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Snoop-Poop – SOO III and NRL comment …

July 4, 2011
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Snoop-Poop – SOO III and NRL comment …

State of Origin – Game III:

The State Of Origin 2011 Game III is being described as the most important match in a decade – the game that might define the SOO concept and its future viability as a series – the game that will define the NSW Team and vindicate the Stuart experiment – and the Game that will see Lockyer crown his career with an emphatic victory that will send the Blues back home battered and bruised.

Whatever it will be – the hype will far exceed the result – whichever of the above happens – the SOO concept will survive – Stuart will be re-appointed as NSW Coach next year if he wants the job regardless whether NSW win or lose. For mine – and again I look to the team sheets and man for man QLD outplay their NSW counterparts on reputation and what they have achieved in the game. Game I and Game II QLD failed to produce what they are capable of. This might indicate a complacency factor – an aging factor that has NSW hungrier – or heaven forbid – NSW teamwork has out enthused QLD and if that momentum continues – then QLD might be in trouble.

I can’t have it – QLD will play it up the middle as they always do – Scott and Petro were stopped in their tracks in Game II – and if NSW can do that again – the game is half way to an even contest.

The QLD back-line looked sharp in the first 30 min of Game 1 – but no points flowed given the possession and field position they enjoyed. The second game saw QLD struggle for any back-line continuity – and unless these name players show up to play –  QLD will again struggle and be in trouble.

As for NSW – they have some belief after Game II and were so close in Game I – it will be heart breaking for them to have expended so much and ignited the NSW fans to the point of frenzied worship – losing will only enter their game build up at the 80th minute of the game – by then it will see the QLD’s doing the Lockyer farewell as victors once again.

Result: Qld to win 13+ …


All byes and split rounds finish this coming weekend and the competition then settles into teams trying to make the semi finals. The top five teams have cleared out – the bottom three teams are in the dropkick zone. The interest is in the final three top eight places. Of the top five teams – three are fighting for the third and forth spots. To view a NRL Premiership Ladder – click here.

The Snoop-Poop quick opinion on the NRL finishing order prediction for the end of the season looks like this:

  1. Storm – 42
  2. Dragons – 41
  3. Broncos – 40
  4. SeaEagles – 38
  5. Cowboys – 32
  6. Panthers – 30
  7. Warriors – 30
  8. Knights – 28
  9. Sharks –
  10. Bulldogs
  11. Raiders –
  12. Tigers –
  13. Rabbitohs
  14. Roosters
  15. Eels
  16. Titans –

All opinions to the contrary welcome.

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