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Herman on – Democrazy Part IV – The Dirty Digger at the parliamentary inquest.

July 20, 2011
Herman O'Hermitage
Title:  Democrazy Part IV – The Dirty Digger at the parliamentary inquest.
By: Herman O’Hermitage

Herman O'Hermitage
Democracy is merely ideology – it is steeped in moving down the path of the consensus of the views of the constituency. Freedom of will and expression is ancillary to this.  The press or media is an adjunct to freedom of expression.In any constituency or theatre the audience will have disparate views, and we can only wonder how the recall or reviews of that event will affect either demand or approval. In our information age this has been termed the information super highway. Rupert Murdoch himself has stated he does not want to own the information super highway he is just happy to be the toll keeper. (See News CorporationAnnual Reports)So much of this was evident before and as James and Rupert Murdoch gave evidence last night. The tedious part was a succession of stupid questions. It was most clear that the first response the 2 Murdoch need to address is

  • – to stabilise the News Corporation share price and market capitalisation,
  • – and restore credibility in News Corporation brand “their way”.

As the tedium of political grandstanding continued, mindless reporters wanted to state that new information emerged throughout the process. Do they mean, ” that News Corporation does not have real ethics or compliance other than protecting their masthead, their goodwill, their revenue base”? That is not new!

News Corporation can not show they have boundaries or policing of any ethical boundary. They depend upon statutory and common law, enforced by the law courts and .News Corporations interests are interwoven with Government and the London metropolitan police. Hence once more Rupert Murdoch is above Government and able to control policing. How is that democracy?

Before last night’s testimony took place the debate and speculation was very thought provoking. Try;

  • We get what we allow (consume), each and every one of us?
  • Editorial policy could work from the bottom up where ambitious journalists
    know what articles will win copy, and their ambition makes them break the rules, therefore not coming from top down.
  • Who really killed Princess Diana, ie was she personally responsible, or
    was it a drunken chauffeur, (who is dead and can’t defend himself), was it the relentless hounding by the paparazzi, and/or the mindless subscribers to those scandal rags who demand intimate shots of celebrities? Could it be the House of Windsor (shock/horror)?
  • How can Rupert defend the News Corp brand without the stock going into freefall? Does profit come before ethics?
  • Will the Murdoch dynasty come through this still as a reputable person to hold such authority, extending to US TV licenses?
  • What is the level of cover up, and does it demand new laws of transparency in freedom of the Media? Can the media do its job impartially in this instance when all media rules will alter because of this?
  • Why did the original whistleblower die 24 hours before the testimony (apparently not in suspicious circumstance)?
  • How can the Police continue investigating when 2 most senior officers have found it convenient to resign and it is given that criminal charges are mandatory against those involved in taking bribes?
  • What does the British PM Cameron have to answer to? (Why did he go to Africa on a humanitarian mission so that he could “be forced” to return to give evidence while this unfolds?)

So what was answered? No much really. The Dirty Digger has no morals, (none of the average person, his reader), his pursuit of power is so successful that he has supported every British government since Thatcher, and when he switches sides, so does British Government. He commonly enters No 10 Downing St by the back entrance and has no knowledge of why, nor asks why.

We will simply have to wait for the movies to be released to give us the full story. But if they are distributed or released by Fox, don’t bother watching, you will get that side of the story without paying for it. There might even be free previews in your copy of the Sunday Telegraph, or Herald Sun or Sunday Mail or Adelaide Advertiser or…………… In fact you will hear it ad-nauseum.

So why does the average voter still subscribe to Murdoch or his News Corporation? When we have fought through eternity for freedom and democracy why does your median voter choose to have Rupert vote for them? Is that the democracy our fathers our sons and our forefathers fight for?

It is ironic that Rupert Murdoch claimed last hight that he is continuing the fight of his father Sir Keith Murdoch, to re dress the debacle that was Gallipoli, and the injustice inflicted upon the Aussies, and how he has made Britain a better society for it. Make some sense out of that.

Rupert Murdoch’s power is unchecked, and totally undemocratic. Last night when he claimed that this juncture was his most humbling day of his life, you can only think “isn’t it about time”.

Democracy is an ideology. I want to have faith. But then I must remember, “Believing in sanity, it is easy to make ridicule of apparent insanity, however believing in sanity is insanity itself”. Why is it insanity rather than unsanity?


Herman …

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