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EYE-BALL on – The BULLSHIT continues – Global Leadership leading the Globe to doom …

Title: The BULLSHIT continues – Global Leadership leading the Globe to doom …
In an overnight comment received in a News update on Financial Markets from BarChart – the following ‘BULLISH’ observations were made with reference to shock and horror response to the Markets crash on Monday night US time:

… Bullish factors included:
(1) the statement from the G-7 that said it will “take all necessary measures to support financial stability and growth,”
(2) the action by the ECB to purchase Italian and Spanish government bonds, which may stem the contagion of the European sovereign-debt crisis, and
(3) a rally in gold producers and mining stocks after the price of gold surged to a record high …

Who do these G-7 boofhead’s think they are – Moses trying to part the Red Sea?

They have no answers and are grasping at straws …  The ineffectiveness of Political Leadership in any modern day Global crisis is astounding – nobody out there is listening or believes the ‘bullshit’ offered up as an answer or a solution.  It’s been that way for some time. The message being asked of the Global Leadership is quite simple – stop with the bullshit and give us honesty , integrity and inspired commentary …

To the US Government – what you served up to the World when confronted with the debt-ceiling debate was the worst political brinkmanship since WWIINeville Chamberlain‘s inability to deal with Hitler’s European agenda and aggression was a better attempt than what the US Senate and House served up to the US population and the rest of the world on this debt-ceiling deal.

The GOP had intent to weaken Obama into the 2012 election – and in doing so held the world to ransom over a credit rating review that would impact around the world and cause Fund Managers – all with responsibility for Super funds all over the world – to make choice and panicked decisions in the fallout.

Trillions were lost on the back of this Political brinkmanship – most regained a day later – but the world financial markets still straddle the knife edge – a slip here or there and the world again plunges into uncertainty.  At the political level these games are played at – you would think the first thing would be the welfare of the masses – and not the personal agenda of a dirty few …

The lead up and aftermath of the Standard & Poor’s downgrading was handled just as bad when Obama was seen almost pleading with the S&P over the impending downgrade decision. The US had known for months this was coming – not to mention the debt spiral since 2000. [See chart below]

US Debt

The US Government have acted in a grossly incompetent way in allowing the debt grow to the levels it has – lifting the debt-ceiling each time along the way … the spend is indicative of a global ‘debt’ solution to the materialistic society the world has become.

Given the GFC and the required bailouts of the Banks and the Corporate’s deemed – ‘Too Big to Fail‘ – the World stood back and had faith that America knew what it was doing – how misguided they all were –

The bulk of the G-7 – and the G-20 – are all beholding to the US and its military protection as an ally – what happens when America says sorry – our military is not free anymore – the World becomes a different place.

The London Riots:

These riots point to a Society at a crossroad – the aftermath summation blaming the disengaged youth involvement is too simple to explain away –

Drawing a line from the Nth African riots – the current Syria situation – the Greek civil unrest – the Spanish protests – they are all symbolic of civil disenchantment with Government.  Specifically – these London riots represent a generation of youth raised in a welfare state and with little social structure that educates them about societal values and the upshot leads to a long overdue overhaul of society values.

Successive generations of Global Governments have facilitated and created this societal divide – both socially and financially – the saying ‘the fat-cats keep getting richer’ – all at the expense of lower levels of society rings so true.  It cannot be argued against – more and more civilised populations are slipping below the bread-line – poverty is on the rise in western culture and this is just the start of a 20-30 year cycle the world is about to endure to pay penance for all the excesses of the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. Where it ends is still a vast unknown.

These riots are symbolic of a much larger and escalating problem. It’s endemic and the slide in quality of life for an ever-growing number of people is guaranteed. The evidence points to Leaders – particularly in the Dictatorship Nations where Leaders have prospered at the expense of the population – it is not as obvious in more civilised Nations – i.e. Greece – where similar things have and are and have happened.

The World sits on a great crap-hole – the higher the perch – the more protective the instinct – shit never runs uphill … since time began the little man has paid the price for the big man …


The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. Warwick
    August 10, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    The difficult part is the various levels. Dow stocks are healthy. It is the economy of the USA that is not. Neglible growth and high unemployment, fiscally bare etc. Read same for Euro zone and several others. In Australia they call it a 2 speed economy.

    In Britain they call it class warfare. That is these riots. Many of those charged have no previous criminal record. This may be long term disaffected being opportunistic, but that goes to this maxim of “one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch”. What started with the fatal shooting of a known drug dealer, when the police are clearly complicit in the phone hacking scandal and cover up, just makes you wonder. Was that drug dealer shooting further corruption. Cameron meeting this with increased force, appeases the median voter. It does not extinguish the fire.

    Again some type of detachment appears to be called for. In Egypt they are getting tired of progress on the democratric elections. Mubarak has gone, but not his style of government, or any sign of moving on. Mubarak is a decrepit old schmuck.

    Whether you talk US debt, British riots or stock indices, the imbalances, including Chinese currency value, they are all in the mix. ECB G20 or Wall Street, or the British Met or parliament, will not fix it alone. Are these rioters the same WTO protesters re incarnated? Why do they merely slash and burn. The TEA party drama in America is just a sideshow. We need bi partisan solutions.This needs inspired leadership and a change of culture and mindset.

    Anthing less will just see the saga continue to unfold.

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