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Harry’s Growl – Political Updates – 16th May 2011

May 16, 2011
Harry HD HARRY’s GROWL: Harry's Growl -
Political Updates – 16th May 2011
By Harry Hound-Dog
Harry’s No-Brainer: …
Whenever camping – don’t piss into the wind … don’t shit near an ant’s nest … and make sure whatever you use to wipe isn’t poison ivy …

The Budget 2011:

Budgets come and Budgets go – and this has the official tag as the worst budget in 20 years … what can one say – don’t become a disability pensioner – don’t become a 40+ unemployed person – don’t become pregnant at 16 – but by all means become mentally challenged by all of the above and we’ll just categorise your differently.

I may not be a frisky or as horny as I once used to be – but golly-gosh – the love fest the ALP front-bench put on after Swannie put over his well watched floor show made me want to puke …

Everybody was feeling the love until Phony Tony – [Buckets Abbott] – put up his response two nights later and then it was his turn to have his front bench all want to grab his firm and bike-hardened ass … didn’t the Government Front Bench look like a motley crew listening to the Opposition Leaders speech – if Duchess Julia’s nose pointed out anymore – it could of scratched Tony’s cheek … or whatever else was itching …

Do you think she had it put out of joint?

You should have heard the chit chatter in the womans loo after when they all took a recess break – nobody checked the cubicles – and of course your trusted snoop was there scribbling away recording how the Duchess and her dress holders – Roxon and Macklin – all wanted to screw Phony Tony’s neck – but mind you that is not all they wanted to screw … Harry’s hand is still wringing with the language used to describe their wants and desires … apparently he is viewed as quite the stud in the corridors of Parliament House … he’s only a short ass – but the way these women were talking he must have a dangler on him …

Fashion News:

Water-Cooler gossip had Duchess Julia’s grooming attendant contacting some of Australia’s best known clothes designers with promises and incentives to build/construct/sew/… whatever it is they do – but she wants someone to design her a new wardrobe – apparently some polling the ALP did a few months back suggested that she needed to get rid of the pants-suits … and after her appearance at Westminster – she took note of how dignity dressed – and she hopes to boost the ‘softening approach’ – there is that phrase again – for her public profile…

A little source in the Parliamentary checks and balances Department – whispered that she has enquired with the Tax man about how she can deduct her cosmetic purchases – since becoming the PM – and with all the public appearances – her spend has gone up 500% and she thinks it is worth a try to get them made tax deductible. This is a ‘smoking story’ – can you imagine all these high profile women in Politics and in the Business community – and what they will spend on cosmetics if the taxman allowed deductions – it would be worth buying shares in Revlon and the like … more on this as the gos comes to hand …

The honey-pot sitting on the Opposition front bench – forever the bridesmaid – and the ‘never to be Leader’ – Deputy Leader – has also lent her support to Duchess Julia’s efforts on this cosmetic deduction front – she just does not want Phony Tony to know about it … she even suggested that the Botox injections be made deductible – how else can she give her face a lift …

This little birdie got a look at the Parliamentary wardrobe of Minister Roxon’s late last week – what one has to do to get these bits of information – her Secretary fancies me and it cost and arm and a penny – and a half a box of condoms – you know how it is when blokes get together – but I can report that it is all Black from start to finish – there ain’t no coloured garments in there at all … talk about dull and dreary – or is it that Black hides the unmentionables …

Australian PM

HON Julie Bishop

Hon Nicola Roxon

HOR Nicola Roxon

You see – when Nicola dresses with a bit of colour and does the hair thing – she’s a bit of a hottie … get out of BLACK Nicola …

Keating’s “YouTube” BLAST from the PAST:

Now a blast from Mr Phony Tony’s past where he heaps praise on Keating …

Harry’s SNIFF:

Harry has had some time off since his Royal Wedding visit and the Logies night coverage – so the SNIFF this week is a bit of the old and a bit of the new type theme … There is just so much not happening in Australian Politics at the moment – it’s like watching reruns of Princess Diana and Prince Charles take their ride in the NUT mobile in QLD on their first visit after their marriage – yea folks that is how dreary it is now that Winter has shoveled everybody inside behind closed doors … but the latest appears below …

  • Mr Hockey was seen at lunch with Channel 9 Executives a week ago – it gives some reasoning when you heard and saw his plug for Mr GREENWOOD in the Budget reply Question time … surely some subtlety is in order – Joe is looking for friendly copy from the Channel 9 executives down to their news producers –
  • Our favourite beehive has been out and about with the roadshow that is the JSCEM – [Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters] – and their Nationwide meetings to discuss the Sept 2010 Election. A friend of mine the – EYE-BALL sent in a submission to this Committee re the informal vote and a submission to have a ‘NONE OF THE ABOVE’ selection included on the ballot paper – EYE-BALL’s submission can be read on-line at the JSCEM website here – or at this Blog site here – anyway this was Phony Tony’s way of getting her out and about – and more to appease her want to take more of a Leadership role in Party Policy … she really is the old dragon – and such eye-candy with her fashion sense on the road …
  • Very hot news on this one – it’s and oldie but a goodie – sources very close to the QLD NP Leader in the Parliament – Mr Jeff Seeney – and worshipper of the unelected Leader Campbell Newman – has Mr Beattie – ex Premier of QLD – and Mr Seeney as step-brothers – talk for years in the local community of Mr Seeney has them both as off-spring of the same father … another source with a half-brother whose father is also the same man – can attest that he looks just like Mr Beattie – and when you compare Mr Seeney and Mr Beattie – there are many physical features confirming the gos … no journalist will go there on this story – so Harry HD has given you all a scoop … it is well – its was well discussed in local circles when Mr Beattie was Premier and Mr Seeney was the Leader in opposition.
  • The inside word on The Duchess and squeeze Tim tying the knot – it was a kite flying exercise in response to the latest drop in the PM’s poll numbers – she is very sensitive – but overly so when it comes to the popularity between her and Mr Abbott … –

Cartoon Corner:

This reporter loves the messages Political cartoon images of our Leaders deliver. For your pleasure and good humour – and courtesy of the Art Blog USA web site [linked here] the following cartoons of Duchess Julia are pasted:

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