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Democrazy – The High Court of Australia and the Police riots in Britain.

August 9, 2011
Herman O'Hermitage
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By: Herman O’Hermitage

Herman O'Hermitage
The independence of the legal arm of government is sacrosanct. We can study the ideology of democracy by Descartes and there are several caveats that fall upon the courts, like respecting transparency and rising above politics, fame and glory.So………….Why do the High Court Judges wear full legal regalia? To be above average, for pomp, to put themselves beyond self-interest?

So why do the High Court of Australia believe that they should get involved in the Malaysian scenario of people smuggling?Human rights are violated every day in many different ways. Why is this the one that the High Court is going to allow before it. Who has referred the action to the High Court? Far too many justices lose sight of their real function when the take human rights issues beyond that which is understood or accepted equally, or jurisprudent and want to be perceived as reformers. They actually seek fame and glory.

The Police Riots in Britain are demonstrative of when policing and summary justice are abused and taken for granted. The looting is going far too far.

However that is how the down trodden see themselves. Consistently vandalised, not shown decency or respect. Too often it is the environment they are raised in. However that only makes the role of the police and justice courts even more critical. To be fair, to be honest, to above crime and corruption.

In this instance of the British Riots – until the police start to show some decency and respect, there will not be a return to law and order. Stating they have CCTV of the criminal activity of looting and arson, is not going to stop it. Prosecuting the corrupt behaviour by police officers that triggered this, will start to turn the tide. Calling in riot squad or even military is just the same as what we observe in Syria or Libya. Listen to message of the Egyptians. We want DEMOCRACY, and we want it now.

So why do the High Court of Australia want to throw their 2 bobs worth into the people smuggling debate. I don’t believe any decent or caring Australia would be happy with the Malaysian deal, but sometimes we also simply do not have all the answers, or all of the insights, to meet the criteria of equalling Solomon. So why do these learned pompous pieces of toilet paper from the High Court think it is OK to create more uncertainty and chaos. Why can’t they stick to reform of the abuses of human rights that occur daily in the magistrates courts or the Family Law Court, or through PIC, and ICAC, and HREOC, and the Law Society and Bar Association and so on and etc. Then we might avoid our equivalents of the British Riots that include Redfern and Macquarie Fields but to name a few.

Human rights in Malaysia, has nothing to do with any authority of Australia.

Should we need to try to redress the issue we would need to address it through the United Nations. Preventing Australia from dealing with Malaysia can be a very provocative act.

We can pray for the wisdom of the Joint Justices of our High Court. In this case they really need it. The Government is already under immense pressure and burden, without this initiative being overturned. Business and the economy too are suffering from indigestion from a raft of short-sighted economic policies around the world. As much as I ridicule democracy and highlight the inconsistency, I do love this country of ours, and would like to stop finishing or starting the article with….

“Believing in sanity, it is easy to make ridicule of apparent insanity, however believing in sanity is insanity itself.” What is sanity?


Herman …

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