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The Australian Parliament – what an embarrassment of fools … and led by fools …

The Australian Parliament – what an embarrassment of fools … and led by fools
…the Members should know better – they’re a JOKE and show no respect for their office …

Thought of the Day: …
The Speaker of the House has a job to do – it has been said that Parliament reflects the quality of the Speaker … if that is so – this Speaker has lost the plot.

Today’s Question Time [15th Jun 2011]- was a collection of disrespect for the institution by both sides of Government – there were 5 suspensions issued – one for 24 hours. 

If one was to review the ABC 24 News broadcast of Question Time between 2:00-3:30pm – it’s estimated that the Speaker was the most heard person – why does he tolerate the crap that both sides dish up?

He has a set of ‘standing orders’ which outline the conduct of the Speaker – and are agreed to by both sides of the house.  Any decision the Speaker makes – can be subjected to a House vote which if defeated – could cause a motion of – ‘no confidence’ in the Speaker.   SO he too is operating with a loaded gun aimed at him and this diminishes his effectiveness.

This goes to the reason why this House functions as it currently does – and does not work in the interests of the Australian People.

The behaviour of Members is designed to push the limits of the Speaker and his ‘standing orders’ mandate – and this is why we have this pathetic farce that represents itself as the highest office in the land.  They would not even rate a behavioural pass mark on a class of  kindergarten attendees.

Surely – many within the Chamber must feel the creditability of the current House is questionable.  There is no fair-mindedness – nor respect afforded by either side for the other side – just a demonstrated contempt for each other – and knowing how some personalities within each party have contempt for MEMBERS of their own party.

This House is a Chamber full of Members who should know they are delivering less than the duty of care they are obligated to devote to the house – as a Member of the House – and not as a Member of a Political Party.



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