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EYE-BALL on – The British Riots – does Mob Rule apply …

The British Riots – does Mob Rule apply …
The headlines this morning are discussing the severity of the punishment being handed down by the UK  courts in dealing with those involved with the UK riots of a week ago.

It astounds that the UK Justice system has served up such swift and harsh punishment for minor looting, stealing and other civil unrest offences.  The harshest punishment being  four (4) year custodial terms for inciting riots via social network hookups.  Some of those sentenced have been found guilty of having received stolen goods – not actually participating in the riots.

From afar – the UK are embarrassed by what these riots represent as a larger issue and the symbolic relationship to the civil unrest in Greece and Nt Africa in recent months.

A week or so ago PM Cameron stated that he believed the riots were symbolic of a larger moral and societal breakdown with British society and this needs to be addressed.

David CameronPM Cameron’s answer is harsh punishment served up as jail terms in what amounts to a ‘mob rule’ criminal action.

Captured looters are being sentenced within days of being captured and within weeks of committing a crime – yet this same Prime Minister was only a month ago grilled by his peers over corrupt connections with the Murdoch press –

that investigation has already claimed two very senior Police officers who were receiving payoffs – and are still to face a jury over their crimes.  Several other people have been arrested and are out on bail awaiting their court appearance.

PM Cameron is still to face further allegations over his knowledge of and his involvement in a more than cosy arrangement with the Murdoch press –

There is hipocracy involved here – PM Cameron is in a position to defer and pervert the course of justice in his own brush with the laws of the land.  If found that he has a case to answer – it will be criminal behaviour.

Yet he is leading a crusade against petty criminals who are being made an example off in a very public way over an acknowledged societal breakdown.  PM Cameron has made comments that this societal breakdown can be blamed on a generation of Government inaction to deal with pockets of people living in squalor –

One has to ask the question – is PM Cameron’s high-handed punishments being dished out a response to his own frustrations at the News of the World revelations and his exposed involvement with the Murdoch press?

Mob Rule is always only a matter of a heartbeat away in any society – the LA Riots – the Cronulla Riots – the Nth African and Greek riots in recent months – all are symbolic of a much larger issue – frustration at inaction or exposed corruption by elected leaders – we are seeing it here in Australia right now – i.e. the Graham Thompson affair currently being debated in Parliament – and first reported by EYE-BALL in May 2011 – linked here

David CameronPM Gillard is this week standing in the chamber and sticking her finger up at the Opposition who are calling for Mr Thompson’s resignation over the ‘sex with prostitutes’ and paid for by Union Credit Cards allegations.

Mr Thompson has admitted to authorising the payments – whether he was the one receiving the services is still to be established – however when he tried to sue for defamation over the newspaper allegations – and subsequently withdrew his claim when the proof was confirmed – his legal fees were paid by the NSW Labour Party –

This payment was made to avoid Mr Thompson’s own bankruptcy which would allow him to continue serving in the Gillard Government.  This allowed PM Gillard to maintain the one seat majority Labour needs to retain Government. Mr Thompson’s resignation would force a by-election and that will facilitate a change of Government.

The question is – does PM Gillard’s behaviour in defending Mr Thompson – and guaranteeing him her support make her a morally corrupted leader?

Does PM Gillard’s action in allowing Mr Thompson to continue to serve in her Government compromise her integrity and moral standards?  I believe it does – and points to her own morality and qualifications to lead this Nation.

The bigger picture is what does this communicate to the people – is she maintain the higher level of scrutiny her position demands – I don’t think so.

The UK’s PM Cameron is trying to regain his own creditability and he is doing it by beating his chest and sending looters to jail with harsh terms – his actions are once again demonstrating that justice is not served equally – PM Gillard is similary demonstarting that Members of Parliament have a different justice then what ordinary people face via the courts.

Society will never be fixed until Leaders like Cameron and Gillard are made to face the music the same way the looters and rioters are being dealt with at the moment.  It would appear that the only Justice elected Leaders face comes via the ballot box.


The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. Warwick
    August 18, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    Yes loud messages like the riots, are just attracting more totalitarian and extreme consequence for civil liberty.

    There is an urban myth that the AFP seeded the Cronulla Race Riots to achieve search powers without a warrant. It is strange how such nonsense has believability. This is the concept of British Justice; not only being done, but seen being to be done.

    The fact that in Australian Abbott is talking about revoking both Carbon Tax and Mining Tax after the next election is a case of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Opinion polls suggest that the electorate is heavily opposed to the carbon tax, but the mining tax does not get equal air time. We can wait to give Gillard our message in 2013, hopefully before, but the poor old electorate of the UK might need to wait till late 2015/early 2016 to fix Cameron.

    We can only hope his liberal coalition partners might just do something before hand.

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