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The HUMAN Response – a reason why Leaders struggle to LEAD

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“The HUMAN Response –

… a reason why Leaders struggle to LEAD …
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“Be true to thy self and try not to disappoint others who believe in you …

Afriend of mine has been having a go at the intended serious content at this BLOG site for months – he is known around this site as YODA – and I am very happy to call him my friend – his Spiritist teachings gives him empowerment to take exception at the ravings espouse in these writings as The EYE-BALL Opinion.

The banter you might read in the comments section creates good healthy debate – and whilst the banter is cryptic and push’s the boundaries of what most people would think as normal – in many ways our we each respect the boundaries of our friendship and ensure that those boundaries are always intact.

He believes that lost cause’s – in human terms and humanity can be fixed … but not until humanity understands that human responses are not always subjective, rational, logical – or in line with our own individual beliefs on any of these matters. The purpose in his mind is to help me to understand humanity’s impact on these matters and in doing so – he casts his shadow believing his purpose to be of good intent. He believes the anger and frustration evident in the comments made need to be channeled – and directed toward an enlightenment that will offer commentary that portrays a more humanitarian understanding of the human instinct.

Whilst the EYE-BALL will continue to throw eggs and words at World Leaders – YODA’s message is heard – and the EYE-BALL message will continue to harp at all Leaders.

From outside the ‘circle of Politics’ – it is so easy to be critical and cast comment at the inadequateness of how Government works – all of us want perfect Leaders and Governments that address issues as we all would like them to – but the ownership of a moral conscience before one enters Politics – becomes compromised from the very first days when the ‘Political Party’ system begins to weave its purpose.

Given what is happening around the Nth African rim – why is the Global Political Leadership so reluctant to deal decisively with what appears to becoming a protracted civil war in Libya and the apparent escalating loss of innocent and unarmed human life in Syria.

In all things that relate to Leadership – Political Leadership – the media are likes flies on a dung heap – all trying to expose the negatives. I see the media as the THUNDERING HERD – and an entourage accessory that has become part of the Political Leaders travelling baggage. Some where along the way the Political Leadership realised that these media representatives needed to be on-side as opposed to being off-side. As part of all that – when did it become so that the Political Leadership and the Media journalist became friends – social acquaintances even –

There is ample footage where their camaraderie is obvious – Political Leaders need to wrest back their Leadership mantle – they are playing to the Media’s agenda – and as YODA points out – this is the human instinct factor – Politicians want to be liked – they cop so much negative effigies type commentary – they seek the media to make themselves more palatable and profile friendly – again a human instinct trait in wanting to be liked.

This has also coincided with Ministers and Members of Parliament increasing the employment of media savvy staff – all designed to protect the employer from making a media ‘stuff-up’. To that charter – press conferences have become about the condensed 15-20 sec time frame comment – something that will grab a media headline that will be replayed in news flashes that day and night. These comments are scripted by the media secretaries looking to build the profile and creditability of their employer – they are designed to have an impact and they are rehearsed.

Political Leaders are playing personal attack games when the people want substance – the Leaders are responding to personal challenges by each other as opposed to taking a higher ground – ignoring the barbs is not the consideration – responding to the barb is – they feel the need to respond – that is insecurity and allows the media to dictate the political agenda. This again is the YODA perspective on the ‘human instinct’.



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