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EYE-BALL on – Prime Minister Gillard makes another woeful decision …

PM Gillard makes another woeful decision …
Julia GillardAustralia’s Prime Minister – Julia Gillard – today launched a controversial book by former Victorian Police commissioner Christine NIXON.  The book was published in defence of her role as Police Commissioner during the Victorian bushfires and her decision to go to dinner rather than stay and oversee operations is response to the bushfires.

There is no reason why Ms Nixon should not publish her version of events and try to defend her actions.  The Victorian Royal Commission report into the bushfires and her role was critical – and that then asks many questions as to why an Australian Prime Ministerwould want to be involved in a private citizens book launch that has such controversy attached to the book and the history of events that led to its publication.

An 29th July 2011 ABC story with a video replay of her 7:30 Report interview can be viewed by clicking the link here.  This provides some background to why Ms Nixon’s new book was written.   A further ABC audio recording of a Tony Eastly AM interview with Ms Nixon – and on the Royal Commission criticism of Ms Nixon’s performance during the bushfire crisis can also be heard via this link.

To what degree and in who’s interest is the PM serving by launching this book?

If a Royal Commission found fault with Ms Nixon in her role as the Police Commissioner – why is the PM and her PR department going anywhere near this book launch>

Is the PM and her entourage that desperate for camera coverage and positive publicity – they would risk all by stepping into the breach of this loaded debate?

The unasked question of a Woman’s Club support network emerging within Australia comes to mind – one dare not nor cannot ask or say that the ‘boy’s club network’ is under threat by a rival ‘girl’s club network’ – all about protectionism of their own when faced with what one sees as an unfair or raw deal.

Did the PM receive a payment for the Book Launch gig?  – surely sales will be increased by the fact that the PM launched the book – the political question remains:

How did the PM serve the Australian people by attending and be the key note speaker at this book launch?

These might be questions that will or might not be asked in the mainstream media  – there is a certain feminist sensitivity to questions about Women serving in Leadership roles.  Personally, I was appalled that this Prime Minister would take such an action – nothing can be gained and regardless of Ms Nixon’s rights to defend herself – the PM nor the office she represents should have been anywhere near this issue.

The PM may be good friends and was doing it as a personal favour – then why the media coverage – no this was staged and managed as a deliberate political event – and on the heels of a meeting with News Corporation Executives in Australia – a group in which the Nixon memoirs takes aim at in how the Murdoch media hounded her out of office … see ABC story here

This was a public and personal support message by the PM for Ms Nixon and that makes the PM’s position on this fair game.  She needs to answer the question in why she made the decision to launch this book.


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