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Snoop-Poop’s – State of Origin Game 1 – Player and Game review

May 26, 2011
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QLD Cane Toads

State of ORIGIN Game 1 – Player Ratings and Game Review ……

NSW Cockroaches

Game Summary: NSW played well – with the amount of ball QLD had they should have won by 30+ – there are two reasons why this did not happen – QLD were underdone and down on finishing effort and NSW shower more ticker than they have in the past – QLD”s Falou/Inglis/Hodges took there strike power down several levels – but then it was a forward battle and when Petro and Scott were on the park – NSW had no chance – NSW will take heart from the performance and unless QLD improve on this games performance – then the decider will count ….

Stuart gave this team something – but then if he didn’t where was Origin headed – still not a Coaches asshole – but he did lift his players. AT 10-0 and with a 66th min kick to go 12-0 – Stuart could be seen head bowed and all over reed rover – but his players came back an that has to have some Coach accreditation – or maybe it was just having to return to NSW unloved and chastened …

QLD  Team:
Position Player Game ! Rating Comment
Fullback: Billy Slater 6.5/10

Quite game – scored match wining try off Scott line break and inside pass from Lockyer – great tackle on Jennings to stop try … one of his quieter games

Wing – 1 Darius Boyd 7/10

Player out of position on wing – but still made Gasnier look ordinary – player a great defensive game – kick returns OK – not a game for wingers …

Wing -2 Jharal Yow Yeh 6/10

Had good rookie game – scored a give try off NSW mistake – dropped ball once – defense on left side with new Neilsen looked shaky all night …

Centre -1 Willie Tonga 6/10

Gutsy but foolish effort to play 60% of game injured – never cost QLD but could have if NSW were up to taking advantage of it – they kept attaching the other side – Boyd covered his ass most of the night …

Centre -2 Dane Nielsen 5.5/10

OK rookie debut – very little change to shine in attack = cover tackle on Jennings was highlight …

Five/Eight Darren Lockyer 8.0/10

Was not his best – but still well above his opposite number – set up winning try for Slater – Smith and Thurston inside were doing all the damage – not a backline game …

Halfback Johnathan Thurston 8.5/10

Created havoc whenever he had the ball 1st half – goalkicking was off and 2nd miss sparked a NSW comeback … was also part of winning try effort – Scott line break – quick play the ball – Smith to Thurston to Lockyer back inside to Slater … TRY …

Lock Ashley Harrison 7.0/10

Best game all season – lifted in attack doing’ the hard work and never missed a tackle all night ……

2nd Row – 1 Nate Myles 5.5/10

Carried his ordinary club form into game – never looked threatening – possible dropping for Game 2- …

2nd Row – 2 Sam Thaiday 6.0/10

Has a limited scope running the ball – jinks too much … only effective in attack close to line – defence was awesome and that is his strength …

Prop – 1 Matt Scott 9.5/10-

Player of the Match for mine – nobody wanted to take him on head-on – made most line breaks by anyone all night – ran over Innis to set up winning try …

Prop – 2 Petro Civoniceva 8.5/10

Played one of his best Origins 1st 20 Min and then came back to carry on the bulldog work in 2nd half … missed Bird to allow NSW 1st try … …

Hooker Cameron Smith 8.5/10

Had ample room 1st half – set up 1st try – all over Young in 1st 20min – Innis tightened it up around ruck when he came on and then it became a contest … was dummy half to set up winning try – stood up when it counted when QLD were down 12-10

Bench – 1 Ben Hannant 5.5/10

NSW came into game when Scott/Perto went off after 25min – not his best game – seemed to want to avoid clash when running the ball up – maybe carried an injury into game but not his best effort …

Bench – 2 Cooper Cronk 6.5/10

Busy played when came on as substitute – set up Yow Ye’s try with kick … great value in bench option … …

Bench – 3 Corey Parker/David Taylor 5.5/10

Limited opportunities – TAYLOR much better option for game 2 ..never let the side down – but does not have the ‘X’ factor needed for these types of games anymore …

Bench – 4 Jacob Lillyman 5.5/10

Another rookie I think Came on as replacement – fumbled ball at crucial stage backend of 2nd half – did his job in defence – same category as Parker – can do better from a selection perspective …

Coach Mal Meninga 7.5/10

Not his best prepared team – QLD will need to improve to hold BLUEs in Sydney – never fixed the defensive hole on left side knowing it was where NSW would attack – Lockyer inside of Neilsen was where the holes were all night and were still there at the end of the night ……

QLD Team Points: 122.5 against an original team ranking of 132.0

QLD did enough to win – they had enough ball to win by 30+ NSW defense held them out – but QLD attack kept breaking down – new center pairing was the problem – Falou not there to kick to also was an issue … Got lucky in the end – and it would have been one that got away if NSW had of held on after hitting front with 10 to go …

NSW  Team:
Position Player Ranking Comment
Fullback: Josh Duggan 6.5/10

Solid under the high ball – made crucial error in fumbling lose ball when team under immense pressure in 2nd half … not required to do anything defensively – not his fault when Morris played the man and not the ball to allow Yow Ye’s try. –

Wing – 1 Brett Morris 5.0

Out of his depth completely – maybe made 2 hit ups all night – cost a try – touched the ball maybe 6-8 times … replace …

Wing -2 Akuila Uate 7/10

NSW’s best player … proved he is up to this standard – in a game where 90% of all the play was in the center 80% of the field he looked dangerous whenever he touched the ball … …

Centre -1 Michael Jennings 7/10

had his best SOO game and looked menacing whenever he had the ball – more involved but still a soft cock in defense …

Centre -2 Mark Gasnier 5.5

Boyd had him covered all night – did nothin’ created nothin’ and needs to improve to hold his spot … the Union experiment has to still be bashed out of him …

Five/Eight Jamie Soward 5.5

Was missing for first 30min when QLD forwards dominated – kicking game was only evident in 2nd half and way below par for him … maybe a bit overawed during the game – but will learn from experience … stick with him …

Halfback Mitchell Pierce 6.0

Busy player and NSW have obviously decided they will stick with him – created little in attack – Club form has been ordinary but player a better game in this company … did nothing creative all game

Lock Greg Bird 6.5

stood up and played one of his better games – not my kind of player but the niggle factor will always keep him competitive ,,, set up NSW comeback with a jink and line break …

2nd Row – 1 Paul Gallen 6/10

Tried his hardest – but he just is not up to this level – easily contained – no offload’s – and his laziness in defence allowed Slaters try to win game … …

2nd Row – 2 Beau Scott 7/10

Player great game – was in QLD’s face all night -hit hard in defence and did the hit up work as well –

Prop – 1 Jason King 6/10

Steam rolled early by QLD props – hung in there in defense – did nothing of note in attack … pedestrian effort …

Prop – 2 Kade Snowden 6/10

big lump of a lad – hurt himself early trying a big hit – the ‘sting’ put him back in the ordinary effort after that …

Hooker Michael Innis 7/10

If nothing else he helped shut down Smith’s dominance of the ruck in the 1st 20min – gave away penalty that led to Thurston’s missed goal attempt that let to the NSW comeback … again outclassed at this level – his head in your face every tackle makes him a grub of a player – cheap shots all night is all you can expect – did he cause stink after final hooter sounded – or was that Bird – the other spoiler …

Bench – 1 Ben Creagh 6.5/10

Limited opportunities in game – hit it up hard when he did come on – did his job in defense … needs to start …

Bench – 2 Trent Merrin 5/10

Never saw him much … can’t comment on performance …

Bench – 3 Dean Young 5.5/10

Out of his depth at this level as first 20 min showed – maybe some confusion as to what his role was to be – two hookers in team made it a awkward selection issue … …

Bench – 4 Tim Mannah 5.5/10

Again – did his job when asked – noting of note to report …

Coach Ricky Stewart 6/10

Stuart turned out a team ready to play – never dropped their bundle and given where NSW have be en for 5 years – this team will improve – A tweak in selection – only 2-3 will be all it needs to give them some strike power on the field and off the bench ……

NSW Team Points: 109.5 against an Original team ranking of 106.0 NSW will take heart from this game and build from it – they will be more seasoned come Game 2 and the rookies will learn plenty – they were given a sniff in Game 1 and Stuart will milk that for all its worth – a little lift by all team players and they get to match QLD’s game 1 effort – of course if QLD also lift the result will be the same.
  1. Brad McNabe
    May 26, 2011 at 11:03 am

    Was that the worst SOO on record?

    Now that prima donna Jarrod Hayne has been forced into semi retirement, there were many players chasing his title.

    The nominations for prima donna of game one series 2011 are; Ben Hannant, Tony Archer, Tony Archer, Ben Hannant, Mark Gasnier and Billy Slater! And the winner is Tony Archer.

    Darius Boyd proved once and for all Gasnier is just living in his uncle’s shadow and can’t even say anything nice about Uncle Reg. (2nd cousin twice removed, who is the imposter?).

    Ben Hannant…. let us simply forget about him. Should he ever play again for Queensland simply catch him two wide of the play the ball, and run straight at him. Why was Canterbury Bulldogs happy for him to go? Why were the Broncos happy for him to go? Why did the Broncos re sign him and their fans start to believe in them? The Broncos final calculations based around Ben Hannant? good onya

    Billy Slater can score tries from broken play, but

    If an Australian team was picked tonight then Josh Duggan gets the guernsey.
    If he is not fit then look at Brett Stewart. If we are seriously challenged maybe see if Minichello has any form. Please…. Billy Slater can not handle any pressure and the only reason his has the achievements he has is because he has played in a great Melbourne team, and moreover a truly great Qld team. Billy Slater is a serious joke. Second only to Jarrod Hayne.

    Tony Archer. RIP. Should that clown ever control another major match then NRL, RIP.

    Nominations for man of the match. Sam Thaiday. Michael Jennings, or the Qld team in the first 10 to 15 minutes. The rest was really very average. When NSW attempted a type of ascendancy after 15 minutes, they were confused and Archer came through for Queensland. In the dying stages when NSW actually lead 12-10 they lost sight of the task at hand, and…..

    How could you back NSW in Game 2 in Sydney knowing that game 3 is again at Lang Park. Stand up! Grow up! The kicking game of Soward and Pearce was about as functional as both sets of forwards in gaining any ascendancy.
    Lockyer and Thurston were quiet. Don’t expect that in game 2, there is a very good chance of Greg Inglis being back.

  2. Snoop-Poop
    May 26, 2011 at 11:06 am

    Don’t agree on so many levels re player – i.e. Hannant – Slater – and I thought the Ref had a 6.5/10 game as well … QLD play the balls were so much slower than NSW – and NSW only got pinged once … which led to the Thurston missed goal … but thnaks for the comment …

  3. yoda
    May 27, 2011 at 9:22 am

    Good to see Brad McNabe offering thoughts on the game. I say this, as although I don’t know Brad, thoughts would not be something he has a lot of. He would have had, I would guess his last original thought when choosing to suckle on his mothers breast or chewing the carpet. he was probably about 18 at the time.
    This said we could have an IQ contest between him and Snoop Poop and it would be nearly as intertesting as his opinions on SOO. If such a contest did eventuate I wonder if you could get a real winner with both scores under 10.
    Snoop poop put himself right in the contest when he “thanked Brad for his comment”.
    Not the reaction from someone who gets many compliments. Maybe they new each other at the Soccer school for new NRL recruits. I can imagine them have a conversation over the finer points of the game, such as how the soccer ball got flattened to make the funny “rugby ball”

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    November 10, 2012 at 7:23 pm

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  5. November 10, 2012 at 10:48 pm

    Thanks Verna …

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