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Canberra – the weeks comment …

June 26, 2011
Herman O'Hermitage
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“CANBERRA – the weeks comment …
By: Herman O’Hermitage – 26th Jun ’11
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Herman’s Comment:

Afairly dry, windy even frigid week (weak) in Canberra, both in weather and parliament. The government has held back all contentious legislation awaiting the new senators taking their place after June 30, and will this mean that we might hope for some leadership after the winter break?

It has been an interesting 18 or so months starting with Abbott rolling Turnbull, then Copenhagen. Rudd came back shattered, and very sadly for him, (and possibly Australia, where he had immense popularity), he failed to take advantage of the double dissolution triggers available to him, and in the process showed how Rudderless he really was. A back flip on emissions and several keys issues, then the mining royalty tax, and here we all are on the eve of the 1st anniversary of the Gillard Government, simply wondering “Why do we pay these buggers?”

Today’s announcement from Washington of a withdrawal from Afghanistan by 2013 with large withdrawals by Christmas is welcome. It is not as critical for Australia. Nothing can start to repair the sequence of hotspots that have arisen in the Muslim world through firstly Afghanistan and the Iraq.

Today’s announcement of moving Australia’s military bases west is also applauded. Throughout the mining boom issues, Australia deserves some lasting benefit by building infrastructure into some of the more remote areas. That is a legacy to future generations. Could that be a beginning of inspired leadership?

This week in Canberra to listen to the list of Government achievements what is included is as interesting as what is not mentioned. Albanese’s list included recovery from GFC. I find that totally incredible given the aftermath of both the home insulation and Schools Buildings Programme. What a waste of money, and so poorly targeted (and impulsive) and the resultant debt will hang over us till 2013 with nothing up our sleeve for a double dip scenario. Today in question time the PM was attacking the Opposition Leaders negativity and made reference to a school uniform policy. What is that? Schooling is a State Government area under the constitution despite our Prime Minister not being aware of this. When did the States pass over this power to the Federal Government?

As various Senators like Fielding, Xenaphon and Minchin make their farewell speeches and prepare for life after the parry and thrust (is that bulldust) of Canberra, what will a government controlled by the Greens in the Senate and 3 independents in the Lower House, (particularly Andrew Wilkie) have in store. I can only pray for something make that anything. Should Andrew Wilkie withdraw his support for the Government, a double dissolution is the only solution. Would a tied lower house vote minus the speaker, cause ?


Herman …

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