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State of Origin – 2011 – “Snoop Poop” gives the scoop …

May 12, 2011
QLD Cane Toads

Snoop-Poop’s SOO Report:

NSW Cockroaches
Author: Snoop-Poop on NRL Snoop-Poop is providing special State of Origin reports and looking for reader feedback …
SOO is WAR … meek and self doubters need not apply …

The COCKROACH Corner –

Ricky Steward’s last Coaching job was as both Australian and Cronulla Sharks Coach – he has as many mental scars as most of the past NSW Players – his Australian team lost the un-loseable TEST against New Zealand – and the SHARKS booted him out because he could not get his team to win matches on a consistent basis. The NSW League have thrown him a bone to try and resurrect his career – but really – nobody wants the job up against this QLD team. Stuart is on a hiding to nothin’ …

How the NSW RL think that Stuart can turn the NSW SOO demise around bears inspection – the last three years Craig Bellamy has been their Coach – he could not make it work yet he is regarded as the best Coach in the game – Bennett being his only peer – who Bellemy served under before he went to Melbourne – the new Broncos Coach – Griffin also served under Bennett – there is a pattern there – what Bennett offers transcends Coaching but the ability to lift players to play and believe in themselves is something that has gone largely un-noticed in most media followings.

Your administrators should be looking for someone that has a Bennett like standing and the only one that comes to mind is PHIL GOULD – is it money – or personal conflicts because he takes the ARL – THE NRL – and the NSWRL to task in his weekly column every other week. All this reported understands is that you need a miracle.

This COCKROACH CORNER is available to any reader who wants to submit commentary – I will publish your comments as guest comments – send in your team as well …

Ricky Stuart


Coach Ranking = 6.5: He left Roosters where Gould had sponsored his appointment – failed – went to Sharks – Failed – took on Australian Coach – Failed – three strikes is usually enough to boot someone from any game – Prediction – SOO Coach – Failed. Why would he put himself out there is the question that needs answering.

Blues SOO

Mal Meninga


Mel had a stint with Canberra some time ago and it did not work out – it never can when a player tries to coach players he player with at the same club – that is why Fittler failed in the end – same with Jason Taylor – they need time away from the game and Mel served his – he deserves his SOO payday and he won’t let it go – his support coaching staff all add to the experience and they never let the QUEENSLANDER cry go unanswered. NSW can never capture what QLD drink every day of their SOO experience.


The CANE TOAD Perch –

Mal Meninga has no worries from south of the border – his only concern can be about injuries and having his team intact. Over the last five years he has taken this team – thought to be in the first time he took the reins as a team that could not match the BLUES after the previous clean sweep and dominance between the two teams. QLD now sit atop the crow perch and they fiercely defend their position – put it down to the 50-6 [not sure of the correct score – but NSW put on 50 and were doing try score antics that was the catalyst and motivation Meninga used to remind his players how they felt after that game –

NSW players are no smaller – or no less dangerous in NRL games – they just do not play as a unit or have the history of how QLD felt when all their star players went south to further their careers.

The Snoop-Poop QLD team is again produced below with player ratings – you just cannot find fault with this team … where is the weakness –

QLD Team:
Position Player Ranking
Fullback Billy Slater 9.0
Wing – 1 Yow Yeh 5.0
Wing -2 Darias Boyd 8.0
Centre -1 Greg Inglis 8.5
Centre -2 Justin Hodges 8.0
Five/Eght Darren Lockyer 10.0
Halfback JonothanThurston 9.5
Lock Dallas Johnson 8.0
2nd Row – 1 Sam Thiaday 7.5
2nd Row – 2 Matt Scott 7.0
Prop – 1 Petro Civoniceva 8.0
Prop – 2 Dave Shillington 7.5
Hooker Cameron Smith 10.0
Bench – 1 Cooper Cronk 8.5
Bench – 2 Dave Taylor 7.5
Bench – 3 Ben Hannant 8.0
Bench – 4 Ashly Harrison 7.5
Coach Mal Maninga 10.0
QLD Team Points: 147.5

Snoop-Poop… with the scoop …

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  1. Warwick
    May 13, 2011 at 12:33 am

    Canetoad Perch – make that canetoad conniptions. Verbal diarrhoea, with arrogance in oversize serves. You had your day just wait for the Blues resurrection. Ricky Stuart won a premiership in his first year as coach at Easts, and will do the same in SOO.

    In 2005 Queensland were sick of humiliation and formed their Former Origins Greats. That is what NSW intend to do. Restore the pride in their guernsey, return some passion to their play. But that is all the side show. It comes down to the 17 players picked. A balance of defence and attack and fire in the belly.

    The canetoads arrogance will be their undoing.

    Go you Blue, Go you good thing.

  2. Snoop-Poop
    May 13, 2011 at 7:14 am

    Whatever it takes – if you want to follow a winning formular – drink from the same coolade – pick the same blossoms – walk the same walk – the BLUES are welcome to walk in Maroon footsteps – it’s a winning move – but do the BLUE’s have the Maroon heartbeat – can they match the fan base mania – do they have the mojo that is ‘QUEENSLANDER’ – Mortimer and the like from a bygone era maybe… – this bunch of BLUES just ain’t got what it takes – their not worthy of the MAROON walk … but let them try …

  3. Warwick
    May 13, 2011 at 9:57 am

    Once upon a time, Queensland was an outpost of selectors whose barren lands of crocodiles and mosquitoes was good for only one thing, growing our sugar.

    These hill billy selectors in time became particularly in bred and in as much occassionally threw up a man mountain who could actually tie his shoe laces, like Artie Beetsoon. So these types of characters had the attributes to play rugby league. Fat, dumb and stupid, a typical front rower. In time they also developed a big share of snake oil salesman preying upon these poor inbred hill-billies.

    We would take these dummies and civilise them and attempt as best as possible to turn them into footballers. Oh the woes Balmain Tigers had with young Artie. At half time he would eat a dozen meat pies and steady down for a canefields siesta and the opposition would run over the top of them. Along comes the master coach, Jack Gibson who was actually able to get thru to Artie if he could curb his want for meat pies until full time they might just win a game of football.

    There are other examples like Mal Meninga. He actually learnt to count to 100 while at Canberra.

    So still to humour them we allowed this concept of State of Origin to start. Yeah we will mould your footballers and straighten out their hill billy heads, and yeah you can have them back to play against us in State of Origin.

    What a monster we created. We even allowed their Broncos, then Cowboys and Crushers into our comp. We wanted to try to get a national comp going.

    Now we have to put up with this type of zealots. Brash, arrogant and full of sheet. Darren Lockyer does not guarantee a win. It is a team sport.

  4. yoda
    May 13, 2011 at 10:03 am

    Oh such short memories. Warwick is right 5 years ago you did not know where to turn
    and then you found Mal, not good enough to make it as a NRL coach, don’t kid yourself he can’t coach, you could coach that team and still win. The players QLD have had through this period have been once in a generation style, arguably some of the all time greats Lockyer, Smith, Thurston,Inglis,Slater and it goes on.
    Yes NSW may not win it this year or next, but never forget “every dog has his day”.

    Yours will come and we will say “well played” and commiserate with you, as we have long been the premier state and know how to win gracefully.

    People talk about Queenslanders being a rare and tough breed, they can’t administer the Flood fund for Christ’s sake, they most of the time could not organise a good shit!But little brothers are aways envious and can rely on the fact the your big brother will be there to pick you up when you fall down. Now settle down and go back to sleep little one!

  5. Warwick
    May 13, 2011 at 11:01 am

    I forgot to mention Ray Higgs. Queensland and Australian second rower. He spent time at the Parramatta then Manly football academy.

    One day when he first arrived at Parramatta training he was instructed to tackle a telegraph pole. No word of a lie, he innocently asked, “Do you want me to put my teeth in?”

  6. May 13, 2011 at 11:30 am

    Eye-BALL here – you skirt wearing Parramatta drunkard … yes – how long has it been since you had any foorball to cheer about … you live in QLD for the past 30+ years and still think of yourself as a BLUIE …

    You want to enjoy what QLD has too offer – yet you won’t uproot those loyalties that have given you grief for the last 5 years – and the next one or two that you conceed …

    Just stand back and clap “The IMMORTALS’ … and at least prertend you’re a Queenslander …

  7. Snoop-Poop
    May 13, 2011 at 11:35 am

    I hear the violins playing … or is it a harp … no hold on its the silent bluemania … what is a ‘zealot’ doing in this conversation …

    Arrogrant – yes … but then we have everyright to be … crap all runs downhill and you BLUES are a swimming in the sewers … and you like it down theree – 16 years of Labour – it takes a long time for you guys to get something so bad – a little bit right … and then wheter Fatty O’Barrel will climb the Harbour Bridge to fly the QLD flag is still to be acknowledged – he might thin the MAroons are good things as well … would he want to back and support a loser team so early in his Premiership …

  8. Snoop-Poop
    May 13, 2011 at 11:36 am

    That is how tough we breed them up here – nothing between the ears – but then who would want to tangle with one of them …

  9. yoda
    May 13, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    Is that an aknowledgement that YOU have nothing between the ears “dummy”.

  10. Snoop-Poop
    May 13, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    When I played this game for QLD in the 70s as a schoolboy – I was a center – big enough to play prop – but a line wrecker out in the backs – could run the 100 in 11sec – could jump 5’6′ – throw a discus 60m – a javalin – 55m – swim the 100m in 56sec – was a QLD U19 Opening Bowler and 3rd drop batsman – played rep soccer – baseball – tennis – netball – tug of war – and was a pinup boy for the local country town I grew up in –

    So I know something about sport – oh .. I hit 6 sixes in an over that was witness by many as another claim to fame – the point being – Queenslanders are allrounders – if Mr Higgs wanted to sink his teeth into a telstra poll to prove a point – well being a Roma Country boy – that is what he would have done – without thought – just being a hero for his town and State –

    So my small acheivements do give me a PERCH from which to crow – can you match that … and in terms of what is between the ears – you try to top my head up and fill the space between my ears – you might just unbalance everything that works at the moment …

    But then – how many brains do you need to beat a tea of peaheart jibber-jabbers like the BLUES at the moment …

  11. Warwick
    May 13, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    “I was a center – big enough to play prop” kind of sums it all up. When you were selected for Queensland, could you tie your own shoelaces, could you count to ten? Did you tackle telegraph poles?

    What is jibber – jabbers? Jabber means to gabble or chatter involuntarily. Jibber might be recognised as a word some time in the future. I can only guess this is some type of Queensland colloquialism.

    As I wrote on round 9 post “the only points that matter, are the ones scored on match day”. If it is not clear yet, the only team that matters is the one selected on Sunday night. Will they do the job? The task at hand. Stop this arrogance. Stop the Canetoad Conniptions.

    Will Thurston handle the pressure? Is Lockyer old enough, or over the hill? Billy Slater has some accolades, but he has never had sustained pressure. He has cracked previously.

    Nat Myles is such a prima donna, he can’t handle the fact that Carney is not playing lately at Easts. Why not? Just grow up!

    Keep up the Canetoad conniptions. It will simply make victory on match day so much sweeter.

  12. Warwick
    May 13, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    Snoop poop with the scoop. No just more Queensland poop.

  13. Snoop-Poop
    May 13, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    Hey Warrick – you missed some of the greatest critque TV when David Kelly created Denny Crane and Alan Shore in his “Boston Lega” TV show … ‘jibber-jabber’ was a phrase born to the world from that show …

    As fo being born a BLUIE – that is fate – suck it up … the cockroach/canetoad matchupswas an 80′s invention – it pretty much summed up the parochialism at the time and allowed the media to go bonkers with ads etc …

    My view – the match will be over by half-time – but all this bluster and talkfest is to allow the papers to sell and the airtime to be filled with SOO build up … unless the Blues make a game – then sadly … the SOO concept that has given up the best league for 30 years – will be looking at a graph top and the backside of that is less NSW fans turning up to support loosers

  14. Snoop-Poop
    May 13, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    As I said – crap flows South not Nth … get used to it ..

  15. Warwick
    May 13, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    ““Boston Lega” TV show” I am trying hard to understand “Jibber Jabber”. I can only conceptualise this is more Queensland in bred colloquialism. Lets all go Jibber jabber. Game on. It all happens on May 25.

    Loser carries the other naked down Main St, (my case you carry me down George St, Sydney you naked) (your case I carry you, me naked, down Queen St or Adelaide St), (you humpies, can’t actually decide) Brisbane ie depending on the winner. If you can prove you actually own a state track suit, you may wear the upper half. As for me, I gave it away at age 17 playing for Eastern Suburbs Catholic Club in C Grade 1974, and would not be seen dead in a chookies jumper.

  16. Warwick
    May 13, 2011 at 11:45 pm

    one more time.

    Blue! Blue! Blue!

    Go you Blue! go you good thing

    How did the Panthers go tonight? Who did they beat? Really…. did Lockyer play? Aren’t Penrith on the bottom of the comp?

  17. Warwick
    May 14, 2011 at 3:32 am

    Here I am finally working out that gibberish. You mean Gibber Jabber.

  18. Snoop-Poop
    May 14, 2011 at 10:45 am

    The Panthers were awsome – what can be the reason for their form reversal – the week off – the sacking of the coach – he’s still there tillthe end of the year …maybe … of the GOULD factor … it can onlt be the players mental attitude – they’ll play for some coaches for years – but this new breed of coach – Fittler – Stuart – Anderson – Elliot – they all are too close in age to the players –

    How would you feel if someone you worked with bcame the boss and you knew that as a player yo had something over him – if he became you Coach – do you think that the player is gonna put in in tough times – same in league – Fittler went from Captain to Coach and flamed out – current Lions Coach in in the same boat – this is another reason Stuart is not the man you want as SOO coach …

  19. Snoop-Poop
    May 14, 2011 at 10:48 am

    It is ‘J’ not ‘G’ – Jibber Jabber – north of the border – as in jibberish – gibberish – or giberish – jiberish … and it goes to the woffle spoke here …

    As for the dare – you sure you want to committ to carrying me – with you old fella dangling in the breeze … there might be too many people who remember it from when you last lived up here …

  20. Warwick
    May 14, 2011 at 11:09 am

    Yeah I could still scare a person or two, but it ain’t gunna happen pal.

  21. League Leg End
    May 16, 2011 at 1:29 am

    The games have started. No Idris and 3 apparent locks in Gallen, Bird and Young.

    Stuart intends to play in the middle ground, to control the middle ground. His props are to buckle the defence in the style of Lazarus.

    Idris is to cover Gasnier and his ligament problem. Watch the medical reports, Gasnier believes he could play tomorrow.

    Why does he have Bird in second row, and Gallen at lock. Is it because they are waiting to see if and where Ashley Harrison is selected. Ashley Harrison the weak link. Young is at ease in lock, second row and hooker. He takes a spot that could be otherwise Learoyd-Lahrs or Tolman. Ennis to 2nd row?

    Common Queensland you don’t think this series is a cake walk or do you?

    The first 20 minutes as always will be explosive.

  22. Snoop-Poop
    May 16, 2011 at 6:53 am

    Some fresh meat has entered the arena … Welcome League-Legend … it can get hot in here – don’t take the barbs personally – we all know how sensitive NSW’s fans are when it comes to SOO …

    First off – in a WAR – the middle ground becomes the beach head – the flanks and fringes the strike and counter-strike domains … Forwards allways make the path and win the battle – the NSW pack are novices and a mixure of tallent … I will comment on this team more in the SOO post after the QLD squad is announced – but first glance I think – ‘out there’ …

    Stuart recognised that his past tried and tested forwards could not cut the mustard against the QLD’s … shame he did not go far enough – GALLEN – an old Cronulla charge – whilst a tireless worker – he as cost NSW in past matches because of ill-disipline – he is not a SOO player and only gets the Test gernsey because of the ‘share it around the NRL clubs’ selection policy …

    I don’t think Harrisson will be in the run-on side and will struggle to make the bench on the Titans form – depends on whether Mal sticks to his ‘blokes who did the job last time – get the nod this time’ – loyalty policy …

    Idris did not make the 17 … his mojo will be timid … Test player can’t make NSW team … his young NRL career is already on the roller coaster … was that a payback for moving to teh Titans next year … just a thought –

    Stuart has erred accross the park … he does not have a recognised playmaker anywhere accross the park than can lay claim to match what the QLD’s will put up – that can only mean a forward battle – or the ‘biff’ – but then his forwards have no real size to speak off …

    There are some interesting selections – but will these new players be up to the SOO pressure – the build up – the weight of NSW on their shoulders – no – ‘splat’ is the word that comes to mind … the sound of a cane toad squishing a cockroach …

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