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NRL Round 9 wrap … and State of Origin preview …

May 11, 2011

Australian NRL

“Snoop-Poop with the SCOOP”

Title: … NRL Round 9 Wrap

Publish Date: … 11th May 2011 …

Article by: … Snoop-Poop …


Snoop-Poop [With the SCOOP] – is a knowledgeable Rugby League expert – having played for QLD in his younger days – he knows what it takes to make the grade in the NRL. He has joined the EYE-BALL team to give his expert opinions on the current NRL season. He is of course from BroncoLand and supports that local brand … he has his pet hates – Hayne – Galen – Innis and any other niggling player who’s intent is to maim as opposed to play the game …

He yells at his TV when Referees get it wrong – his neighbour’s usually go out on game days so their children do not have to put up with the Police visits for excessive abuse language … he is a loudmouth and thinks Parramatta should be booted form the competition because most of their players wear skirts … He is not a fan of Gallop and thinks he should go and join the new Racing Club as a tried and tested Administrator – Gallop he has not handled the player behaviour problem with any sort of horse sense – and the Gallop poll on his performance suggests he could not run any sort of Gallop’s race/competition.

In all things Rugby League and all of his petty prejudices that others chose to comment on – he has pledged to give you his all in tipping the teams he thinks can win – but by the same token – he reserves the right to crush when he thinks fit … He does not wager on NRL games – it’s a mugs game and after the ‘betting scandal last year – why has the NRL not released its findings – oh that’s right – their subject to criminal proceedings … what a crock of shit … SPORTS BETTING has ruined many a good sport – Tennis – Cricket – Soccer – and even Lawn Bowls …

The Snoop-Poop has taken the time to provide direct links to all NRL Clubs via the LOGO links below – clicking on a Club’s LOGO will take you to the NRL Clubs home page website where you can catch up on all the latest Club and player contract News …T also provided are links to the NRL – and the ARL website pages.

Something that really gives me the SHITS is to hear a great game of football – but not be able to watch it free to air. The Dragons v Cowboys was the Channel 9 delayed telecast game on Sunday – yet the Saturday night game between Storm and the Broncos was reported as the best game all year. This game was a first v second ladder-board clash – what NRL knucklehead decided to let Fox have the telecast … having watched the Dragons v Cowboys – and see the Saints just squeeze the life out of a hapless Cowboys was not great viewing – Dragons fans loved it and it did show that there is a monster gap between the top three teams and the rest of the field. But hey – fair go for those people who can’t afford Fox/Austar anymore. My tips for the weekend including the TEST – rounded out as 4 wins and 1 loss. The TITANS were woeful – and the Warriors showed up to play – after watching the TEST – I wished I could have changed my pick – they took some of Friday’s night frustrations into the Titans game.

Winners: Dragons – SeaEagles – Storm and, Australia in the Test by 10 – my margin was 9 …

Losers: Titans – Warriors too good …

SORRY – this content has been removed due to ‘html’ conflicts with the WordPress editor – I am working on it and hopefully it will be fixed by the next post … keep enjoying the read.

The NRL Premiership Ladder after Round 9 –
[Split Round]

NRL Premiership Table
NRL Top Eight Teams
Team Pts For/A Comments
1. Dragons 16 111 Proved they are the benchmark team with a clinical win over the Cowboys … it’s becoming a 3 horse competition at the moment.
2. Storm 14 112 Great game against the Bronco’s – experience and class or the backup players as the difference against a gallant Bronco team without their Test players …
3. Broncos 14 71 Gallant effort against the other form team – the young guns had a go and we in up until the 75th min – well done boys – you are contenders …
4. Cowboys 12 40 Proved they are too structured against St George – had no answer in attack … they and will need to go up several levels to be competitive at the business end of the season …
5. Bulldogs 12 12 Methodical team who are winning the game as they should win – their 3 losses are to the top 3 teams and I have them making the eight …
6. SeaEagles 12 51 Still a mystery team at this point of the season – not sure how they will go through the rep season if they have players playing SOO …
7. Tigers 10 32 Pretenders and I had pick them to miss the eight – Sheens contract resign will give them a lift but their a long way off the pace …
8. Warriors 10 15 I have them making the 8 – they put the Titans away Sunday with several players backing up …
NRL Bottom Eight Teams
9. Knights 10 3 I pick them to make the eight – their in a building phase and Bennetts signing will make players play for their spot next season …
10. Rabbitohs 8 -37 A shocker of a team and what Lang is doing playing Inglis -Taylor and Sutton on one side has me stumped … this team should be top 8 contenders but they don’t play like a team and to me that is a coaches problem …
11. Eels 8 -104 Gone … generally regarded as ‘skirts;’and the easy beats they’re in a contest for wooden spoon … gone for the season …
12. Roosters 6 -41 Another mystery team – not a fan of Pearce/Anasta … if Carney stays on the park they will be competitive …
13. Sharks 6 -45 In a different class to the top sides – also in the contest for wooden spoon … gone for the season …
14. Titans 6 -59 An aging forward pack having to back up each week is having its toll … Prince is playing well below his best … won’t make the eight … gone for the season …
15. Panthers 6 -63 gone for the season …
16. Raiders 2 -100 gone for the season …


Preview – The STATE OF ORIGIN Series – 2011

The 2011 SOO series s already the head of everyone’s discussion list – and it ain’t no different here in BroncoLand. Snoop-Poop has for your entertainment provided the following table of likely selections for QLD – he ask’s any brave NSW fan to come up with a side that can beat the Maroon’s.

The Maroon side of the table has been structured for the announced QLD playing roster. You will find that Snoop-Poop has treated each player. It is important that these ratings be understood so when NSW fans try to pick a side – like is measured with like – to that aim the RATINGS system structure is explained further to the right:

Player Ratings Explained:

  • All Player Rankings are on a scale of 1-10 –
  • SOO is different – so Club form is not necessarily carried forward as a ranking –
  • If a player has played in a Series winning SOO – automatically scores = 7 [subject to below]
  • If player has not played in a winning SOO before – automatically scores = 5 – [subject to below]
  • Each Player is then ranked to their status in the game relative to the position they will generally play – i.e. Lockyer will score 10 because he is generally regarded as the best in the game at his position – who ever plays opposite him is then scored against the matchup with their opposite number –
QLD Team:
Position Player Ranking
Fullback Billy Slater 9.0
Wing – 1 Yow Yeh 5.0
Wing -2 Darias Boyd 8.0
Centre -1 Greg Inglis 8.5
Centre -2 Justin Hodges 8.0
Five/Eght Darren Lockyer 10.0
Halfback JonothanThurston 9.5
Lock Dallas Johnson 8.0
2nd Row – 1 Sam Thiaday 7.5
2nd Row – 2 Matt Scott 7.0
Prop – 1 Petro Civoniceva 8.0
Prop – 2 Dave Shillington 7.5
Hooker Cameron Smith 10.0
Bench – 1 Cooper Cronk 8.5
Bench – 2 Dave Taylor 7.5
Bench – 3 Ben Hannant 8.0
Bench – 4 Ashly Harrison 7.5
Coach Mal Maninga 10.0
QLD Team Points: 147.5
NSW Team:
Position Player Ranking
Wing – 1
Wing -2
Centre -1
Centre -2
2nd Row – 1
2nd Row – 2
Prop – 1
Prop – 2
Bench – 1
Bench – 2
Bench – 3
Bench – 4
Coach Ricky Stewart 6.5
NSW Team Points:

To NSW Fans: We know how good this QLD side is – is there anyone south of the border prepared to have a go and pick a NSW side that can match – or they think can give the Maroons a run for their money. One such fan Snoop-Poop talks to regularly was prepared to lay the BLUES at the BETFAIR odds of $3.05 on offer to win the Series – he sent me a list of NSW players he thought would be selected. His comments appear below:

With Game 1 just over 2 weeks away, and selections due after the next week-ends’ round speculation is all part of the gee up.

First player selected is Paul Gallen, and second is Gasnier. After that there are rumours that Hornby and Dean Young could be given crucial half back and hooker roles. Behind the speculation in Hornby, is who can play at five eight? Soward is a definite chance, but always seen as unfashionable, and if his tactical kicking, and improved running game (recent) then why not pair him with Hornby. For mine, they will select Mitch Pearce, I would say he is third person picked. All the stars from under performing teams, Hayne, Pearce and Farah are being speculated against. Some say the contest on Friday between Saints and Bulldogs, will decide whether it is Young or Ennis. Elias wants to run with Farah, because he is more creative.

For the first game they will go with defence, and with Ricky Stuart as coach, plenty of mongrel, (Stuart might prefer to say cheek). Qld have won 5 consecutive because they play more intelligent football and are keener getting to the loose ball.

Spud Carroll wants to play Gallen at Prop. He runs tight, and has very impressive work rate. Learoyd-Lahrs off the bench, and the forwards are absolutely crucial. Mannah has been blooded and is great value, another bench pick. First game Ennis at hooker and Young off the bench? Snowden at prop, Watmough has not being going well but is normally dependable, other chances Beau Scott, Ben Creagh, Aiden Tolman. Chris Heighton will get a run during the series.

Fullback Josh Duggan or Hayne, go with Hayne. Brett Morris, Idris and Uate to round out the backs. Back to 5/8. Do not write off Carney. He wants this, but there is a real push for Soward, who will Ricky Stuart favour? Don’t forget Ricky Stuart will go mongrel. Forwards create room for the playmakers at halves.

I think he already knows the result – in some ways I feel for the NSW players – their fans desperately want a series win – and the players will give the best – but CLASS will win every time and this QLD team is a champion team – its Lockyer’s last series and the $3.05 is dame good odds to lay NSW.

I see the major problem for NSW is in trying to pick a side that is not mentally scarred from the drubbing they’ve received over the last 5 years. All the top NSW players have head-case issues when it comes to playing this QLD side – they have to pick fresh blood – of as my friend suggests – ‘go the biff’ for the 80 minutes … desperate times require desperate measures and if Stuart goes that way – he is a has been of a Coach … but then as my NSW friend says – a few crucial injuries between now and 1st SOO – the picture could change big time – if you’re game – use the comments section below to submit your NSW team – or comment of the QLD players and their ratings …

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Author: Snoop-Poop on NRLSnoop-Poop of NRL
  1. yoda
    May 11, 2011 at 10:24 am

    Well written “poopy” a very biased Queensland view, understandable under the circumstances.
    Shame you know f..k all about the game. But thats what you expect from this site?
    Poor judgement and a dispirited attitude! Get well soon and remember the “the spirit is in the Heart” “can you hear the music?”.
    Now you understand don’t you? If you don’t read the “emperors new clothes”

  2. Snoop-Poop
    May 11, 2011 at 10:51 am

    Calling at all hours of the night in a drunken stupour waffling about music moving you and some dream you had about a ‘vision’ … just to speak to your spiritist guidance for interpretation – can distract anybody … glad you had little recall of the event this morning … even I’d been a little freaked at the 4 rapid phone calls because you kept nodding off … time for you to go to ZEUS land and curl up and let the spiritist do with you what they may …

    As for SOO – where is your NSW team you cane-toad mounted and infected cockroach …

  3. yoda
    May 11, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    jarryd hayne,uate,morris,indris,gasnier,soward,hornby,gallen,craigh and watmough ,mannah,farah,snowden reserves gidley,whelan,George Rose (absolute bolter),Beau Scott

    PS There is as much chance of you be my spiritist guidance as there is of you riding Black Caviar on saturday a kilo over.

  4. Snoop-Poop
    May 11, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    Do you want me to rate your players for you – or you can use the guidence notes to rate your own players …

    This exercise is a mathmathical equation to ‘rate’ the ‘odds’ of the teams … to be fair – Player Ratings are in the eyes of the beholder – but can you wink with one eye closed before you make your ‘Player Ratings’ – the ‘wink – is to stop the ‘CANETOAD’ spray from completely blinding you …

    My player ratings would be:

    Hayne – 6.5, uate -5.0, Morris – 6, Indris – 6, Gasnier (word is he won’t play due to injury in 1st match) – 8, Soward – 5, Hornby – 5, Gallen – 7, Craigh – 7.5, Watmough – 6.5, Mannah (don’t know him but 1st Origin) – 5, Farah – 7, Bench – Gidley – 7, Whelan – 5, Rose – 5, Scott – 7…. Total Team Score = 98.5 QLD Score =147.5 …

    All subjective of course …

    Now for your next maths test … work out the correct odds …

    As for the Black Cavair comment – I think I would have to ride her if you want her beat … but then she might never race again …

  5. yoda
    May 11, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    Idiot, Mannah played last year

  6. Snoop-Poop
    May 11, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    That will tell you how much he impressed … he goes from a 5 rating to a 6 … purely on the Origin experience …

  7. Warwick
    May 12, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    We will only have to bear all this cane toad conniptions for another 13 days. And the NSW State flag always looks good flying from the Storey Bridge. We should be able to do that after Game 2.

  8. Warwick
    May 12, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    Game has been on for a while. Ricky Stuart is quietly saving it all for May 25. That is when the points that matter will be scored. All cheap shots before that amount to nil.

  9. Warwick
    May 12, 2011 at 8:07 pm

    Oh Yeah…… I forgot


  10. Snoop-Poop
    May 13, 2011 at 6:44 am

    Talk can be so cheap from the habitat that produces cockroaches … there is much that a cockroach can claim fame to – SOO is far beyond that overreach … for the time being at least – the dominating pest that has them so crushed and mentally overwhelmed – is the infamous cane toad – as sissors trumps paper – a cane toad swallows up cockroaches – let the games begin …15 love to the cane toads …

  11. Snoop-Poop
    May 13, 2011 at 6:44 am

    beat it up however you want – even I love to barrack for the underdog – but SOO is no mercy … it’s a bit like the opposition trainers all conceeding that Black Caviar is over the like – there gonna show up to make her earn the win – and this is the same as the NSW effort – Stuart will go teh biff … no doubt … countermount to Black Caviar being put over the fence to ensure she won’t win – but as O’Donnel tried last year – and Innis with his cowardly shot – even the ‘biff’ will backfire … comeon – you gotta do better than this … tell be about teamwork – superior training – and a psycologist who can work miracles … if Fittler and Daly were booted from the hangers on squad – that would be a start – their media jobs conflict with the purpose of NSW players – that would be a start …

  12. Snoop-Poop
    May 13, 2011 at 6:45 am

    Yea .. Yea .. Yea … right .. the colour of your toes and fingernails as you sweat over a result – or is it due to the cold snap

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