Presumption of innocence does not prevail – he has already admitted authorising the payments.  His creditability to remain a Member of Parliament is already decided –  Gillard just wants to hold on to the PM role for her own ego …

As for Mr Jenkins – his inability to reign in the buffoonery that is an every day happening during Question Time makes him more of a target – please read this article also posted on this matter – The Australian Parliamentary Process – Part 1 – The Speaker for background research on the role of the Speaker.


The EYE-BALL Opinion …


  1. Long-John
    August 26, 2011 at 9:49 am

    Sex and Politics always connects the dots – count the escort business in all the Political Capitals around the world and you know how it all works …

    What Thompson did was no more than what 70-80% of all males do – and some females as well – where the problem lies is that he appears to have used a Union Credit Card to pay for the services … that is choping-block consequences …

    What is about to happen over the next month or so is the gutter type politics called survival – it will be the worst of examples of Democracy in action … neither side deserve to hold the office they all seek ..

    Long-John …

  2. Warwick
    August 26, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    Yes famous Japanese (Zen) saying Shit happens. Isn’t Craig Thomson’s “alleged” credit card splurge reminscient of the Labor federal government. Look out how they were throwing around money to fight the early onset of GFC. Truly reckless.

    As this government sees their power slipping away, and Abbott sees government coming his way, the Australian electorate see nonsense and instability. They will not want to re elect, the Gillard Government, they won’t want to install the Liberals yet there is no other alternative. More dopey independents?

    Catharsis is many things, and more than anything else, you can not predict the outcome.

    What is called for loud and clear, is a full and frank disclosure, candour and a sensible appraisal of the way forward where this type of behaviours are crushed much sooner.

    Can we pray?

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