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Snoop-Poop’s Split Rd 14 Wrap –

June 13, 2011
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NRL Web Page The TELSTRA NRL Premiership – Split Rd 14 Weekend Wrap …
– June 10th – 13th
Game Time Home Team: Away Team Comments/Selections …
Friday 10th Jun – 7:45pm Dragons: Titans:

Preview: The Draw with the Eels last week has given some teams hope against the Dragons through this SOO period – The Dragons are back at home and the Titans dismal season could turn with an upset win over the Dragons – I don’t see it – but I do expect a close encounter and the Dragons – minus 9 regular players should still be strong enough to get the chocolates …

Match Summary: Click on this link to read match report.

Winner: Titans 28-14

Sat 11th Jun 7:30pm SeaEagles: Cowboys:

Preview: A top clash that has been stripped of star players on SOO duty – The Cowboys have given big starts in 2 of their last 3 wins – 20+ points – and won comfortably scoring 40+ points to claim victor y- there is self belief and Thurston has been the key – he is absent tonight – and the Sea Eagles will be strong at home – there also missing players but none as pivotal as Thurston – expect SeaEagles to win well …

Match Summary: Click on this link to read match report.

Winner: SeaEagles 24-4

Sun 12th Jun 2:00pm Broncos: Raiders:

Preview:A highly interesting matchup – the Raiders had the win last week leading 22-0 – and then lost the rest of the game 40-2 – the Broncos are not contenders at this stage of the season – their forward pack is easily intimidated and I expect the Raiders to give them curry up front – tough to pick a winner – I support the Broncos but after their SeaEagles 2nd half performance – I think the Raiders have a real shot … their without Campesse and Duggan – the two players who went off before the 40-2 comeback – this tips the scales in favour of the Broncos – with no real faith …

Match Summary: Click on this link to read match report.

Winner: Broncos 25-24 (Golden Point)

Sun 12th Jun 4:00pm Warriors: Tigers:

Preview: The Tigers keep doing enough to get over the line and hang in there. However – on home soil I thing the Warriors will win comfortably – there is a disjointed aspect to the Tigers this season and the weeks signing’s of two Tigers players by other Clubs may have an impact. Warriors to win comfortably at home.

Match Summary: Click on this link to read match report.

Winner: Tigers 26-22

Mon 7th Jun 7:00pm Storm: Roosters:

Preview: Storm are down there regular SOO players and are at home. Roosters had a gutsy win last weekend over the Warriors in golden point – Storm will be too structured and will win comfortably …

Match Summary: Click on this link to read match report.

Winner: Storm – 21-4

Selections Results Last Week : Winners = 3: Looses = 2 …

  1. yoda
    June 14, 2011 at 8:20 am

    I just read a summary of the Storm Roosters game and found something interesting that intrigues me about journalism and the written word. You stated the storm 5/8 committed “a schoolboy error” in taking a ball within his own in goal area.
    A reader that did not see the game would assume the cut and dried nature of this statement!
    The real situation for someone who watched the game knows, that it was touch and go and down to a millisecond of him catching the ball and positioning his foot on the dead ball line. Yes an error of judgement , but not a descrimatory “schoolboy error”. How many times do we become exposed to making opinions based on someone elses statements, when we did not see and hence judge for ourselves.
    My guess is you did not see it either and as such you assumed and reported it the way it was given to you.
    Whilst this in itself is not a huge issue the philosophy and physcology is enormous.

    How many times are we influenced by such inaccuracies! and how many times is the slip of a journalists pen done to deliberately change the facts.

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