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A SNOOP POOP Update on NRL … 26th Jun ’11

June 26, 2011
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A SNOOP-POOP Update on the NRL

26th Jun ’11

Hi all – Snoop-Poop has had an enforced leave and his weekly NRL wraps will hopefully begin after the third State of Origin game. The absence has been due in part to the passing of YODA – R.I.P. – you would remember him as that fanatical Parramatta supporter who wanted to impose Jarrad Hayne to lead the NSW SOO team and be everything to everybody who follows Rugby League and what it represents.

Sadly YODA’s passing means Parramatta will definitely drop out of contention for a Top 8 finish – and may even cause much more pain within the Parramatta Club itself as it mourns his passing.

Just on the Parramatta hiding last night by the SHARKS – how can a team lead Manly with three minutes to go last Monday at Brookvale – and then come out and get flogged by the Sharks? Maybe YODA’s passing through the week had something to do with the team’s moral on the night – but Snoop-Poop would venture to say that it had more to do with the pea-shaped hearts the Parramatta players hide under their jerseys.

The Competition Ladder is compressing – two points between the top 5 teams going into Round 16 – and if you add the bye points to the other 11 teams – all but two teams still have a shot at the three top 8 spots up for grabs.

There are two teams you can right off straight away – and they are the standout favourites for the Wooden Spoon in my book.  They are of course Parramatta and the Titans.

i watched the Knights v Roosters match today and if the Ref made one call that favoured the Roosters – he made 10 more – it was a woeful referring display and the Ref named Cummins – is an idiot and when the players complain about his rulings – he should be made to watch them over and over and learn that the players know the rules as well … his performance was disgraceful…

As for the NSW named squad of 20 players – and including Galloway from West-Tigers and the return of Jennings – there will be more said on this third SOO game next week.

Anybody who feels the need to say a prayer for YODA – I’m sure his appreciation will bring you good fortune.

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