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Editoral – On a Comment posted by Herman O’HERMITAGE …

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“Comment by Herman O’HERMITAGE”

The AUSTRALIAN Media – who are the kidding …
Thought for the Day … “Let not the hard road distract you from your purpose …

Herman’s Comment:

Herman submitted a comment to the story EYE-BALL did a few weeks ago titled: The AUSTRALIAN Media – who are the kidding … ..Herman’s comments are posted below and I recommend you read them and post a comment if you feel moved to do so …

Another week of what is more becoming a joke government. The opposition leader surprises me more every day. I found John Howard’s advice on Wednesday to be illuminating. The government front bench simply can not sell any policy. Like many others I was very happy to see the demise of the Howard years. But this Gillard front bench is atrocious.

Today’s debate between Dick Smith and Tony Burke is just crazy. Why do we want population growth? Growth for growth’s sake. More green house gas considerations? More illegal immigrants to put into detention, More Pacific solutions? What is this skills shortage? Fighting wage inflation pressures. An ALP government that has absolutely no idea of it’s constituency. Pandering to capital pools without any concept of social justice and egalitarian concepts.

The more you dwell on it, this budget is exactly what Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott have been saying for about 12 months. Another great big tax to reign in the mindless deficit created in 2007/08. Swann said it was going to be a tough budget. It was a yawn. Media are already scouring for copy to sell their advertising. What is happening on the Mining Royalty Tax?

Yesterday Bob Brown was goading Tony Abbott “you are not going to get an election just because you want one”. Think about the various layers in that. Do the electorate want one?

On Thursday morning Swann was trying to defend lifting the government bond limit ceiling, attempting to say it was just normal business. What would Peter Costello say about that? In this boom time created by China’s demand for our resources, our government debt keeps ballooning. How many bubbles are this government going to create, and how quickly are they going to burst (or bust)? The economic stimulus should have been removed before this. What does that imply?

Scour the Labor Party front bench, and is there an impressive performer amongst them. Six months ago I might have included Combe. Today I might mention Penny Wong or Stephen Smith, but say that knowing they are highly likely to make goose’s of themselves any second now.

I can only wonder is there any other alternative. During the last post election period we put faith in the independents and cross benches. That clearly is not working. Something is simply going to have to give.

Should Gillard and Swann need to start watching their backs? What is Arbib up to?

There is so much relativity in these comments when compared with what troubles the electorate at large. We know our Leaders are weak in so many areas – to them it is a game – ‘shame and name’ – policy is washed and re-washed and even the media find it hard to find copy because most policy is benign in the way it is presented and in the way they try to sell it.

Well said Herman.

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  1. yoda
    May 15, 2011 at 8:55 am

    The problem is now our culture. What you see is the result of media perceptions of how our politicians should act. The Politicians in turn look to guidance and for the purposes of this exercise, the guidance comes from media experts.
    Every politician now has professional coaching at this level.
    Most of our politicians have not made it in life other than being a pollie.
    They set out to be politicians, unless they are coaxed into it by political parties who see some acumen that will turn into votes. This acumen maybe a succesful businessman ie Malcolm Turnbull, theoretically a good choice because he has led and made business decisions, independantly wealthy and so we assume has an idealology that means something in the national interest. Peter Garrett, profile from the party machine says he will attract young voters, he had a voice in the conservation/green type philosophy, heads a head banging band.
    Now lets look at how the media have treated both these people. Essentially a thumbs down. Now don’t get me wrong I am not advocating either of these or even expressing an opinion on their capacities (although a moron knows Turnbull would eat Garret),its just how the perceptions work and what our culture looks for via Media.
    It seems to me nothing is going to change the culture in the short term untill we have a crisis of huge proportions ie major war, disaster, depression etc.
    These things normally bring leadership forward, leadership which at present does not exist as a priority of intelligence.
    Eyeball in some of his rants keep talking about the “almighty blowup” “armageddon” AND LOOK OUT ITS COMING. What format this will be in and how a society like ours will handle that I am not sure.
    On a different tact maybe the answer is in a disparate ownership of media, whereas no Murdoch type monopolies can exist. This could also apply to Multi corporate ownerships such as Woolworths, Westfarmers,Coles etc.
    This may change the culture away from the branch office mentality that we now breed. ie we are making people into drones and not allowing to them to think for themselves, not even encouraging them to do so.
    Finally to change the culture we need to change the beaucracy that we have established through things such as health, judiciary,human resource management ect.
    Now in listing these things, ie all of the above, I am touching on the cultural changes that need to happen to make Hermans’ point of our quality of leadership.
    Finally our politicians need to be accountable, not with a register of pecuniary interests, but with register of beliefs that they take forward to an election and are subsequently held to, when assesing their performance. That register would not be allowed to be a rhetorical party diatribe but a history of that person since they were going to school to the individual things that motivate them and the historical consequences of certain actions. This could do something about the pre selection processes which the public do not see. What we would see would be the person, not the party.

    Oh to Dream the Impossible Dream. Sorry for my moments of delusion for writing this garbage.

  2. May 15, 2011 at 9:43 am

    Well said YODA – by far your most interesting and incisive comment – and I happen to agree with all – except your closing comment – that dream is possible – just believe it to be so – I recall a late night phone call – when someone said – “let your heart be your spirit” … meaning – that let you heart be your guide and given your heart-speak in this post bring forth such truth and honesty – your last comment conflicts with that belief in yourself …

  3. Warwick
    May 15, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    Yoda, not rubbish at all.

    Particularly well spoken. Maybe an impossible dream, but dwell on those succinct words, “To bear with unbearable sorrow, To run where the brave dare not go…” John Lennon also wrote something pretty special in Imagine. Imagine there’s no heaven.

    If this is it, then give it your best. If there is more, then evolve there too. For mine we can evolve on this plain, or on any other, when we are faced with it.

    Anybody who insists they have all the answers, is missing something. If EYE-BALL did not questioning the wisdom, then who will do it? Your points do highlight how the existing media, government have become somewhat too cosy. Good on ya!

  4. Cyril Kloc
    May 27, 2011 at 7:49 am

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