Australian Labour Party Government – Report Card – Part 2

June 20, 2011
Title: ALP Gov Report Card – Part 2 …”
Thought of the Day:
… Is GREECE an example of where the World is headed?

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DEBT is the disease that is killing Greece – it’s no secret and it will be what kills all of Europe – America and it will eventually kill Australia and the rest of the World as well. The DEBT relevant to this global disease causing the current global instability in Financial Markets and civil unrest – is not consumer DEBT – not at least at the outset – but Government accumulated DEBT and largely incurred during the on-going GFC bailout of the Financial System.

That BAILOUT is just another gusher being treated with band-aids – and adds to the same type of ‘prop up the markets at any cost’ fix they have treated the markets with over the last 25 odd years – since Oct ’87 in fact.  Since this time the markets have endured a series of minor surgery type fixes – all weakening the foundational structure of the market and the purpose they were designed to benefit.

All these minor patch-ups have done is to weaken the integrity and honour of what the market’s once traded upon.

The latest round of DEBT refinancing that caused the Greek financial crisis and civil unrest – and the domino impact of what is to follow – is not based Consumer DEBT related – it will become so as a major contributor as jobs are lost and debts become the first issue that desperate families walk away from. The cause of what is about to happen is Government DEBT – largely incurred during the GFC bailout of the Financial System 2007-2009 and still ongoing.

That BAILOUT was just the final straw as a gusher that could not be fixed with band-aids. The soft landing treatments Governments have applied to the Markets over the last 25 odd years – since Oct ’87 – have prepared – when transplant and major the globe for what is about to happen. It is too late to perform major surgery – the globe is dead on the table and nothing can save it –

There are many GREECE like happenings going on at the moment – there is one in Australia – the bunker mentality of the Australian Government since Rudd’s dismissal – that mushroom think tank where mistakes become self perpetuating – it all appears as a twilight response where nothing happening around the Government in global terms causes any concern domestically because they believe they are immune.

Since the GFC hit – the continuing monumental stuff-ups really do tell us that nobody is smart enough to fix the domestic and global issues now confronting us. It will only be a matter of time when the Nations of the world yell –

… save yourselves because we can’t help you anymore …

When the ALP report card since they came to power in late 2007 is reviewed – the Nation was without Federal Government Debt – Inflation and GDP numbers all within the top 10 Nations of the World – a currency that had Australian Industry competitive on the World stage – and when we look at the failures since ALP took office – both the RUDD and GILLARD Governments – they view the issues as GFC related and response failures as opposed to Government failures. I say that if Government had of made better decisions – we would be in far better shape than we are now. This Nation faces a lifestyle ending conundrum over the next 5-10 years that printing more money won’t solve.

Let us look at some of the items included in this report card –

  • Handling of illegal immigrants – FAIL

The ALP intentions were to soften the Howard game plan – to try a more humane response and they have struggled to truly understand the problem from the illegal immigrant perspective and adequately allocate the resources to come up with a plan that works for how Australians feel about this issue – all this Government has offered is band-aid type fixes that have become woefully exposed as inadequate.

  • The Mining Resource Rent Tax – FAIL

An attempt at a quick money grab from an industry in overdrive and enjoying ‘boom’ times.  The driving force behind this mining boom is Chine and to keep up with China demand – Mining exporters are shipping every tonne possible to pay off the Project Financing deals done with Chinese Bankers – it’s a catch 2 scenario and the Australian Government have realised that the appreciation in the A$ has reduced Government Tax revenues from export incomes and this TAX becomes part of the Government;s solution to claw back TAX revenues.  A truly pathetic response when all the Government had to do was introduce an excise duty payable by the importer to generate direct tax revenues to offset the A$ rise – this also saves the Exporters from having to pare down profits for what is essentially another ‘royalty’ tax being imposed by the Federal Government. – this Government never thought to the long term issue of taking measures to devalue the A$ and the future legacy to all Australians when our resources are exhausted …

  • The Home Insulation scheme – FAIL

Several deaths because the scheme was implemented hastily and many business used unemployed labour and did not train the employees – safety issues were not considered before the program was implemented – the wind back and inspections to check the installations have cost $100’s million more – the benefits are minor and many house fires into the future may well be blamed and cause by this total failure of a scheme – total cost of scheme estimated – $2-$3 billion.

  • The Schools Building Program – FAIL

Proven to have been a highly wasteful spend of public monies – having the States dish out the monies via tendering processes to many ALP friends – saw massive over spends in many schools that could have be built for a fraction of monies paid. Government failed to put in place measures where accountability for tendering process’ that saw competitive bidding as opposed to contracts being awarded on many other workable schemes. Amount involves in over spend – estimated at $1-$2 billion.

  • The Troops in Afghanistan – FAIL

Already a 10 year war and almost twice as long as WWII and WWI – in fact add WWI and WWII together and this WAR has lasted as long 27 Australian soldiers lives lost – 100’s injured and permanently maimed or injured – many thousands wearing the mental scars endured as a result of their time in foreign lands. Estimated cost to Defence Force budget – $1-$2 billion and still ongoing with estimates of being there for another 10 years. This policy is supported by both sides of Government. and is see as a trade deal with the US as an ally.

  • The NBN rollout – Forecast Result – FAILURE

Estimated $43 billion spend over 5 odd years to install Australian Wide internet backbone – this scheme was initially a part of the GFC response spending. Since it was first announced some 2 odd years ago – it is only now that the fibre optic cabling is being rolled out on the mainland. Several hundred million has been spent to date and there has been great criticism on the fat-cat salaries [reported as above $400k] – being paid to ALP appointed CEO’s and other senior appointments. This program continues to meet opposition – the spend involved is huge in that it adds to the massive debt this Government has already spent in efforts to combat its expectations from the GFC fallout. The reality is that this Government spent to create jobs when the rest of the world spent to save their Banks and Financial markets – that employment spent has only delayed the GFC impact as the Government is now backed itself into a corner stating that it will return the Budget back to surplus by 2013. Whether the NBN continues in the same mold as originally budgeted is now a political time bomb as the Government faces a new election on so many issues it is fighting. WIth a majority of one – and that being the vote of the Independents – the Government is on a knife-edge in survival.

  • The 2008-11 Budgets – FAIL

Mr Swans attempt to paint a rosy picture for the 2011 Budget fooled nobody – but then even the Coalition could not make mileage out of it – both sides fail miserably when it comes to economic management. Previous Budgets were facing GFC fallout and spending was a priority – reform was not considered – and this has been the major failing of Governments around the world – must keep the economy ticking over – we need the tax revenue – so pump the economy and it’ll be alright and the next fella’s problem when it all comes unstuck … pathetic Governance …

  • The Minority Government – FAILING experiment…

The GREENS have won big as an outcome from the 2010 election.  So have the Independents Mr Oakeshot and Mr Windsor.   The PM Julia Gillard is so desperate to hold onto Government she did many deals to secure Government for the ALP.  Her personal window of opportunity after her ascension to the top job at the beheading of her predecessor Mr RUDD – always made her hold onto power tenuous at best.  12 months on – her polls are worse then those of Mr RUDD at the time of his axing – her policy agenda has been one failure after another – she has a personal rating that has the ALP Members worried about an early election which is increasingly becoming more likely with every Gillard failure.  And to top it all off – the Australian Taxpayers are now stuck with another ex-Prime Minister who will enjoy lifetime pension that costs the Australian Taxpayer about a A$million a year in perks and pension payments.

  • The Climate Change and Carbon Tax issue – FAIL

Starting with an unproven charter – and having back flipped twice already on the ‘moral challenge of the 21st Century – what chance does this Government have in regaining any high ground on this debate … millions have been spent on economic modelling and base line research to prove climate change and to answer this – the global opinion is still divided on a consensus opinion.  The Carbon Tax policy of the ALP is being forced when the proof needed to convince the electorate of Climate change is still a very subjective issue.Why did the ALP abandon the Emissions trading Scheme – and go to the 2010 election based on a policy of a “NO CARBON TAX” …

  • The Emissions Trading Scheme – FAIL

Having convinced the Australian electorate to vote for the ALP in 2007 – based on the RUDD and ALP policy that Climate Change was the – ‘Moral Challenge of the 21st century’ – the Minister for Climate Change Penny Wong led the Copenhagen campaign – when that summit failed at almost every level – she came back home and began to empire build until the RUDD rollover. The Opposition also reneged on a deal done with the Government that saw Mr Turnbull rolled as Opposition Leader months earlier. If it was the moral challenge the ALP sold it as – why did they roll on their position so easily?

  • The Murray Basin Fix – FAILURE expected

Aleftover legacy from the Howard Government under the then Minister Malcolm Turnbull – and now an ALP problem under Minister Tony Burke.  This environment induced problem seems to be a problem where no common ground solution can be found where all parties can be satisfied.  The record floods up and down the eastern seaboard earlier this year saw flood waters flush out the Murray River basin and seen weirs and dams replenished. The Climate change debate is in front of the Murray River solution and now that the flood rains have eased the pressure – there is no longer the drive to take the radical measures that were being suggested.

  • The LIVE Livestock export Trade – FAIL

Successive Governments have been asleep at the wheel on the issue of how Australian Livestock are treated in foreign lands. The treatment of livestock as presented on 4 Corners two weeks ago drew great angst in the electorate and with livestock exporters. Minister for Trade – Craig Emerson has not been seen in this issue – Senator Ludwig – Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – has been the sole public face on the Governments response. There is no excuse – a leftover policy from the Howard Government where the same inhumane treatment was happening – and now the same with the four year ALP Government – it was only through the 4 Corners program and exposure of the animal treatment that forced the Government to suspend live trade. The treatment of these animals has been known within Government for decades. They just believer out of sight – out of the public’s mind –

  • The Alco Pops Tax reform – FAIL

Thought up as a measure to stop teenage binge drinking – reversed after several months … the administration costs incurred by business to comply added to the cost of the program – it was an idea that was now fully understood – it had Independent support an the Government went along without really delving into the ‘binge drinking’ problem.

  • The RUDD HEALTH reform – FAIL

Major Health reform agreed to with the States [excluding WA] – and then dumped when RUDD was rolled over on by Gillard and her Factional Henchmen … $AMillions of Taxpayer funds were expended into this program before it was rolled out. There was support from all the Labour States with NSW holding our for a better deal. When the 2010 election came around the only state not on board was WA – then both Victoria and NSW Labour Governments were rolled after Gillard dumped the Health plan.

  • THE 1000 brightest Minds experiment – FAIL

Sounded all good at the time – but there has been no follow through – how many millions were spent on travel and accommodation to stage the conference … what ideas were implemented – what interface with the public came from the event – was it purely a PR experiment or were there too many ideas and to many with conflicting arguments to implement any of them. It has to be asked – what were the positives that came from this event that justified the taxpayer-funded expenses to stage the experiment.

  • The HOMELESS Solution – FAIL

RUDD had every ALP HOR Member attend a homeless shelter in their electorate in the first weeks of taking office and report back on their visit – failed to develop any policy to follow through on statements made during the election campaign – another visual policy that had no teeth – in fact – I would venture to say that the ALP members resented being told that they had to visit a homeless shelter and submit a report – perhaps the beginning of the end emerged from this single issue for Mr Rudd.

  • THE Indigenous Solution – FAIL

Again a dual Government issue – Either side had different views on the ‘SORRY’ statement – RUDD made such a fanfare event of the statement – and this rallies the population – but once again the follow through has been very light on the ground in real improvements to Indigenous Health – Education and social change. We think we know best how to solve problems that we initially created when we took over the lands and their wealth that belonged to the indigenous populations who occupied the land for 10’s thousands of years before we became convict inhabitants of these lands. Australia has much to repay the original inhabitants of what we now call home and the Australian way of life.

  • The CURRENCY Appreciation – FAIL

The Australian Treasury, the Reserve Bank and the Australian Government have done nothing to quell the International buying of the Australian Currency – the RBA has continually talked up its view that they want to increase Interest Rates at any opportunity – this has underpinned the currency and set a tone for strength that works against everything that Australia Commerce represents. Tourism relies on a cheaper currency – Mining and Agriculture exports have had their A$ revenues cut by 50% since the height of the GFC – the expensive currency drives consumers to off-shore markets to buy goods on-line.


As is always the case – the negatives are easy to remember – but there were some positives that this Author can recall –

  • The SORRY statement –
  • The rise in Pension payments –
  • The $1000 payment to all families during the GFC to boost Xmas sales in 2008 –

Please – post a comment to remind readers of any other positives the ALP Government has achieved in the four years it has been in office.

This REPORT card clearly gives the voter cause to look upon this Government as a Government who suffered many FAILURES – mind you if one was to have put the same test to the HOWARD Government – the result would have been the same. Howard’s Government were the SCROOGE’s in penny-pinching form everywhere across the welfare belt – sold of National Assets to fund their spending programs which over time where unwound by the ALP Government and policies that the electorate voted to have changed.

There is not a single Minister across the Governments front bench who has any Statesman like qualities – the only exceptions may be Mr RUDD and Mr SMITH … no wonder Australians love to detest our Political Leaders – but then again it you watch Question Time – you would know why they are held in such low esteem – they are the only ones who can improve their performance – else – all we can expect is a continuation in the deterioration of our Leadership and the plight of this Nation to deal with serious issues.



  1. Warwick
    June 20, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    This morning ABC 24 News interrupted a story to take a live broadcast of the PM’s address to some Conference of Local Government. Before Julia had finished here intro I unconsciously turned off the TV. That unconscious thought made me then reflect, Why does her next missive amount to nothing news worthy? Is that true of this government?

    I can’t wait to hear tonights 4 corners on Andrew Wilkie’s gambling initiative.

    Where Xenophon says that Abbott’s calling for a plebiscite on a carbon tax has merit, and Brown immediately rejects it as being an unnecessary cost, I can only see the value of Andrew Wilkie’s support of the government being thrown into question as a new facet of uncertainty.

    I believe Xenonphon retires as a senator on June 30. Would he not love a double dissolution? Is there anyone else besides he and Tony Abbott who have a vested interest in a double dissolution.

  2. hermes bracelets
    January 21, 2012 at 11:43 am

    But is not again! Appreciate you posting. I genuinely appreciate seeing someone who actually has a viewpoint and isn’t really just bringing back up crap like a lot of other writers today. Keep it up!

  3. Phillip Green
    May 28, 2013 at 8:03 pm

    I despair for Australia – the abject lack of leadership in all parties, for decades, and constant preoccupation of not offending voters, guarantees the avoidance of the hard decisions that need to be made and implemented. i live and work overseas, and i am saddened by the many, many expats who see no reason to return to Australia to work or retire, because they are sick to death of being overtaxed and over governed, and watching politicians who preside over catastrophic policy and fiscal failures, get their ridiculous pensions and perks and join the ranks of the privileged few ex politicians who actually think they deserve it.

    To get a budget surplus out of whack by over 2000%, and not be held accountable, is ludicrous, when company directors who mismanage to the same extent would be jailed or exiled. Claiming to be held accountable at the next election is a joke, because even when they are turfed out, they wander off and get some posting in either government of business, as well as their lifelong pension, and they live happily ever after in the glow of their deluded sense of self.
    Gillard is a fornicating disgrace. she no more represents me than Dame Edna, and at least Dame Edna is talented and has a personality. Bligh should be jailed for rampant and premeditated irresponsibility she exercised in Queensland, and Tony and the other little private school boys should grow some male genitalia.

    Today’s politicians aren’t people, they are carefully fabricated, managed and presented as avatars of party factions, focus group consensus and compromised ideas. They are more concerned with ‘staying in power’ than improving life for Australians. They are pathetic mediocrity and spectacularly obsequious husks. They are liars and sycophants. They are impossible to respect or trust.

    Government should serve mandatory 5 year terms, with elections every 5 years. They should be accountable against the plan they present to the electorate and upon which they are elected. Departure from it or failure to produce the results required, should have consequences equivalent to those borne by company directors, including loss of all entitlements.

    With rare exceptions, politicians are generally people who don’t excel at anything, except the arrogant belief that they know best. People who excel generally end up in the higher end of business, leaving the also rans to enter politics. There are no altruists amongst them, only opportunists and attention seekers of average ability. Collectively, they couldn’t lead a dog.

    With today’s technology, the entire parliamentary process could be run online, question time and bill voting could be done directly by the constituents, erasing the need for politicians except for the clerical and administrative functions the public service perform.

    i fear Australia will need 2-3 consecutive generations,across all income brackets, of doing it really tough, before it gets better. it was once a great country because we were free to live a decent and fulfilling life and prosper if one wished to. Government should be there to serve, not to decide if we should have fluoride in the water and absorb the wishes of every bleating minority that claims to be discriminated against because life for them isn’t presented on platter.

    why is it acceptable to have banks that clearly collude and dictate, making billions of dollars profits, when we have so many areas that need to be improved at the human level. claiming to have a responsibility to shareholders is shallow and pitiful reasoning. is our primary function here on earth to make money for shareholders?? why is it acceptable to lose our manufacturing industry because we are no longer competitive? is it better displace another few hundred thousand workers and have them on benefits than to fix the issues.

    these politicians just dance around the really tangible and important issues but they are not listening to the music.

  4. May 28, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    welcome and here here …

    A lot of good stuff in this response …

  5. Phillip Green
    May 28, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    Further to my earlier comment, as a planet we must understand that without a responsibility to help less fortunate people and countries, we are all cannibals. we feed on them if we do nothing to help them. we must adopt some moral responsibilities, because capitalism and credit are not going to save us, it taking us down as we are starting to see.

    so a bank makes 5 billion profit; so what? ten billion, so what? ok so you are the biggest and best bank in the world – now what? what is the end in this stupid game.

    i believe corporations have a responsibility to more than their shareholders, they have a responsibility to use the money to improve things, and i don’t mean the number of ATM sites.
    who gives a shit if a bank or a mining company makes a record profit, what does that do for anybody?
    And the Government trying to get their inept and sticky little fingers on the money is not the answer either.

    To paraphrase a North American Indian who very astutely said over 100 years ago, only when we have cut down the last tree and caught the last fish, will the white man realize we cant eat money!

    i am not a greeny or a socialist or a vegan or any other group, i am just sick of seeing the idiocy perpetuated by idiots and emperors with no clothes.

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