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Gold – if you don’t have any at the moment – you may have missed the boat…

June 6, 2011
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Title: “Gold – if you don’t have any at the moment – you may have missed the boat …”
Thought of the Day …
… The hardest thing in a crisis for anyone with wealth to protect – is deciding where to invest their wealth to protect its capital value … perhaps it is written that there is no protection available in a crisis like the GFC … perhaps you should have spent it all rather then build a bank balance that can only yield security to oneself …

The same subscriber who sent me the previous YouTube clip sent this one – and this one is far more convincing … It is recommended viewing for all those with an investment portfolio struggling with decisions on where to protect their capital value.

The 1st clip is an 8 min version and the 2nd clip is the longer 14 min version.

First Clip

Second Clip

Please post a comment if you agree/disagree with what this message is really saying … The author of this video has a web page at: http://www.goldmoney.com/ … yes there is a vested interest in the context of the video – but as a Financial Markets GURU – this has been coming for decades … it might still be a decade away – but I don’t think so …



  1. yoda
    June 6, 2011 at 8:51 pm

    listening clearly he is calling 2013/2015 as the period for the us dollar crashing. Does this give us a 2 year break? a QE 3 interimly? or crash now.
    I suspect the US Fed will give QE3 a go and it will be the last throw of the dice? The political instability could be frightening in such a case.
    Without for 1 minute doubting Turk (the speaker from the Gold Foundation)he seems
    quite logical and not rabid BUT is he subconsciously talking his book.
    Interested to see a contra view? Anyone got one?

  2. Oztruth1
    June 7, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    Great Post!! There is an argument that these guys (Turk, Morgan, Maloney and company) talk up the metals for their own benefit. They own them personally and run bullion dealerships, but these guys were in at $250 and foresaw the devaluation of currencies worldwide. If I thought gold was going to $8000 8 years ago, I would become a dealer aswell!

    Protect your wealth. Save in gold and silver.

  3. June 7, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    Thanks Oztruth …

    Each of us have a view towhat form this economic tusami might shape like – for the ‘gold’ and ‘silver’ prompters – I ask how will normal goods be traded – shall one carry a hammer and chisel to chip a gold slither to pay for goods – what will the seller then do with the gold piece … how will ‘change’ be determined –

    The logistics of buying gold bullion is no somple matter – hording it at home or having third party issue bullion cetificates for holdings in trust won’t work either – currency is the key – buying gold in A$ terms may mean nothing if the US$ tanks … the only way I see gold becomimg the US$8-US$12k value is if Central Banks once again revert to a gold standard and than stand in the market to buy it from the public – but then what will the public take in return – notes or paper money … there are many holes in the debate …

    Speculators have driven the GFC and are still doing it – speculation in Silver and Gold is also happening – to my way of thinking – Governments need to burn all speculatrors once and for all – get them out of the market – to hell with liquidity – let the commerce and merchant find their own barter system to do trade – rid the world of the speculator and let them leave their ill-gotton gains in the market …

    There is sencerity in all these types of posts and pontificant assessments – they are made with genuine belief in that we are at the abyss – yet any prediction is only based on past experience – this is a new experience and Governments are responding and making mistakes – whatever happens – be sure to be generous with your silver and gold holdings to make sure all you can do is done …

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