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Snoop-Poops NRL Round 13 Weekend Wrap …

June 7, 2011
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NRL Round 13 Weelend Wrap – June 3rd – 6th
Game Time Home Team: Away Team Comments/Selections …
Friday 3rd Jun – 7:35pm Sharks: Broncos:

Preview: The Sharks effort last week against the Storm suggest they have drawn a line – grown a backbone so to speak. This indicates their home game against the Broncos will be another tough match. Broncos are expected to improve with their SOO stars back – I have my doubts – Snoop Poop – a Bronco’s follower was disgusted at their pathetic 2nd half performance last week and whatever backbone they had at the beginning of the season – disappeared last week. If Lockyer can weave his magic and lift the side they should win – but – and it’s a big but – their forwards need attitude transplants – Broncos in a tight encounter.

Match Summary: Its 30-10 in the 70th min and I can’t watch anymore – most boring game of league in many weeks – Shark’s gave up the ghost 10 mins ago and the Broncos think the game is over as well … dropped ball – poor defence – game had no real highlights – ground was slippery – and players were sliding all night as an offer of some mitigating excuse – the poor Sharks fans had nothing to cheer about … Broncos will get the points – and an easy 2 points at that … there was an easy try a side in the last 4 min and that was typical of the tries scored all night – Hope the Dragons Eels match offers more.

Winner: Broncos 34-16

Friday 3rd Jun 7:35pm Eels: Dragons:

Preview: Just for your YODA – you loser Parramatta supporter – officially – the Eels are gone for the season and the Dragons – hit hard by more injuries – will put the sword to their season. Rumours of Haynes attitude once again falling off a cliff – will be on display tonight – perhaps it might be a good thing – he’s been written off as a SOO Game 2 inclusion – and that pressure release might ignite him into something special. This is Parramatta’s problem – so reliant on a single player to ignite their attack. Dragons’ task will be to shut him down. That success will see the Dragons squeeze the Eels like they have done to other teams this season. Dragons might be vulnerable tonight with their injury toll – it’s up to the Eels to make a game of it – Snoop-Poop does not see that happening.

Match Summary: Eels led 14-6 at half time and an upset looked on the cards – St George fought back and at the 80 min mark the score was 14-14 and the game went into Golden point. This all against the Snoop-Poop’s pre-game call – the Eels did turn up to play – the Dragons were flat – Bennett’s rumored absence proved false as he returned to be on hand – the Dragons were far from their clinical best – but to give credit to the Eels. They stood up and played their hearts out and the 14-14 all draw after extra time was a disappointing result for their effort. Maybe this might ignite some belief in the Eels players … time will tell.

Winner: Draw 14-14

after extra Time

Sat 4th Jun 5:30pm Titans: Panthers:

Preview: Panthers don’t travel well – but the Titans form this season does not suggest an upset is on the cards. Nothing can be done to awaken them from their slumber to prove to their supporters they are not done for this season. They might sting a few teams down the line – but if the Panthers are to have any chance of making the eight – they need this game – not a game that I would think will be good viewing.

Match Summary: A scrappy game that the Panthers had within their keeping from the kick off. The 2nd half was mistake ridden from both sides and these early evening matches appear to give teams a belief that ball-security is not as important as a daytime game. The greasy conditions have always been around – yet teams are making simple ball errors as if there were entitled.

Winner: Panthers 23-10

Sat 4th Jun 7:30pm Roosters: Warriors:

Preview: Warriors continue to do enough to suggest they are top 8 contenders. The Roosters just have not come up this season – finalist’s last year and with the SOO halfback in their team – Daily M’s Best and Fairest back on deck – if you’re a fan your have been cheated this season. Their coach Brian Smith must be looking at his contract’s fine print – the Roosters don’t tolerate losing coaches for too long. Warriors need to improve their overall away record and they have made efforts in that direction this season – beating Knights the day after the Australia v New Zealand Test match – Snoop-Poop expects the Warriors to do enough to win…

Match Summary: Roosters led 12-0 at half time and their defence was the key – the 2nd half the Warriors put them under immense pressure and the Roosters were equal to the task ceiling the win with a field goal in the dying minutes.

Winner: Roosters 13-6

Sat 4th Jun 7:30pm Bulldogs: SeaEagles:

Preview: The best matchup of the round – if they continue their local derby’s as they usually do – there will be some fire early and it will be a forward tussle and arm wrestle. The SeaEagles were awesome last week in the 2nd half performance against the Broncos – but them the Broncos pulled up their skirts to let the SeaEagles walk through their pathetic defence – the Bulldogs won’t be doing that – for mine the SeaEagles look more composed and Brett Stewart is coming into some sort of form – SeaEagles comfortably.

Match Summary: SeaEagles stamped their authority early in the match and led 22-0 at half time – match was virtually over by then. The Bulldogs did a Broncos and capitulated in the 2nd half – the SeaEagles led 38-0 a the 70 min mark and took the pressure off –

Winner: SeaEagles 38-4

Sun 4th Jun 2:00pm Raiders: Cowboys:

Preview: Raiders are getting some momentum and the Cowboys don’t have a good record in Canberra. The emotional high in the Cowboy camp evident last week after the death of a team-mate – will most likely be a dose of the lows this week – this is the upset in the round – I believe Canberra will win and win well.

Match Summary:  The Raiders bolted to a 22-0 lead in first half with little on offer from the Cowboys – and the game changes and the Cowboys came back to be a 22-18 half time score. The 2nd half was a see-sawing affair with the Cowboys through Thurston turning the game with his involvement – Cowboys comfortable winners in the end 40-24 – Raiders lost Duggan and Campesse during game and this had an impact.

Winner: Cowboys 40-24

Sun 4th Jun 3:00pm Rabbitohs: Storm:

Preview: Another of the very good matchups from this weekend’s games – Storm were well below their best last week against a resurgent Sharks – if the Rabbitohs turn it on then Storm will have to dig deep – The Rabbits performances this year have their fans on life support – if only they could put in a wholehearted 80 min performance – as opposed to the flashes of brilliance all to seldom seen this season. Inglis is still out at last advice and if they play a bruising defence game – I think they can upset the Storm. But alas – I want to see it before I tip them – Storm to win in another tight match –

Match Summary:  Rabbits competed and Storm knew they were in a tussle – for mine Strom were well off their best and the Rabbitohs still don’t know how to win. A few calls went against them but teams make their own luck when things get tough – look at the Cowboys the last two weekends – gave the Raiders 22-0 start and won 40-24 – and the week or so before they gave away a big start to Parramatta and won by 20 or so … NO – Rabbitohs gone for season for mine …

Winner: Storm 16-6

Mon 5th Jun 7:00pm Tigers: Knights:

Preview: Another exciting matchup – will the Tigers show up – or will it be the Knights who shine – for mine I think the Tigers will perform to their potential at home – the Knights with Gidley back and trying to force his way into SOO – will be fired up – but the loss of Mullins will have them a little down in their kicking game and general attack structure. Tigers to win in a tight match..

Match Summary:  Another Golden Point game – exciting for fans – The Knights seemed to have the game in hand until the 72nd minute when Tigers equalised. Farah kicks field goal in extra time and the Knights are crestfallen. NSW Selectors may need to replace their best Player from SOO1 Uate over what looks like a fairly severe charge relating to a spear tackle … be interesting to see how they get him out of this one … Tigers were well below their best and snuck away with this one …

Winner:Tigers 17-16

After Extra Time

Selections Results Last Week : Winners = 5.5: Looses = 2.5 …

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