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CARBON TAX – Price of CARBON – a conundrum of conflicts …

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Title:“CARBON TAX – Price of CARBON – a conundrum of conflicts”
… it is Political suicide to continue calling the Climate change solution – a CARBON TAX …

Thought of the Day: …
The First Rule of Politics is to Get Re-Elected – this Labour Government believes it has the right to stay in power – many are beginning to believe otherwise with Julia Gillard at the helm – Mr Rudd’s assassination anniversary is but a week or two away – and nothing the PM has done would suggest that the Government is in better shape – in fact – I would venture say it is in far worse shape – There having been one coup by this Labour Party – I feel a second one is just around the corner – and that my friends is why Australian Politics is still a long ways off being democratic are based on a true Westminster system … we are still convicts squabbling among ourselves … please give us better …

Treasurer – Wayne Swan

Wayne Swan – the Australian Treasurer appeared on ABC 24 News this morning – [7th June 2011] – to inform us all about the results from his latest tweaking of the computer modelling on CARBON TAX.  The results suggests the tax impact will be as little as $65 a year per person.

The folly of this endeavour was obvious from the outset – it was more of the same ‘brainwash’ rhetoric from an ‘under pressure’ Labour Government attempting to convince the very people they turned into sceptics when they dumped their position after Copenhagen in late 2009.

Mr Swan’s performance bordered on hubris – as if he was saying – ‘why the hell don’t you just believe me when I tell you – the Carbon Tax is good’ –

The perception is that this Government is becoming lethargic in its attempts to convince honest electors about the need for a Carbon Tax – only spreads the uncertainty –

Mr SWAN – only a step away from the Prime Minister role if a sharpened dagger again strikes at the falling popularity of the current PM – has to do better – he ain’t it – and if he by some misfortune is anointed – there will be an electoral backwash that will demand a new election … the level of integrity being demonstrated by this Government is ‘Yes Minister’ type crap …

As for the tweaking of the computer modelling – is can be said that Mr SWAN had his Treasury buffoons sit down with their Computer Modelling programs and experiment with some tweaking of the variables that produce the positive and negative numbers – they continued to do so until they came up with an outcome that they thought could be sold to the electorate on National TV.

On this basis alone – Mr SWAN has sadly lost the plot – computer modelling is the ‘anti-christ’ of research and it always produces a set of cooked books and crooked numbers that suit the promoters vested interest – something Mr Swan will find out in time unless he ceases to rely on these types of research outcomes –

The continual tweaking of numbers actually gets you to a place of confusion where the realness of the exercise is lost – the hypotheticals take over the debate and then we get exactly to where this debate has arrived – with Mr Garnaut’s face saving report –

The Report having cost the Australian Taxpayer considerable expenditures – is purely based on hypotheticals and a tweaking of a computer modelling program that produces a basis for a debate that supports a CARBON TAX.

Did you understand all that – sorry I tried to put it as plainly as possible – but the tweaking and computer modelling when broken down is a series of ‘WHAT IFs’ – I don’t think that should be the reason why any type of TAX should be introduced to combat natural climate occurrences.

I agree with the issue of cleaning up the human interface with the environment – I also agree with the use of natural resources to produce cleaner energy – but not at a new tax revenue stream that Mafia like Government’s want to impose.

Making carbon emission the trigger to motivate energy producers to clean energy production can be done – but get the friggin’ CARBON TAX off the agenda.


In an attempt to draw comment from our Political Leaders on their reasons why they support climate Change and the Carbon Tax – I sent an E-Mail to a number of Labour Ministers and also to Mr Malcolm Turnbull yesterday [6th June 2011]

The message was to ask them to advise what their ‘light bulb‘ moment was that convinced them of the Climate Change debate and motivated them to move to introduce a Carbon Tax – that message is posted below –

I will post responses as they come to hand – that is of course if these Political Leaders choose to respond …

From: xxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxx@bigpond.com]
Sent: Monday, 6 June 2011 7:18 PM
To: (the Members below have had their parliamentary E-Mail address’ linked if you want to also send them a message on Climate Change proof …)
Hon The Prime Minister – Julia Gillard
Hon Chris Eyles Bowen Mr (Chris.Bowen.MP@aph.gov.au);
Hon Gregory Ivan Combet Mr (Gregory.Combet.MP@aph.gov.au);
Hon Jennifer Louise Macklin Ms (JMacklin.MP@aph.gov.au);
Hon Kevin Michael Rudd Mr (Kevin.Rudd.MP@aph.gov.au);
Hon Martin John Ferguson Mr (Martin.Ferguson.MP@aph.gov.au);
Hon Nicola Louise Roxon Ms (Nicola.Roxon.MP@aph.gov.au);
Hon Peter Robert Garrett Mr (Peter.Garrett.MP@aph.gov.au);
Hon Robert Bruce McClelland Mr (R.McClelland.MP@aph.gov.au);
Hon Simon Findlay Crean Mr (S.Crean.MP@aph.gov.au);
Hon Stephen Francis Smith Mr (Stephen.Smith.MP@aph.gov.au);
Hon Tanya Joan Plibersek Ms (Tanya.Plibersek.MP@aph.gov.au);
Hon Wayne Maxwell Swan Mr (Wayne.Swan.MP@aph.gov.au);
Hon William Richard Shorten Mr (Bill.Shorten.MP@aph.gov.au);
Mr Harry Alfred Jenkins Mr (Harry.Jenkins.MP@aph.gov.au);
Senator the Hon Penny Wong (senator.wong@aph.gov.au);
Senator the Hon Mark Victor Arbib (senator.arbib@aph.gov.au);
Hon Anthony Norman Albanese Mr (A.Albanese.MP@aph.gov.au);
Hon Anthony Stephen Burke Mr (Tony.Burke.MP@aph.gov.au)
Hon Malcolm Bligh Turnbull Mr (Malcolm.Turnbull.MP@aph.gov.au)
Subject: Climate Change … and the Carbon Tax:

Dear Honorable Member,

I have been a climate change supporter for many years without really understanding what it was that I was supporting. I believed the rhetoric was sound in principle and in turn believed that humans were influencing Climate and felt there were reasons to support the movement.

The Labour Party back flip drew concerns about that belief and in recent months as this debate became main stream – I undertook my own research. I defer any conclusions I may want to make to someone like yourself – and hope to understand what was the ‘light bulb’ moment that convinced you to support climate change reform and introduce a Carbon Tax.

I am struggling to find the research confirmation – in fact I am becoming more of a sceptic the more I research – Mr Garnaut’s recent report to me was not so much about proving carbon damage arising from climate change – but a modelling exercised based on Kyoto data that creates a hypothetical projection analysis based on a less than proven and accepted carbon emission science.

At some point – and with 67% of the electorate currently not in favour of a ‘carbon tax’ – and the recent support lent by Messes Hawke, Hewson, Fraser and notable religious leaders, I ponder just how much of the debate is political positioning – as opposed to the real science that from my perspective is still to be proven to a point where I and many like me are convinced.

Can you assist with this matter with referral links – or references that you used to form your opinions.

I have sent this same e-mail message to other Political HOR and Senate Members who are Climate Change supporters asking the same question – I also plan to speak with my local Member – Mr Neville NP later this week on the same topic.

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Kind Regards … xxxxxxxxxxxx


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  1. yoda
    June 7, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    Excellent blog and concisely put. Your best work yet. Congratulations!!!

  2. JC
    June 8, 2011 at 4:37 pm

    There is much still to be proved in this ‘train wreck’ called a Carbon Tax. This Government has no mandate and any attempt to railroad legislation will see vivid and robust protest’s and demonstrations – equal and suppassing those who turned out as paid demonstrators last weekend.

    Why Politicians cannot see their folly or their contempt as pointed out in your post, indicates the lack of respect this Government holds for the position it finds itself – a Minority Government who went to the polls on a ‘No Carbon Tax policy’.

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