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The MEDIA … and how they have trivialised the news cycle …

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Title: “The MEDIA”
… and how they have trivialised the news cycle …

Thought of the Day: …
Some legislators only wish vengeance against a particular enemy. Others only look out for themselves. They devote very little time to consideration of any public issue. They think that no harm will come from their neglect. They act as if it is always the business of somebody else to look after this or that. When this selfish notion is entertained by all, the commonwealth slowly begins to decay …

Thucydides made this observation in about 400 BC

Media proprietors have been allowed to condense the vision news cycle to an ever shrinking 5-10 second News Headline.

News Producers are tough task masters – they demand reporters and interviewers try and capture the 5-10 sec one-line comment that affords News editors the luxury to structure a story based around the one-liner. 

Most vision news stories run for 60-90 seconds – condensing the story is the priority – in any prep interview there is always 5-10 minutes of footage – including backgrounding – false walks and paper shuffling etc – once a Reporter/Interviewer have heard what they want to hear – i.e. the news headline to lead the story – whatever else is said will often be lost in editing and become part of the overlay content.

Just for a quick moment – think about political interviews you have watched in the last day or so and how they are usually condensed to a ‘one-line’ summary.

Politicians have been educated and prepped by their media staff to understand the ‘one-liner’ news cycle concept. They rehearse their one-liners in private – often prepared and edited by staff or advisors looking to kick a ‘political’ goal against their opponent.

This combat environment is a media windfall and Politicians are all too eager to play the game.

In partaking – Political Leaders have handed the moral ground to News reporters/interviewers and their producers.  They pander for the coverage and when they labour on a point or a question that needs genuine explanation – the media become bored realising that the story won’t be about the 5-10 sec headline.

Without that headline – the work of the editor and the reporter is often quadrupled – more time is required in the editing and voice overlay structure.  In essence – News reporting has become about vision imagery and condensing news to appease an audience who themselves want less rather then more.

Abbreviated texting – e-mail shorthand – impatient channel hopping – life has no time to sit and listen to any lengthy or good story that takes time to tell.

Movies have to be action and constantly pleasing – that is why we have a succession of hit comedies – multiple comedy scenes piled on top of one another with some connectivity – and when it is all combined – they call it a movie …

News has become much the same without the comedy – and whilst a viewer might want more on a story that interests – the News producer is only concerned with his own deadline and getting as much news as he can into his allotted time slot.

Viewers are often left feeling and making a judgement about Political Leaders based on their ability to deliver their one-line comment within these News cycle constraints.  The Politician has no control over how the news editor and producer wanted the story to slant.

Many a Political Leader has been burnt by the news editor … an unkind image used in a disparaging overlaid comment – the camera does not lie – and News editors are quick to take advantage of any slip-up. That slip-up often becomes more newsworthy that the story they were about to tell. 

Political Leaders are constantly groomed and coached as Actors are – Mr Howard had his eye-brows trimmed and clipped regularly because he was looking for female appeal within the electorate – a quick look into wardrobes will find many girdle type contraptions to hide extra kilos … makeup staff are often on hand to do pre-interview touch-ups.

Why do political Leaders allow the media to dictate the agenda – both sides want the media focus yet they have no real control over the story or slant – they need to make News reporters beg for the media cycle – but do it on your own terms – cull the doorstep comment – regain the control –

But then when one looks to the conduct within the HOR and the Senate chambers – the Members give every indication they would have trouble trying to organise an assembly parade where they all stood together to prove some cohesive and supportive behaviour.

Everyone in politics is a budding prima-donna and media junkie – ego’s are at stake and this is our problem – the Media have found the key to stroke these egos.



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