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  1. Herman
    May 14, 2011 at 11:43 am

    Another week of what is more becoming a joke government. The opposition leader surprises me more every day. I found John Howard’s advice on Wednesday to be illuminating. The government front bench simply can not sell any policy. Like many others I was very happy to see the demise of the Howard years. But this Gillard front bench is attrocious.

    Today’s debate between Dick Smith and Tony Burke is just crazy. Why do we want population growth? Growth for growth’s sake. More green house gas considerations? More illegal immigrants to put into detention, More Pacific solutions? What is this skills shortage? Fighting wage inflation pressures. An ALP government that has absolutely no idea of it’s constitutency. Pandering to capital pools without any concept of social justice and egalitarian concepts.

    The more you dwell on it, this budget is exactly what Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott have been saying for about 12 months. Another great big tax to reign in the mindless deficit created in 2007/08. Swann said it was going to be a tough budget. It was a yawn. Media are already scouring for copy to sell their advertising. What is happening on the Mining Royalty Tax?

    Yesterday Bob Brown was goading Tony Abbott “you are not going to get an election just because you want one”. Think about the various layers in that. Do the electorate want one?

    On Thursday morning Swann was trying to defend lifting the government bond limit ceiling, attempting to say it was just normal business. What would Peter Costello say about that? In this boom time created by China’s demand for our resources, our government debt keeps ballooning. How many bubbles are this government going to create, and how quickly are they going to burst (or bust)? The economic stimulus should have been removed before this. What does that imply?

    Scour the Labor Party front bench, and is there an impressive performer amongst them. Six months ago I might have included Combe. Today I might mention Penny Wong or Stephen Smith, but say that knowing they are highly likely to make gooses of themselves any second now.

    I can only wonder is there any other alternative. During the last post election period we put faith in the independents and cross benches. That clearly is not working. Something is simply going to have to give.

    Could Gillard and Swann need to start watching their backs? What is Arbib up to?

  2. Herman
    May 14, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    In this context, is it the job of Dick Smith to start saying things like over my dead body. If Dick doesn’t ask the hard questions, then who does?

    Dick is the real “Australian”. He is shouting from the roof tops, this is not OK. We often get the same from Gerry Harvey. This is just a “joke”. I tentatively now raise the name of Julian Assange.

    In the words of the late Don Chipp, who is going to keep these bastards honest.

    When the politicians don’t understand their constituency, and the media have a “media cycle” (Lindsay Tanner) then who can actually fill the void?

    In NSW they did not really vote Barry O’Farrell in, they voted Kristina Kenneally and the Labor government out. Barry O’Farrell was the only other alternative. Is that also true of Ted Bailleau in Victoria?

    Isn’t that sad? Surely there just has to be another way, without what has occurred in Libya, Egypt, Syria and even the more convoluted issues like Pakistan.

    Australia is a first world country. Why is it that vested interests can dictate policy?

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