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Snoop-Poop’s NRL Round 11 Weekend Wrap …

May 24, 2011
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“NRL Weekend Wrap … Round 11 – 24th May …”
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Weekend Summary:  A pathetic round of league and in Origin week build up.  Of the 10 teams who played only two are top 8 contenders – and they will only make up the numbers in the 8.

This competition is already a two tiered competition on player ability and willingness to give fans what they pay for. Those two teams are Warriors and a toss up between the Tigers and Rabbitohs …

Earlier this season I mentioned and commented on establishing a Premier competition of 10 teams and a Second tier competition of 10 teams. That comment can be read here.

Honestly – if the quality of football served up over the weekend was the same every week – I would be an AFL or Rugby convert – but then I remember why I prefer to watch league.

The top teams – Dragons and Storm – are so far ahead of the rest of the competition they should be given a handicap. The teams that have to play these sides twice in the competition are disadvantaged with respect to the teams who don’t. This already represents a semblance of a 2 tier level competition … and we saw the bulk of the 2nd tier teams play over the weekend.

The relegation and promotion system in a two tiered competition will improve the quality of games. We are now into Round 12 – half way through the season and look at the ladder – it is compressing as SOO takes toll. Yet Dragons with 20 points and the Storm on 16 with four other teams when BYE points are allowed – that is the top six teams – the Raiders defeat over Storm a week ago does prove that the top sides can be beaten – but week in and week out – the bottom teams have lost touch.

Fans of these bottom sides have a weekly decision tomake – suppot a team with no chance of winning – or don’t bothe rto show up and lok elsewhere for entertainment.  Loyal fans will turn up – but for how long will they remain loyal.  In a two tier competition – these bottom teams would have a chance to win a competition and be promoted to the higher lever the next season.   The competition needs a revamp … this is one suggestion – do you have another?

The NRL ladder can be viewed here :

Game Time Home Team: Away Team Comments/Selections …
Friday 20/05 7:35pm Raiders: Bulldogs

Preview: Canberra shocked Storm last weekend – pick is for the Raiders to do it again on home soil …

Match Summary: By far the best match wo watch over the weekend … the Raiders followed through their Storm form and as cellar dwellers – teams yet to play them can expect to have to earn their points …

Winner: Raiders 20-12

Sat 14/05 7:30pm Tigers Panthers

Preview: One of the more interesting games of the split round – after the Panthers upset over the Broncos last weekend – the interest is in whether they can repeat the performance against a weak Tigers who are struggling … pick is for Panthers to win well … and for Lewis to again lead the way …

Match Summary: Another close game – but woeful to watch … Tigers were lucky but the Panthers were a patch of the side that dusted the Broncos a week before.

Winner: Tigers 20-18

Sun 22/05 3:30pm Roosters Knights

Preview: The other good match of the round – Roosters were pathetic against the Sharks last weekend – and at home I don’t see them improving this weekend – Knights to overcome the setback against the Warriors and win in a tight tussle …

Match Summary:A pathetic game to watch – the quality of games put up this weekend for telecast and as a general decision to split the round – has don’t League promotion no service –

Winner: Roosters 12-10

Sun 22/05 4:00pm Warriors Rabbitohs

Preview: This will be a strong test for the Rabbitohs and whether they can be competitive away from home – for mine – no – the Warriors will lift and the weakened Rabbits will be no match …

Match Summary: The Rabbitohs tried hard but never travel well to NZ. The Warriors did enough to get the 2 points – another uninspiring match.

Winner: Warriors 12-6

Mon 23/05 7:00pm Eels Sharks

Preview: The Sharks beat a hapless Roosters last weekend and I expect them to back up and do it again against the even more hapless Eels … a no interest game …

Match Summary:The Sharks sent up a sub-standard team – down 22-0 at half time – they were just as bad in the second half –

Winner: Eels 40-6

Selection Results from Round 11: | Winners =2 | Losers = 3 |
  1. Warwick
    May 24, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    Most importantly when are you going to make a goose of yourself, by predicting the match that matters.

    Blue! Blue! Blue!

    Have not heard any betting fluctuations, Ricky Stuart does not want his charges thinking too much in front of the match. No talk about winning – just focus on the task at hand. Blues to score first, lead at half time, and win the match, at Suncorp. By about 10 with at least one field goal.

    Man of the match Ennis. (Why do all toads nick name him pee?)

  2. yoda
    May 25, 2011 at 10:49 am

    Sorry Warwick, After supporting NSW for the past 5 years (QLD when they were going bad, to have and foster a more even competition) I cannot now support them despite the subject of my rhetoric when refering to QLD above. The reason being is that a team cannot be the “plaything” for the coach. Also the Coach will play such a dour game, they will end up like the Warathas “boring”. I truly hope QLD can win by 30 and then clean sweep the series and the coach falls on his sword. Realistically this will probably not happen as Stewart coached sides usually do well initially, until he polarises his players and they get “jack” of him. So i suspect unless we can get a club side to take him off our hands (thats our best chance)we will continue to be stuck with him. In the the meantime go the “toads” and boo Ricky.

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