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Snoop-Poop’s NRL Round 13 Preview and Selections & NRL Ladder

June 3, 2011
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NRL Round 13 matches – June 3rd – 6th
Game Time Home Team: Away Team Comments/Selections …
Friday 3rd Jun – 7:35pm Sharks: Broncos:

Preview: The Sharks effort last week against the Storm suggest they have drawn a line – grown a backbone so to speak. This indicates their home game against the Broncos will be another tough match. Broncos are expected to improve with their SOO stars back – I have my doubts – Snoop Poop – a Bronco’s follower was disgusted at their pathetic 2nd half performance last week and whatever backbone they had at the beginning of the season – disappeared last week. If Lockyer can weave his magic and lift the side they should win – but – and it’s a big but – their forwards need attitude transplants – Broncos in a tight encounter.

Match Summary: 


Friday 3rd Jun 7:35pm Eels: Dragons:

Preview: Just for your YODA – you loser Parramatta supporter – officially – the Eels are gone for the season and the Dragons – hit hard by more injuries – will put the sword to their season. Rumours of Haynes attitude once again falling off a cliff  – will be on display tonight – perhaps it might be a good thing – he’s been written off as a SOO Game 2 inclusion – and that pressure release might ignite him into something special. This is Parramatta’s problem – so reliant on a single player to ignite their attack. Dragons’ task will be to shut him down. That success will see the Dragons squeeze the Eels like they have done to other teams this season. Dragons might be vulnerable tonight with their injury toll – it’s up to the Eels to make a game of it – Snoop-Poop does not see that happening.

Match Summary:  


Sat 4th Jun 5:30pm Titans: Panthers:

Preview: Panthers don’t travel well – but the Titans form this season does not suggest an upset is on the cards. Nothing can be done to awaken them from their slumber to prove to their supporters they are not done for this season. They might sting a few teams down the line – but if the Panthers are to have any chance of making the eight – they need this game – not a game that I would think will be good viewing.

Match Summary:


Sat 4th Jun 7:30pm Roosters: Warriors:

Preview:  Warriors continue to do enough to suggest they are top 8 contenders. The Roosters just have not come up this season – finalist’s last year and with the SOO halfback in their team – Daily M’s Best and Fairest back on deck – if you’re a fan your have been cheated this season.  Their coach Brian Smith must be looking at his contract’s fine print – the Roosters don’t tolerate losing coaches for too long.  Warriors need to improve their overall away record and they have made efforts in that direction this season – beating Knights the day after the Australia v New Zealand Test match – Snoop-Poop expects the Warriors to do enough to win…

Match Summary:


Sat 4th Jun 7:30pm Bulldogs: SeaEagles:

Preview: The best matchup of the round – if they continue their local derby’s as they usually do – there will be some fire early and it will be a forward tussle and arm wrestle. The SeaEagles were awesome last week in the 2nd half performance against the Broncos – but them the Broncos pulled up their skirts to let the SeaEagles walk through their pathetic defence – the Bulldogs won’t be doing that – for mine the SeaEagles look more composed and Brett Stewart is coming into some sort of form – SeaEagles comfortably.

Match Summary:


Sun 4th Jun 2:00pm Raiders: Cowboys:

Preview: Raiders are getting some momentum and the Cowboys don’t have a good record in Canberra. The emotional high in the Cowboy camp evident last week after the death of a team-mate – will most likely be a dose of the lows this week – this is the upset in the round – I believe Canberra will win and win well.

Match Summary:


Sun 4th Jun 3:00pm Rabbitohs: Storm:

Preview: Another of the very good matchups from this weekend’s games – Storm were well below their best last week against a resurgent Sharks – if the Rabbitohs turn it on then Storm will have to dig deep – The Rabbits performances this year have their fans on life support – if only they could put in a wholehearted 80 min performance – as opposed to the flashes of brilliance all to seldom seen this season. Inglis is still out at last advice and if they play a bruising defence game – I think they can upset the Storm. But alas – I want to see it before I tip them – Storm to win in another tight match –

Match Summary:


Mon 5th Jun 7:00pm Tigers: Knights:

Preview: Another exciting matchup – will the Tigers show up – or will it be the Knights who shine – for mine I think the Tigers will perform to their potential at home – the Knights with Gidley back and trying to force his way into SOO – will be fired up – but the loss of Mullins will have them a little down in their kicking game and general attack structure. Tigers to win in a tight match..

Match Summary:


Selections Results Last Week : Winners = 5: Looses = 2 …

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NRL Ladder after Round 12

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NRL Top Eight Teams

No Team Pts F/A Comments
1. Dragons:Dragons 22 122

The team to beat for the Flag – They have a mounting Injury toll and may suffer a bit of a mid-season slump – but by Finals time – expect them to be back a full strength

2. Storm:  Storm 18 110

Have put in some below par performances during the SOO series – Beaten by Canberra the bottom ranked team at the time – struggling win against the Sharks – Again all a result of the SOO series.

3. SeaEagles:SeaEagles 18 79

The sleeper on the ladder – snuck in under the radar in recent weeks – expect them to maintain their form and position in the top 4 …

4. Cowboys:Cowboys 18 68

Keep surprising and look good in attack and defence – expect a hiccup this weekend against Canberra in Canberra – but genuine top 4 contenders.

5. Warriors:Warriors 16 30

Been solid all season – genuine top 8 contenders but no threat to the flag on current form.

6. Broncos:Broncos 16 23

On the slide and on the nose – their early form against weak teams gave them false expectations – they have a bunch of weak forwards and this will always hurt them when the other teams get aggressive – expect the slide to continue during the SOO series – possible top 8 if they can get some backbone back into their forwards.

7. Bulldogs:Bulldogs 14 23

Genuine top 8 contenders – expect them to get rolled by the SeaEagles this weekend – but a team who lift when necessary around Finals times.

8. Tigers:  Tigers 12 17

The hot and cold team in the competition – if they get it right they might become top 4 – but no evidence to date … …

NRL Bottom Eight Teams

No Team Pts F/A Comments
9. Knights:Knights 12 -6

A toiling team with injury problems – expect them to be in this fringe top 8 position – no chance for the flag …

10. Panthers:Panthers 10 -30

Time for this team to step up – they have the player roster but again – some key injuries have impacted – Luke Lewis’s return has sparked them and expect them to continue their rise up the ladder –

11. Rabbitohs:Rabbitohs 10 -44

Another disappointing team this season – if they get it right on the day – they can compete with any team – The Coach has not got his forward rotations right all season and needs to take some of the blame …

12. Eels:….. Eels 10 -86

The bye have inflated these teams points – only 4 wins all season – and this team is the most hapless – they had a big win that improved their for and against a fortnight ago against a pathetic Sharks – expect them to continue their slide down the ladder – possible wooden spoon contenders …

13. Roosters:Roosters 8 -67

Another disappointing team effort this season – finalist’s last year and contenders for wooden spoon this year – predict Brian Smith to be sacked later this season if no improvement can be found.

14. Sharks: Sharks 8 -71

Showed some backbone last week against the storm away … if they get the chocolates this week against the Broncos – maybe their season can improve …

15. Canberra:Raiders 8 -84

The team is starting to play to their potential – I expect them to cause more upsets – starting this weekend against the Cowboys – a chance to make the top 8 if they can string some wins together against higher placed teams.

16. Titans:  Titans 8 -85

There are 4 teams on 8 competition points – or 3 wins from 11 games and the bye. They have been pathetic – and as predicted earlier in the season – the Titans forward pack are in the ‘old man’ category and half – Scott Prince has had a shocker of a season to date. Don’t hold much hope for any improvement – Cartwright under some pressure but will hold his job ….

  1. yoda
    June 3, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    As an avowed Parramatta supporter I never give up, but I too have written them off for the season. This said I will watch and support and go away dissappointed again and again. BUT at least I have the passion to support a team, the same one for the 49 years(yes my dad took me to my first parra game when I was ten….I know pain…and I have been through it several times). BUT as I was saying the passion that I feel far outweighs the sarcasm and ignorance that you possess, Oh poor you for not experiencing what it is like!Don’t you know it is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all. Your loss Poop Deck.
    With regard to Jarrad Hayne and the unfortunate body language he carries that makes people dilike him!
    He is a young man that goes to Church 3 times during the week, he neither drinks or smokes and last summer saved a drowning Irish Tourist and said afterwards he wants no recognition, because anyone would do it. He tried to have the reporter not record his name. If you hear him speak you will realise he is very shy and obviously not well educated. He has found it difficult to come to terms with his fame and acts instinctively when he is baited. All these things are something the Parramatta club need to address.
    With regard to his form, his coach, who is also the NZ national coach has rated him in his top 3 players in every game he has played. As the only player in the side needing to be watched he is thus the most heavily marked player in the game. Who else at Parra needs to be marked closely? Ricky Stuart doen’t like him because he is not structured and does not fit into his coaching model. On this basis thank God we still have brilliant unstructured players to watch and enjoy. I would hate to watch Ricky’s structured team every week!
    So with this background of ignorance breaking information, I hope you give the bloke a better go, not just because he plays for Parra, but because he is just a young bloke who is not involved in a sex, drugs or alchol embarrasment to the game.

  2. Snoop-Poop
    June 3, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    Hey YODA – you jerkey turkey laced with Eel oil … missed ya …

    I like it that you wear your heart on the outside – very few fans do that these days – except when they’re winning … your defence of Mr Hayne assumes that he is dumb and uneducated – I don’t agree – I think he is just misunderstood and Coaches have not learnt how to get the best out of him –

    Perhaps his unwillingness to be in the spotlight comes from too much exposure at too young an age – he is an ‘athlete’ and nobody disputes that – but here are so many athletes who waste their natural talent – Ben Cousins – Wayne Cary – Julian O’Neill – to name three that come quickly to mind – perhaps Greg Richie and someone lesser known in Justin Poole – who you coached as a Junior Cricketer – you know the score – some people were just not team players and would excell better at individual sports – would Mr Hayne fit that category?

    I rag on Parramatta because for many seasons they continue to shortchange their fans – and the Broncos are similar – the comparrissons with Parramatta is there because they are a great Club with talent to burn in a one team town in the heart of league heaven. The players profiles given to them by the media also give them all big heads and this is where the seperation of commitiment to club and the individual becomes evident.

    Tigers suffer the same with the media profile of Benji and Farrah – Newscastle suffered when Johns was there becasue of it – and the NSW Origin suffers it now with the profile of Johns and his media commitiments whilst trying to be a full time coach advisidor whilst in camp …

    I don’t judge Hayne – just the team performance – on a scale of 50 and ranking each players worth to a team – Hayne scores 20 – Hindmarsh -10 – Luke Burt – 5 – Manner – 5 – and that does not leave much for the others – even Foui Mo Mo is no value given his hot and cold performances …I do rag on them and they deserve it –

  3. January 25, 2012 at 9:17 am

    Thank you for making the effort and sharing this information with us all. It was in fact very helpful and insightful while being straight forward and to the point.

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