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Democrazy – Part II – The News of the World Scandal.

July 12, 2011
Herman O'Hermitage
Democrazy – Part II – The News of the World Scandal.
By: Herman O’Hermitage
I repeat – “Is democracy simply some form of ideology?”The Rupert Murdoch press (and Randolph Hearst before him) would have us believe that their concept of prospering is just another type of Thomas Malthusthought. But this is more than survival. It is better termed egotism and greed. Despotism. No boundaries or respect.

Think for one moment about the process workers now unemployed through the News of the World scandal. They carry the can for those who practiced “But the rules don’t apply to us!” The arrests of several executives and potential police investigations do not appear to go far enough.The scandal goes right to the heart of British government, so who can act independently to investigate and prosecute this mess.Rupert Murdoch himself is more worried about not succeeding in his privatisation of BskyB.James Murdoch can espouse all he wants about virtue of ethics and culture, but the Murdoch ethos was never believed to be decent, only now there is clear and undeniable evidence.During the enquiry into One-Tel – Lachlan Murdoch gave evidence and simply held the line, he has no knowledge on this or that or anything that Corporations Law requires of a director.

All lines of enquiry were simply met with the brick bat, “That is not my understanding”, or “I was not aware” – , “I can’t remember” or “I can’t recall that” “I was definitely not informed of that”.

In the News of the World scandal many are saying that same ignorance is not possible. There has been “hush money” payments made, therefore it is impossible to separate individual executives from the organisation. Another line of thought is that News Corporation is so big, that they transcend regulators. Are they indeed supervised in Britain, USA, Australia or any other markets they operate in?

The British Prime Minister Mr David Cameron is saying that all politicians are equally guilty of failing to properly supervise the unchecked growth of News Corporation and all of the tentacles of its various operations and mast heads.

Simply not good enough. Particularly given David Cameron’s obvious links to Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks. The alleged involvement of police only makes the scenario more mired.

Nick Clegg, the British Liberal Party leader and Deputy PM has called upon Rupert Murdoch to “Do the right thing” and withdraw his bid for the 2/3rds of BskyB he does not already own. “Be a good sport…. old bean”.

Does he understand Mr Murdoch knows the rules do not apply to him. Nick Clegg has gone slightly further saying that the matter should be subject to the competition regulator scrutiny. Mean while Rupert Murdoch has started speculation he may sell all of his tabloid interests in Britain.

Mr David Cameron;

  1. Announce a wide ranging and comprehensive enquiry (royal commission) into
    the entire British media networks and their means of corruption.
  2. Make it bi partisan and independent of parliament.
  3. Announce he personally is going to the backbench while the inquiry runs it
    full course, and will only answer questions required of him through public testimony, ie not interfere in the process.
  4. Announce that breaches of privacy will be absolutely prosecuted against
    individuals, line managers and executives, with prison sentences, and the knowledge that proceeds of crime will be sequestrated (or fines). (what would the NEWS Corp tabloids be worth with such unknowns hanging over them?)
  5. Announce he will fully support such enquiry to restore public faith in our
    democratic system.

Meanwhile, across Australia, NEWSPOLL (a division of NEWS CORP) today has released public opinion polls showing that the Australian government and Prime Minister have the lowest popularity in the light of the Carbon Tax fiasco since the polls faced by former PM John Howard after introduction of the GST. Forgive the pun, what is more toxic the greenhouse gases or the proposed carbon tax?

It is now history that Mr Howard went on to win the 2001 Federal election due to September 11, 2001 and the Tampa issues. History notes that incumbent government do well in wartime, and as for Tampa, last Thursday the ABC ran the documentary, Leaky Boat.

After the Leaky Boat documentary I pondered long and hard, how can the ends justify the means. He did stop the boats. Two days later I came at the conclusion, they don’t and never will. I still wonder how the former PM can show so little shame. Vilifying and demonising refugees as terrorists, who would sacrifice their own children in their quest. Their quest for what? To survive. Peter Reith paid the ultimate sacrifice so that the Liberal government could go on unscathed. These shameless fellows went on to send our troops to first Afghanistan and then Iraq, and gave us the spin of “weapons of mass destruction” and “coalition of the willing”. And most sadly it did not end there.

Again why would we trust these megalomaniacs? Good luck Julia Gillard trying to make the electorate believe politicians are to be trusted.

As I posed in Part I “Believing in sanity, it is easy to make ridicule of apparent insanity, however believing in sanity is insanity itself”.


Herman …

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  1. July 12, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    Well done Herman – this is truly a head-space post where pondering what might or may happen causes headaches for all –

    Cameron (British PM) – has to be considering staning down as you suggest – Clegg must be talking to the Labour team and if the British Government falls over the Cameron/Brooks association – all of Eurpoe becomes a basket case –

    We are all standing at the brink – taken there by the ego’s of men who continue to shift the line of what is a moral code further back and further hidden from sight by any conscious belief that fair means fair – and foul methods are rewarded –

    Murdoch should be stomped on – become another Conrad Black – but from that would only come someone else to fill his shoes – they are all shamed and the people have again been short-changed …

    As for Reith/Howard – will history reflect the context of the ‘Leaky Boat’ story – I suppose that comes down to the Murdoch editors here in Australia and how far they want to run with a story that they ran with to get Howard elected –

    We are all brain washed and numbed to the media – none of it is really the truth – just a version that they want us all to believe – Creditability – where can anybody say they the creditability marker stands here …

    EYE-BALL ..

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