June 28, 2011
Herman O'Hermitage
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By: Herman O’Hermitage
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Why did Socrates accept the fate of hemlock rather than the fate of a public trial?

Believing in sanity, it is easy to make ridicule of apparent insanity, however believing in sanity is insanity itself.

Without delving too far into Socrates, each day we attempt to maintain rationality in a world ever more irrational.

We have a Prime Minister who in 12 months has consistently stated that she will work through the issues and deliver good government, but when you observe the policy development we lurch from rash statements to back flips, then the PM constantly berates the opposition for negativity in the light of her consistent failure and other inadequacy, when there is no policy or vision or goal, (other than clinging to power).

We have a Treasurer who constantly wants to cite the mining boom as a positive when middle Australia, do not see this or benefit from it. Middle Australia simply sees bloated mortgage costs, constant price attacks on essential services like power price increases, stagnant GDP, dim employment prospects, despite low unemployment, (loss of domestic jobs and belt tightening through an inflated and volatile currency).

We have an Opposition Leader who is berated for calling for a plebiscite on the mooted Carbon Tax, his concept labelled as “a very expensive opinion poll”, when the existing opinion polls show absolutely no confidence in the Prime Minister or Government, and they would be comprehensively thrashed if they were forced to the polls,

…and if that is not enough;

We have a media who don’t really practice incisive or investigative journalism for fear of upsetting the vested interests, their advertisers, and media mogul bosses, and yet we all placidly sit by and watch dissidents in Libya or Syria crushed for campaigning for accountability and transparency, and the people of Greece and Spain simply saying enough is enough. Get rid of these liars, criminals and thieves.

Is there any sanity or rationality at all?

Is democracy simply some form of ideology?

That was Socrates conclusion. The argument (or ideology) simply twists on itself and fails.

On my recent trip to the Kornati Islands I bought cherries for about $4.50 (equivalent) a kilo. They were the size of small plums. I have never seen cherries as plump and lush in my life. I saw the state owned retailer selling cucumbers for 30c a kilo. Naturally they are in their summer, and they also have the German e-coli scare playing out. They had beautiful tomatoes $1 a kilo, and apples, peaches and apricots and plums $2 a kilo. All of their fresh produce was at least half price of our equivalent at summer prices. They had yellow capsicum priced equivalent to green and red. That never occurs in Australia, not even in summer.

What is occurring there is the Common Market we understand as the Euro. Real competition without quasi barriers to trade. While I was in Vienna I set myself to investigating the Austrian School of Economics theory on perfect competition against monopolistic competition. I did not see monopoly or oligopoly, but imperfect competition. Many suppliers with some element of price determination. The effect was still cheaper consumer prices.

In Australia all of our laws and customs are still geared towards pure competition. Like the Trade Practices Act, and Corporate Law. The simply truth is; in Australia there is no transparency or accountability. In our isolation we don’t need to be part of the bigger universe, we are “Young and Free”. Straight out of our national anthem. We march to our own drum.

We won’t open our banana growers up to import competition from the Philippines, their bananas are diseased. We won’t accept apples from the other side of the Tasman, because their apples have a blight. What is that blight, half the price of ours?

These micro issues translate into the macro issues of Canberra. Can we really govern for the people at large. Or do we only seek power to look after a select few. To pander to our own ego, and make sure we set up a nepotistic elite. What has happened to the Mining Tax, or the Resource Royalty Tax or any other hybrid name it might have before the multinationals bleed our country dry?

If Australia is in a mining boom then why isn’t it reflected in a very healthy GDP growth? Why isn’t it reflected in household incomes?

I see more rationality in Socrates thoughts.


Herman …

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  1. June 28, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    Well said Herman … these questions should be the nightmares our Political Leaders take with them wherever they go …

    The answers are there but will never be given because to answer the right question – at the right time – would be the beginning of the end for whoever took the plolitical charter seriously and told the truth in response to a willing and appropiate question …

    great article …

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