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Snoop-Poop on NSW “State of Origin” Team selections …

May 16, 2011
QLD Cane Toads Snoop-Poop with the Scoop: NSW Cockroaches
Author: Snoop-Poop on NRL Snoop-Poop’s comment on the NSW State Of Origin Team selections
NSW Team:
Position Player Ranking Comment
Fullback: Josh Duggan 5.0

Earned his chance at the big time – will his forward pack be able to give him the room he needs to shine … the highball under pressure? –

Wing – 1 Brett Morris 6.5

Specialist in the position – does not like the ruck work on kick returns … needs open space and he won’t get that in Origin …

Wing -2 AkuilaUate 5.0

weak link at this level … has size and will be made to do a lot of the hitups on kick returns behind a thumped forward pack …

Centre -1 Michael Jennings 6.5

a soft cock – goes missing when his team is on the backfoot – has serious defence flaws … weak link – but to offset – broken play specialist and backend’s of half may give him opportunities …

Centre -2 Mark Gasnier 7.5

Still making his way back to League – a hail-mary selection … hope more than form dictated … defensively has been shown up at SOO level …

Five/Eight Jamie Soward 5.0

There for his kicking game – untried at this level and the defense will test him out … if his forwards don’t get go forward – his time to measure his kicks as he does with the Dragons will be diminished – what sort of player is he under pressure … we are about to find out …

Halfback Mitchell Pierce 6.0

Worst possible selection … targeted as a future star – we’re all still waiting – where are the Roosters – poor Club form is not the platform for SOO selection …

Lock Greg Bird 6.5

Player everybody loves to hit … disliked … and is a niggler … but can’t dispute his competitive instincts …

2nd Row – 1 Paul Gallen 6.5

Not my style of player for SOO – too many easy penalty give away’s … too small … to limited in his game capability – great defender bit not up to SOO level …

2nd Row – 2 Beau Scott 5.0

Great selection – transfer from center to forwards to make way for Gasnier has worked – has all the scope to make it in SOO – but still untested …

Prop – 1 Jason King 5.0

Big lump and a good Club player – but will struggle with the speed of SOO and his work-rate at Club level does not indicate he can match the pace required at SOO level …

Prop – 2 Kade Snowden 5.0

Don’t know anything about this guy … but a rookie and that says ‘fresh meat’ …

Hooker Michael Innis 6.5

Picked for his ‘niggle’ impact and his hyena tactics – hit and run – will see him marked well … not up to this level as a hooker or a forward … committed but lacks skill level and size to be anything other then a spoiler …

Bench – 1 Ben Creagh 7.0

One of the old forwards to taste SOO defeat … his right hand off-loads have not worked at SOO level previously – has plenty to do as the experienced forward in the pack … good luck …

Bench – 2 Trent Merrin 5.0

A newbie – lump of a lad and SOO speed will sort him out … has potential and this selection might just be the making of him and someone for the future …

Bench – 3 Dean Young 5.0

Newbie … from Dragons and association with Creagh and Scott will help … but again a rookie … competitive and committed … will add to the team …

Bench – 4 Tim Mannah 6.5

A plodder and defence forward … nothing special other than he has SOO experience – poor Club performances does not give confidence to whether he can really measure up to SOO …

Coach Ricky Stewart 6.5

A has-been in Coaching terms – on his last chance and a hiding to nothing … has a NRL premiership with Roosters in 1st year – on back of the GOULD mentor factor before they fall out – since then been booted from two Clubs and Test Coach position – this is the worst selection of all …

NSW Team Points: 106.0

QLD beat NSW at every position across the park … in NSW a player who can make a difference dose nott want to play this QLD team (Cooper … that sends a message … ) – same with the Coach position (GOULD) … therein lies the problem … no heart – no ticker – no committment …

Player Ratings Explained:

  • All Player Rankings are on a scale of 1-10 –
  • SOO is different – so Club form is not necessarily carried forward as a ranking –
  • If a player has played in a Series winning SOO – automatically scores = 7 [subject to below]
  • If player has not played in a winning SOO before – automatically scores = 5 – [subject to below]
  • Each Player is then ranked to their status in the game relative to the position they will generally play – i.e. Lockyer will score 10 because he is generally regarded as the best in the game at his position – who ever plays opposite him is then scored against the matchup with their opposite number –
  1. Warwick
    May 16, 2011 at 8:18 am

    These ratings are a joke. Why would Uate only rate 5. He played for Australia in the Anzac test. The fact that there is no role for Idris shows depth.

    Under these dopey ratings system, several of the the greatest players including Dally Messenger or Bobby Fulton or Graeme Langlands would only rate a 5 because SOO started after they retired. Big time experience matters but not to the extent of being compelling evidence.

    If you continue this rubbish no one will care to listen.

  2. Snoop-Poop
    May 16, 2011 at 8:36 am

    Hey Warwick – these are my rules – you are entitled to disagree … but rather than focus on the rankings which I have to admit favours any team to win 5 years in a row – but again – my rules … you can make up your own ranking system and comments and I will be happy to post them just to show that I am unbiased – and will allow others to have their opinion … I challenge you to come up with rankings for the NSW team and justify the matchups …

    As for the Dally Messengers, Fultons and Langlands – they would have all been in winning SOO sides … so your barb is self inflicting – get yourself some quality players with a heartbeat and some ticker and make a contest …

    As for Uate – Knights – where are they on the ladder – SOO is different – until he proves he has got it – 5 is all he rates …

  3. yoda
    May 16, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    I agree with Warwick.
    Whats more if you are going to take the attitude of “your rules” then your whole system is irrelevant.
    I will not comment on anything other than the comments themselves.
    Firstly where the players club side is on the ladder is irrelevant ie Lockyer, Thurston last year.
    Secondly, Tim Mannah has been his clubs best forward and you say he has poor club form. Qld might be top of the hoop, but it does nothing for your lack of expertise or knowledge of the players.
    Personally I am going to support QLD this year because of Ricky Stuart and his non selection of the only match winner that NSW has, love him or hate him Hayne is the only game breaker in the NSW team. Indris after him.(both not selected)

    Tell me the match winners in that side, sorry a solid pack of forwards with pedestrian backs, Gasnier is no superstar, Michael Jennings is out of form. I applaud Soward’s selection, but how much better would he be putting up bombs with Indris and Hayne underneath him. Mitchel Pearce would not be in the first 4 halfbacks chosen for Qld.
    NO imagination from Ricky Stewart means a boring SOO and whats more he is such a beligerent bastard, he probably won’t learn from anything in the process. His final selections show this. Oh! I forgot, by including Ennis in the team he provides that little more incentive to have QLD smash them, doesn’t he remember last year and how Ennis single handedly gave a game to QLD which NSW had won.
    Wake up NSW, its hard enough to win against any side, but against this QLD side he risks the future of the competition by having such a dull team.

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