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The most loathed man in the House of Representatives … Christopher PYNE

If there was ever a Politician that never grew up – it is ‘REGGIE’ – the little boy acting out the big tough guy as the Opposition House Leader and Member for Sturt in St Australia named – Christopher Pyne.

He rubs me the wrong way in everything he does – surely he must know just how irritating he is – but then maybe that is the madness and reason Abbott persists with him as a Front Bencher …

Abbott must receive thousands of calls from the Liberal faithful calling for him to sack Pyne – I know some Liberals and whenever I poke Pyne in their face – they all cringe and cower –

He is the joke of the House and when the man gets up and points the finger across the aisle to blame the Prime Minister for the breakdown in House behaviour – and as a reason for doing so – makes a pathetic effort to defend his own Leader … he does his party no favours …

[The name ‘REGGIE’ is from a character in a cartoon comic called ‘Reggie and Veronica’ – I just think the characters match and he looks and acts like a ‘REGGIE’ to me …]

ABC News

Pyne blames ‘spiteful’ PM for rowdy Parliament

By Jeremy Thompson

Christopher Pyne frowns as he stands in Parliament

Christopher Pyne says Julia Gillard’s insults during Question Time are childish and pathetic. (AAP: Alan Porritt)

Opposition frontbencher Christopher Pyne has blamed Prime Minister Julia Gillard for recent rowdy and angry behaviour in Federal Parliament.

In August last year Opposition Leader Tony Abbott promised a “kinder, gentler polity” under a minority government, but his House leader Mr Pyne was the first person kicked out of Parliament under the so-called “new paradigm” when he made a remark to Ms Gillard.

Last month he was thrown out of the House of Representatives for 24 hours after an earlier warning.

Now he has launched a frontal assault on the Prime Minister, calling her “extraordinarily spiteful”, and blaming her for the breakdown in behaviour in Parliament.

“[She] unpleasantly denigrates Tony Abbott, Julie Bishop and myself and others on the frontbench throughout Question Time,” Mr Pyne said at the National Press Club in Canberra.

Mr Pyne evoked the parliamentary ghost of former Labor prime minister Paul Keating to make his point.

Mr Keating famously told Liberal leader John Hewson he would not call an early election because “I want to do you slowly”, but Mr Pyne says Ms Gillard lacks such humour.

“Paul Keating could be very cutting and very amusing and very insulting. Some of the things he said were very funny and even the Opposition laughed at them about ourselves – but we objected at the time, of course,” he said.

“There [is a] difference between that and Julia Gillard saying, ‘you’re disgusting, you’re revolting, you’re depraved’ which is just childhood, pathetic insults flung across the chamber.”

Mr Pyne described the last sitting week – when no less than eight members were thrown out during one day of sound and fury – as the worst behaviour he has seen in 18 years in Parliament.

Parliament is in recess until the budget is delivered on May 10.

This man’s Parliamentary record for descent and other Parliamentary behaviour infringements is well known – he flaunts it as a badge and his Leader lets him make a fool of himself –

It does Abbott no favours to let this ‘namby pamby’ strut the same stage as him – send him to the bleachers where he can chew his nails or ground his teeth in frustrations of having been demoted – hopefully he will learn a lesson and his constituents will not have to cringe anymore …

  1. yoda
    April 6, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    So much for the personal attacks. Basically you wrote this because he anoys you, is that right?
    I am glad I’m not on your wrong side!


    PS Is there anyone that doesn’t anoy you other than Casper and Bug a Lugs

  2. April 6, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    Yoda …

    He does nothing to advance the political process – gets himself booted – warned or censored – the man has no understanding of how others see him –

    There are a certain number of people in the world who regardless of how others see them – only ever think and believe that it is all about their will – and their view – and no matter how many people try to tell them different – they cannot see the forest because of the trees …

    Pyne is one of these people … yes he annoys the shit out of me and everything that comes forth from his mouth is a dribble I personally do not want to hear …

  3. yoda
    April 7, 2011 at 8:56 am

    Yes, but thats what politicians do, tolerance and understanding is something you need to address in the “cause sense” of why you blog. Blowing up after the debate is commenced is normal, you can then invoke your vitrolic. Maybe a better way to start your blog was to ask “does anybody else out there get annoyed by this bloke, I do because of so and so, just tell me if I’m in the minority or not”.

    This then leads into a different type of response and can create the understanding you need to know, so you can then open your mind to different views. It is hard for you to come back from the opinion you posted, whereas a different view from somebody else may have allowed you to better comprehend his role and or opinions.

    I want you to think for a moment about the fact that he has a sick mother, his father abiused him as a child. His wife left him for another politician and 2 of his children have Downes Syndrome and he undertakes the care and responsibility for them. What do you think now?

  4. April 7, 2011 at 9:10 am

    YODA –

    The Hypothetical does not fit – if all the scenarios were as you present them – he would not have the hubris to pretend to be a politician –

    The question is YODA – does he annoy you – if so there is no addition to the debate – if not then you can try to defend the indefensible and give me reasons why I should be more tolerant …

    The presentation that I not be so definitive in the opinions expressed carries merit – I will try to not be so definitive in the future – as a start –

    Does he annoy you … do you not think him a weasel …

  5. yoda
    April 7, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    He is a person of non interest to me. I am sure though that he must have reason for his existence outside of his family and a negative view of the other political party.

  6. April 11, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    Yoda …

    Non Interest …. or is that head in the sand position … ass exposed …

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