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A SNOOP-POOP Update on NRL … 27th Jun ’11

June 27, 2011
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A SNOOP-POOP Update on NRL …

27th Jun ’11

The world is a conundrum of contrasts – and the SOO Game 3 buildup has begun. The ABC ran two stories next to each other via RSS feed News broadcasts this morning that read as follows – The first was on Nth Korea …

ABC Story Linked here:

N Korean children begging, army starving:

By North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy

Filthy and homeless: The video reveals details of life inside the hermit kingdom (ABC TV)

Video: Desperate plight: Watch the exclusive video here (ABC News)

The video is some of the most revealing footage ever smuggled out of the impoverished North Korean state.

Shot over several months by an undercover North Korean journalist, the harrowing footage shows images of filthy, homeless and orphaned children begging for food and soldiers demanding bribes.

The footage also shows North Koreans labouring on a private railway track for the dictator’s son and heir near the capital Pyongyang.

Strolling up to the site supervisor, the man with the hidden camera asks what is going on.

“This rail line is a present from Kim Jong-il to comrade Kim Jong-un,” he is told.

The well-fed Kim Jong-un could soon be ruling over a nation of starving, impoverished serfs.

The video shows young children caked in filth begging in markets, pleading for scraps from compatriots who have nothing to give.

“I am eight,” says one boy. “My father died and my mother left me. I sleep outdoors.”

Many of the children are orphans; their parents victims of starvation or the gulag.

But markets do exist – private markets that stock bags of rice, pork, and corn. The state no longer has any rations to hand out.

But the state wants its share of this embryonic capitalism.

In the footage, a party official is demanding a stallholder make a donation of rice to the army.

“My business is not good,” complains the stallholder.

“Shut up,” replies the official. “Don’t offer excuses.”

It is clear that the all-powerful army – once quarantined from food shortages and famine – is starting to go hungry.

“Everybody is weak,” says one young North Korean soldier. “Within my troop of 100 comrades, half of them are malnourished,” he said.

Jiro Ishimaru is the man who trained the undercover reporter to use the hidden camera.

“This footage is important because it shows that Kim Jong-il’s regime is growing weak,” he said.

“It used to put the military first, but now it can’t even supply food to its soldiers. Rice is being sold in markets but they are starving. This is the most significant thing in this video.”

Kim Jong-il’s grip on power depends on the military and if some of its soldiers have growling, empty bellies, it is bad news for the dictator and his hopes for a smooth transition to his son.

“The priority for Kim Jong-il is the succession,” said Mr Ishimaru.

“But Kim Jong-un is still very young, just 27 or 28. He doesn’t have any experience and hasn’t achieved anything. So opposition to a third generation of the Kim family taking over is growing.”

But this dynasty of dictators has proven that it is more than capable of keeping its wretched population in line through gulags, hunger and a total control over every aspect of life.

But as this footage shows, occasionally, a crack of light emerges from this dark, dark place.

You ask what this has to do with State of Origin – well read the next story …

ABC Story Linked here:

Stuart fears Origin III ambush

Ricky Stuart fears Darren Lockyer‘s farewell Origin match could backfire against his NSW side.

New South Wales coach Ricky Stuart is anticipating a State of Origin ambush amid the hysteria surrounding Queensland great Darren Lockyer’s Maroons’ swansong in the series decider.

Having been a part of Wally Lewis‘ emotional Origin farewell in 1991, Stuart said he is hoping history will not repeat itself on Wednesday week before a parochial Lang Park crowd.

“It happened to me in 1991 – I was a player, it was one-all, we were headed to Brisbane, it was Wally Lewis’ last game and the whole environment changed,” Stuart said.

“It was all about Wally, as it’s going to be about Darren.

“Everything that can be a hurdle is going to be thrown at us when we get to Brisbane.

“In 1991, it was like we were invited to the party, but we weren’t allowed to have a beer or dance with anyone. We were just there for the party.

“I just really hope this doesn’t happen in this game – there’s two teams there.

“The occasion won’t be too big for my players. I just hope the occasion won’t be too big for other people that are involved.”

The Brisbane finale was always going to be a special affair the moment Lockyer announced this would be his final year of rugby league.

New South Wales’ ability to square the series heading into the decider has only added to the drama, with Queensland’s five-year run as champions in very real danger of coming to an end.

Stuart does not need the ‘Lockyer factor’ to prompt a siege mentality heading into game three.

The Blues coach is still upset at a quirk in the NRL scheduling which will see as many as eight of the players he named in his 20-man squad on Sunday playing for St George Illawarra or Manly on Monday night.

“Our whole preparation has been turned upside down going into the game – the most important game of the series,” Stuart said.

“For our preparation, it’s really cut us short – we won’t be able to have a full team preparation until the backend of the week – Thursday, Friday – and that will depend on how the players pull up after tomorrow night’s game.

“It is disappointing that I’ve got a number of players playing in this game. It’s just fell awkwardly for us.”

This is not meant to be inspired commentary – but a friendly reminder that the world is made up of two halves – some of us may consider we live in the world of have not’s – but surely – as the first ABC story states you can see this is a false misnomer –

So when you consider ‘RICKY’s’ poor and foul dilemma – and what he deems he has to face as the NSW Origin Coach – you can also see what a pathetic wimp he is in trying to cry poor over the 1991 SOO result – and likening it to what he faces in SOO 2011 Game 3. What a dweed of a man … you just lost any public support you may have had the opportunity to win over –

  1. yoda
    June 28, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    who are you to call anyone a dweed…..I know now why you killed off Yoda….he was bigger than your blog and was the only reason you had any readers.
    …….dictated by Aidan B…on behalf of all Yoda fans

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