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NRL Round 10 Match Review and Results …

May 17, 2011
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NRL Round 10 matches – May 13th -16th
Game Time Home Team: Away Team Comments/Selections …
Friday 13/05 7:35pm Bulldogs: Dragons

Preview: Dragons will have a tough battle early – but I expect Dragons will run away in second half to win comfortably …

Match Summary: good match to watch – Dragons were awesome 1st half and led 15-0 – the Bulldogs came out determined to make a game of it in the the 2nd half – the last 20 mins was 15-10 and the Dragons looked shot – the Bulldogs had a sniff and with a bit of luck may have got the points – whenever the Dragons were in the Bulldogs Qtr – they elected to pot for field-goal at 15-10 – weird thinking … indicated there are some chinks there which other teams will take notice of …



Friday 13/05 7:35pm Panthers Broncos

Preview: Interesting Game – Broncos will have to be hard early to match the Panthers – news through the week about Gould will have the same impact Sheens’s resigning had for the Tigers – I expect a tight game and the cold weather may favour the Panthers – Broncos in a tight match …

Match Summary: The 1st 20 minutes was an arm wrestle and great footy – you had the inkling an upset was on the go – the Panthers showed up and muscled up and had the better of the early exchanges – the Panthers led 12-10 at half time and was no reflection of how the game went – Broncos scored their 10 pts in the last 5 min of the half – they got lucky – could have been 18-6 at he half – 2nd half was all Panthers – Broncos looked out of the contest after the 55th min – Panthers fans will be happy – but the GOULD factor played a big part – goes to show that players have mental and attitude problems – they will play for some coaches but not for others – I feel for Elliot – but the players would just not put in for him …



Sat 14/05 5:30pm Storm Raiders

Preview: Not much to say – by how far – Storm to put on a score …

Match Summary:  The round of upsets continue – Heard most of the game – and Storm were behind all game – Canberra showed up – what was their motivation – 2nd gets beat by the bottom team – 3rd gets beat by the 2nd bottom team – this comp is about to squeeze up a little with the Dragons sneaking a 4 pt break over the field …



Sat 14/05 7:30pm Rabbitohs Tigers

Preview: I expect this to be on of the better games of the season – The Rabbits need the points and the TIGER’s – especially Farrah wants SOO and he’ll be in for a big one – as always which Benjie is gonna show up – it’ll be a tight contest and I pick the Rabbits to win in a good match.

Match Summary: The Rabbits turned on a show against the hapless TIGERS during the first half to lead 27-0 – Sheens did his half time rave and the 2nd half became a dour affair – this was not good news for the Rabbits – they won the game 29-18 – but given their dominance in the 1st half – they did not show the same intensity in the 2nd half – with the compressing of the leader board – points for and against will become important at some point and the RABBIT’s squandered a perfect opportunity to do a shut out and go on a scoring spree in the 2nd half …



Sat 14/05 7:30pm Cowboys Eels

Preview: Cowboys will win this in a cakewalk … if the Eels put up and try and be competitive – their fans may take some hope for a better backhalf of the season – they have major problems in the player roster and I have no idea what they can do … Sandow was a poor purchase in my opinion for the money paid – sure the halves are the most important positions – and they are your playmaker – but look elsewhere …

Match Summary: The weekend of upsets seemed likely to continue with the Eels leading 26-10 with 20 ro go – they allowed the Cowboys to put on 30 pts and lost the game 40-26 – for Parramatta fans – another gut-wrencher and more reason to ask about heart and pride in the gernsey …



Sun 15/05 2:00pm Knights Warriors

Preview: Another good match up – Warriors convincing win against the Titans last week on the backup form the Test showed they are Top 8 contenders – Knights need to show up at home – I pick the Knights in a tight game – I feel the backup away and the 3 games in 8 days will have a toll on the Warriors …

Match Summary: The game was a tussle up to the 72nd minute – Knights led 16-12 and two quick tries to the Warriors – the 1st against the run of play – sealed the game. This loss could have significant on the Knights and how they shape up in the next few weeks without SOO players and disruptions.



Sun 15/05 3:30pm Sharks Roosters

Preview: This is the Fee-to-Air game on Sunday and again what a programing joke – thew Warriors v Knights game would have been worth watching – bloody FOX and the NRL – someone needs a good boot up the ass … Roosters to win comfortably – but I won’t be watching – both teams woefully out of form and anything is possible … Myles needs to have a blinder for SOO confidence … and the matchup between him and Gallen will be interesting …

Match Summary: Match was a low quality encounter – Sharks got out to an early lead and the Roosters had nothing to offer …



Mon 16/05 7:00pm Titans SeaEagles

Preview: SeaEagles in a cakewalk – although away – and the Titans can pull off some upsets – Prince has to get over whatever is impacting his game – but the SeaEagles will be too solid and win narrowly.

Match Summary: Never saw or heard the match so I can only comment on the score line and a brief NRL comment – “Despite the absence of stars Brett Stewart and Jason King, the Sea Eagles scored their first win at Skilled Park since 2008 with a 16-12 win over the Gold Coast.” I thought that they would have had King’s services despite his SOO selection – I find that prejudicial against Manly having to give up players that no other teams had to do over the week-end – of course if his absence was because of some other issue – i.e. injury then I take it all back.



Selections Results: Winners = 4 : Looses = 4 … a weekend of upsets …

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